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The Next Ship to Sail

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 80   The Next Ship to Sail

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Alphinaud: Mor Dhona - The Rising Stones (x:6.1, y:5.9)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Revenant's Toll

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png80Death Unto DawnMainquest1 Icon.png Death Unto Dawn (Level 80)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 80)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Horse Chestnut Weapon Coffer (IL 515)
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Alphinaud is feeling the need to take stock.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png80Old Sharlayan, New to YouMainquest1 Icon.png Old Sharlayan, New to You (Level 80)

  • Alphinaud is feeling the need to take stock.
  • Alphinaud calls the Scions to a meeting in Dawn's Respite that they might review what they know of the Telophoroi and their ominous towers. Events in Garlemald reinforce their suspicions that the onslaught of lunar primals is only a precursor to a far more deadly crisis─a crisis which must be stopped at any cost. As you ponder your options, Tataru interrupts the gathering to bring word from Krile that you may now journey unto Sharlayan, as well as instructions to make all haste to the docks in Limsa Lominsa.
  • After an emotional farewell, you board the ship bound for Sharlayan. At sea you are greeted by a most unexpected visitor, Hydaelyn, who confirms some of what you know, and hints at more that you do not. Her weighty words still echo in your mind as the famous city of scholars appears on the horizon...
  • Your entry into Sharlayan is not as smooth as you had hoped, but the timely arrival of Krile and her convincing arguments is enough to assuage the immigration officer's suspicions. Nevertheless, you deem it wise to move some distance away from the bureaucrat before you discuss the delicate matters at hand.
  • Krile expresses relief at your safe arrival, and bids you take a moment to regain your land legs. If you are to embark on a quest for answers, you must mind your step on the treacherous path ahead...

Forename, do you have some time to talk?
I would like to gather everyone in Dawn's Respite and together assess the situation in which we find ourselves...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Let us take stock of the facts, shall we? The crisis at hand began with the sudden appearance of ominous towers in a multitude of locations throughout the world.

We have since learned that said structures were brought into being by an organization known as the "Telophoroi."

The Telophoroi's stated purpose is to recreate the Final Days of eons past, an apocalyptic event that would result in the destruction of all we hold dear. Already have these towers of theirs been the cause of untold suffering.
Countless innocents kidnapped and imprisoned, their faith perverted for primal summonings...

And unless we find a way to deal with the corruptive aura surrounding the spires, we can't even get close enough to rescue anyone.

Those shielded with the blessing of Light seem able to resist being tempered, at least.

But after what happened to Arenvald and Fordola, we need to be very, very careful about how we proceed...
Yet while these threats close to home are of paramount concern, we mustn't lose sight of the situation in Garlemald.

As you know, the Telophoroi are under the leadership of Fandaniel and one other delightful fellow: Zenos yae Galvus, the crown prince and our dear friend.

To date, he's reclaimed his old body, murdered Emperor Varis, and plunged Garlemald into an even deeper pit of chaos.

The capital has probably seen the worst of it. For a good while there, it saw the bloodiest fighting in the war of succession. But that has since changed─and in troubling ways...
Aye, during our reconnaissance, the air was not once rent by the barking of cannons or the cries of discord. 'Twas an eerie fog of silence which did blanket that ruined city.
The inhabitants appeared to have been tempered, and with nary a word spoken did they labor to transform the palace into a soaring edifice born of nightmares.
If they were indeed made thralls, it seems safe to assume that these events, too, were orchestrated by the Telophoroi.

An army of primals is awful enough, but in light of recent developments, I fear it is only the prelude to an even greater catastrophe.

We need to devise a means to counter this threat, and quickly, before our allies are overwhelmed.
We will find a way in Sharlayan, I am sure of it.
Master Fourchenault's comments regarding the Final Days were curious to say the least. The Forum knows more than it is letting on...
Sorry to interrupt!

We've just received word from Mistress Krile! She says that arrangements for your visit have been finalized.

You're to head to Limsa Lominsa and board the next ship bound for Sharlayan...

And on arrival, present yourselves as "associates of the Students of Baldesion," come to assist with the order's restoration.
The arrangements may be settled, but what of your thoughts? They must race at the prospect of returning home after so long.
...I am eager to see it, of course. Of course... Ahem. We should set off at once.
Then I'll accompany you to the docks. You need at least one person there to wave and cry and wish you a safe journey!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Quest Accepted
Safe journeys! And please, do be careful!

Though a part of me looks forward to returning home, I've not forgotten that my father stripped us of the privileges of our family name. I hope it doesn't cause trouble with the officials upon our arrival...
What a grim reason to bring you to Sharlayan. Not much to be done about it, I suppose, but I would've liked to give you the grand tour under happier circumstances.
Contrary to what you might think, this will be like going home for me as well. I may have learned how to survive in Limsa Lominsa, but it was in Sharlayan where I was taught─quite relentlessly, I might add─the skills to properly live.
I might have lived in Master Matoya's cave for a good part of my life, but even for me, the thought of "returning" to Sharlayan is quite exciting. I can hardly imagine how it is for the others who lived most of their lives there.
I shudder to think what manner of truth awaiteth us beyond the Indigo Deep. Still more do I dread the prospect of discussions long overdue...
I never thought the day would come when I would be sailing home again. It always seemed so very far away...
Sea travel can be tedious, but I don't mind it. 'Tis a rare experience for most Ishgardians.
Everyone's here! Which is good, because I've already paid for your passage, and the fee is non-refundable.
The ship for Sharlayan should be pulling into port soon, so please follow me and have all your luggage close at hand!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
They've almost finished loading our cargo. We should be ready to depart right on schedule, or so I'm told.
Excellent. 'Tis nice to have a smooth beginning to one's journey, at the very least.
It's funny...

Master Louisoix came here on a ship very much like this one.

And now, years later, the street urchin he befriended that day is bound for his mentor's homeland. With his mentor's grandchildren, no less.
Aye, 'tis upon reflection that every twist of time's river and fate's whims are brought into sharp relief.
Thou hast matured much in the intervening years. Wert though not caught attempting to relieve Master Louisoix of his purse scant moments after he made landfall upon this dock?
Oh really? Now that's a tale I'd like to hear!
Will this be your first visit to Sharlayan, Ser Estinien?
...Ser Estinien?
Are we strangers newly met? Why this stiff formality?
I...ah...merely meant it as a professional courtesy, since we are not colleagues in an official sense...
I'd rather you dispense with the "sers," especially in private company.
Or I'll be forced to respond in kind. "Little Lord Alphinaud."
You've made your point, Estinien. Painfully well.
Are you all right, Tataru? You seem positively distraught.
Distraught? Me? Don't be silly! I think it's lovely that they get to see their homeland.

It's just...we're trying to thwart the schemes of an army hells-bent on destroying the world.

And once again I have to stay behind and worry that this is the last time I'll get to see my friends...
What will you say?
I'll bring them back safe and sound. I promise. No sense worrying about the things we're powerless to change.
I'll hold you to that!
Well that's hardly comforting!
Ah, good, you're still here!
Hoary! Coultenet! What brings you all this way?
We're to assist the Maelstrom and the kobolds with a lunar primal operation, so we thought we'd see you off before heading to the tower.

F'lhaminn and the others wish you all a safe journey, and promise that they'll look after things here until you return.

We will too, of course! Aye, we your fellow Scions of the Seventh Dawn will do our part to ensure the end of the world won't happen on our watch!
We're set to sail! All aboard for Sharlayan!
It's time.
Then we must delay no longer. We will contact you the moment we learn aught of value. Wish us luck.
Have a safe journey! And please, please be careful!
And so you venture forth unto the unknown.

A fate beyond the horizon that cannot be divined. A future undefined and in flux.

In uncertain times, naught but the simplest words of wisdom will suffice.

That which lives is destined to die. Love leads to loss. Every beginning has an end.

Treasure every moment, every step of your descent.

And there in the depths where souls and stars rest—find your truth.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
(- ??? -)


The day has barely dawned, my fellow earlier riser.

Though we're hardly alone in that. Envious of those still sleeping soundly, no doubt.

Called out to you, you say? Hmm. I've heard nothing myself.

In any case, I daresay the sea air will do you good. Why not join the others on deck? Sharlayan should be coming into view at any moment.
My voice yet reaches you. I am glad.
Hear, feel, think...
And thus do we meet face-to-face at last. My Warrior of Light, guided by the Crystal.
What will you say?
Why now, Hydaelyn? I can trust your words no longer.
After your sojourn in the First, I believe you have your answer...
You have visited the First. You...have every right to say that.
You have gaind an understanding of what I truly am. What Hydaelyn has always been. A primal.

Zodiark was created to forestall the apocalypse which threatened the ancient world. And I was brought forth to bind Him.

Yet seven times now, those who would orchestrate a return to that bygone era have rejoined a shard to the god I had sundered.

The greater His strength grows, the swifter does mine own diminish. The power to draw your mind into the rift betwixt is no longer mine to wield.

Yet though it taxes me sorely, I dare not leave these words unsaid.

Even bereft of my guidance, you and your companions have accepted the burden of this star's troubled past. A conjunction has begun to form; an intertwining of your time and mine.

Wheels shudder and turn. Conflict looms—monumental—which will decide the fate of this world and all life upon it.

When you truly understand what is at stake, and your journey has prepared you to surmount the insurmountable...

Then shall I honor the promise made in another time. Another age.
Cast yer peepers to the fore, folks! Sharlayan's just over yonder!
I will not keep you further. Your traveler's heart must yearn to behold this unfamiliar land.
We shall meet again...and soon.
What a fine morning. Oof. Still a bit stiff, though.
And a good morning to you, too. Taken a look at the island already?
Then let's go, let's go! Might still be room in the prow if we're lucky.
Ah! The sleepers have arisen!
There she is. Good ol' Sharlayan.
Oh, I see it!
Home. Home at last. Well...maybe not in Father's eyes...but we'll manage on our own, if we must.
You do know you're not alone in this, don't you?
Indeed, 'tis as Ser Estinien sayeth. Forget not the comrades who boarded this ship at your side, I prithee.
Thank you, my friends. We are ever grateful for your steadfast support.
Upon arrival, we will be disembarking into the heart of Sharlayan proper.
There is no greater concentration of wisdom in all the world. I am confident that, somewhere within that center of knowledge and learning, we will find the answers we seek.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Sharlayan, the solitary island nation of the northern seas.

Where under the watchful gaze of Thaliak, patron deity of scholars, academics hoard all manner of knowledge and secrets.

Once, they deigned to accept foreign students into a distant colony maintained in the Dravanian hinterlands.

How swiftly they abandoned it once the first Garlean boot set hostile foot on Ala Mhigan soil.

So averse to the prosecution of war, these men of wisdom. Your would-be allies...
I thought they'd never let us off the ship... What's next, then? Entry applications?
Hopefully they find no cause to deny us.
Hasn't Sharlayan all but severed relations with foreign powers? Those of us without direct ties—myself included—may be refused outright...
'Tis true that, as a nation, Sharlayan only forms trade agreements with a select few neutral countries.

But from a practical standpoint, an island cannot afford to be overly strict with its borders. Especially not if that island's people are wholly devoted to the accumulation of knowledge.

If one submits the proper paperwork, with satisfactory evidence of identity and intent, then foreigners may be granted entry.


Quite. So let us be absolutely clear on these points before we proceed.

The immigration officer will ask for your affiliation and your purpose of visit. Considering Sharlayan's views on intervention, I strongly suggest we avoid any mention of the Scions.

Krile has laid the groundwork for us to act as associates of the Students of Baldesion, and our ostensible reason for being here is to aid in their order's restoration.

G'raha Tia, it might expedite our progress should an actual Student be seen at the head of our little group. Would you mind leading the way?
Of course. The immigration offices were this way, as I recall. Shall we?
Greetings! We've just arrived, and are eager to make our way into the city. Would you be so kind as to process our entry applications?
Certainly. I see by your mark you are an Archon?
I am. G'raha Tia of the Students of Baldesion, at your service.
I was assigned to an Eorzean survey team, but have returned to assist with the reformation of my order. My associates here will provide additional support.
Very good. I have paperwork detailing your group and its scheduled arrival for today.
And it seems some few of your companions are also Archons. If you'll step forward, we can process those applications first.
Y'shtola Rhul.
See how it glows? That list is aetherically linked with the citizen registry kept in the main repository.
I've confirmed your status as Archons and amended your travel records accordingly. Welcome home.
Now, who do we have here...?
Alphinaud Leveilleur.
And Alisaie Leveilleur.
Your applications have also been approved. Having said that...

The streets are abuzz with talk of how House Leveilleur's lord disowned his young progeny.

And while such personal circumstances constitute no reason to deny you entry, I urge you to avoid...exacerbating your present situation. Times are quite troubled enough already.
We shall keep that in mind.
These last two are not Sharlayan natives, but you will find their credentials are in order. An application was made in advance...
Hmph. Name and occupation?
What will you say?
Forename Surname. Adventurer by trade. Forename Surname. Artisan. Forename Surname. Champion of Eorzea.
An "adventurer..." Well, I suppose that is considered a valid calling in your native Eorzea, and it does indeed match the profile provided. You may enter.
Indeed... Your profile describes you as an "adventurer," but one also trained in the rather more constructive pursuits of procurement and production. You may enter.
And it is a title well earned, I can assure you!
An "adventurer" by trade is what your documentation indicates. No mention of this particular title—self-appointed, I take it? Either way, your employer seems willing to vouch for your character, so I shall—albeit reluctantly—grant you entry. "Champion."
And you, sir?
Estinien Varlineau. Formerly of the Order of the Knights Dragoon in Ishgard.
"Formerly," at least. And what, pray tell, is your "profession" now?
If you'll allow me!
My associate is a mercenary, hired for his strength at arms! Surely you are aware of the dangers we often face on our forays into the wilderness?
Mistress Baldesion. If you insist on sponsoring his entry, then so be it.
But while I appreciate that desperate times call for desperate measures, I find your choice of company concerning. Be advised that even a single misstep may have severe repercussions for your organizaion.
I have every confidence in my chosen company, dear and trusted comrades that they are. But I thank you for your concern.
Krile, it is good to see you.
Likewise! Long voyage notwithstanding, you all seem none the worse for wear.

There is much to discuss, but this is hardly the place. Let's be on our way, shall we?

Welcome, friends, to Sharlayan!
As your "mercenary," I should hope my welcome includes a generous salary.
(- Krile -)
Well, I had to say something, sir taciturn!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Continue with the main scenario quest?
Wait, what are you still doing here!? Um, I think I can book you passage on the next ship...though I'll have to revise the budget. Again.
Travel to Old Sharlayan?
Yes No

Local Dialogue
Hm... It seems you've already been approved for entry. Just try not to cause any trouble while you're here.
I'm fine. Honestly. Better to be waved through with a stern warning than be denied entry, after all.
That was about as awkward as expected. Still, we're here now, and that's all that matters!
Even allowing that the years I spent in the First passed here in the blink of an eye, the city feels untouched by time...
You are doubtless eager to take in the sights. Not to worry, Forename─the city is not like to vanish before we finish our discussion.
Allow me to extend unto thee my warmest welcome, Forename. May the wisdom of my homeland aid us in our endeavors.
Here we are at last─the great city of Sharlayan! You may have noticed some similarities with the Crystarium, yes? In fact, I─
...Oh, but we really should let Krile have her say first. We can continue this conversation at another time.
I am...unaccustomed to fabricating lies on demand. Why should it matter how I earn my living?
I'm glad I spotted your ship coming into port─the officers are born bureaucrats and sticklers for detail. In any case, you may relax and take a moment to get your land legs back!
Quest Completed

Local Dialogue
Forename? You're back early! Come to check on us?
If so, you'll be pleased to know that—together with our allies near and far—our Scions in the field have everything well in hand regarding the towers, lunar primals, and whatnot. You needn't worry about us!
If you are come to converse with your fellow Scions, I am afraid that most of them are presently engaged in duties farther afield. Nevertheless, I encourage you to take this opportunity to rest, given the challenges that await.

Local Dialogue
The shape of the port keeps any larger ships from coming in, which means we have to use smaller vessels. Of course, this means more trips and time wasted unpacking and reloading. It's really quite a hassle.
The cargo list was already submitted. Let me check the registry...
Is this all the cargo? I should triple-check...
The waves are looking nice and calm. Accidents around here are rare, but it pays to remain vigilant.
I'm afraid you have a bit too much cargo for me to collect...
Indeed. You go and call for help. I'll stay here and keep watch.
Got any cargo for me to collect?
Not yet. Come back once I've finished reviewing this load.
I wonder if they've finished with the evaluation yet...
Those berries are the most tastyfresh gobbietreats!
I've never seen them before... They aren't dangerous, are they?
Not at all! Very safe! Safe for uplanders to yummyeat!
Gobbies never lie. So let us sell our goodygoods!
Greetings, traveler, and welcome to Sharlayan. If it's knowledge you seek, you've come to the right place.
The statue of Thaliak is just past the Stoa. I would advise against trying to see it from here, though. Strain yourself too hard, and you're like to fall into the water.
The ship should be arriving soon, but I don't see anything in the offing...
Though the waters here are calm, perils lurk below the surface. A miracle we were able to come make port at all without floundering, really.

Local Dialogue
I can dispatch those two to Labyrinthos, and then I can one, apparently, to Thavnair. <sigh> ...Gods, we could really use an extra pair of hands in the field.
What's the status of this cargo?
DoCuMeNtS cUrReNtLy UnDeR rEvIeW. pLeAsE wAiT.
As ever, we are inundated with requests that beg for fulfillment. If you are come seeking work, we gladly welcome the assistance.
If you're looking for work as a gleaner─and if you've got the right skills─then we've got a job for you.
If gatherin' and craftin' is your game, then speak with Grigge here. He'll find you some of the most lucrative work around.
If you couldn't tell, I'm quite busy taking stock of all this unloaded cargo. Should you need something, I'm afraid you'll have to wait.
Is that the last of the cargo?
Here's the cargo you requested, sir.
You're one shipment too early! Take it back.

Local Dialogue
I hereby swear: I shall become an Archon if it's the last thing I do!

Local Dialogue
Fascinating! You simply must tell me more about your research.
Welcome to the Last Stand. As the final─and some say, only─bastion of fine dining in Sharlayan, we guarantee a quality culinary experience found nowhere else in the city.
The coffee here is to die for, but one cannot look past their charming tea set... I recommend you order both, funds permitting.
You must try the zurek─it's amazing. Best shared with a loved one, if you ask me.
You have the look of an outsider. And I have little and less to discuss with foreign barbarians.
My friends and I were just discussing the Mhachi and the practice of black magic. Did you know that...wait, is it (time of day) already? How long have we been sitting here!?
Welcome, step right in! If you've placed your order, find yourself a seat and we'll be along shortly.
The gazette featured a piece about a so-called "champion of Eorzea." They say this barbaric hero has prevailed in a multitude of battles, like some avatar of perfected violence...and it's almost uncanny how closely you match the given description. What an odd coincidence!
The oven-baked lobster is one of the Last Stand's most famous dishes! The flavor is said to be phenomenal, but unfortunately, so is the price...
Nothing beats a fresh brew from the Last Stand!

Local Dialogue
Oh, I simply adore sitting here and watching them unload cargo─really gives you a sense of the Sharlayans' work ethic! Although I can't shake the feeling there are more crates than usual...
Well met, good lord. I am Basildere, one of the foremost scholars in the field of comparative mythology. It has been my life's work to scrutinize the myths of people across the land and throughout the ages, trying to glimpse the truth that hides behind commonalities these timeless stories share.
...Hm? Ah, pardon me—I coordinate the acquisition of academic supplies for the Studium, and this deluge of requests for subjects from far-flung lands has given me a splitting headache...
Labyrinthos is host to numerous research facilities, so as you can imagine, I end up fielding quite the assortment of requests from the researchers. Even listing them all up for the gleaners to deal with has been a trying task...
The imbeciles of the astronomical society have the audacity to call my sublime theories "delusional"! Have you ever heard such unfounded nonsense? The vast tapestry of stars in the skies above are teeming with life, and I shall prove it if it's the last thing I do!
This thesis is most intriguing. We ought to bring this up with the Forum.
Do me a favor and gather all the information you can about the author.
As YoU wIsH, iT sHaLl Be DoNe.
Research must needs be conducted efficiently. I surround myself with the sweet scent of flowers to calm myself down─helps me keep an open mind, you see.
A wise woman once said that she who does not pay heed to the skies will most surely get wet. Sound advice if you ask me. Would you like to hear what the skies tell us this fine day?

Local Dialogue
I am researching the Far East's Tenkonto. Here is a bit of trivia for you: it is made of timber! Is that not absolutely fascinating? My, what a mysterious and exotic land such a place must be.
Oh, hello there! Are you here for the testing...? No, of course you're not. The only thing being tested these days is my patience for waiting on test subjects.
The study of teleportation requires a firm grasp of the fundamentals of aether, so I make it a point to study the papers of those who have come before me. I'm currently studying a treatise written by Ejika Tsunjika─truly a luminary of his field.
Hm... It would seem the old methods are simply not productive anymore.
Researching teleportation magicks is difficult in that it requires an abundance of space─which, in turn, requires an abundance of funding. Thankfully, we can use this public facility free of charge!

Local Dialogue
This new armor is so heavy I can barely move a muscle...
If you had muscles to move, you wouldn't be whinging like that.
You must be new around here. I'm the head merchant at the Agora. There are plenty of rare and unusual wares for sale, so be sure to take a good look around.
Apologies, sir. Still preparing to open up shop, but please feel free to stop by again another time.
Perhaps I'll buy a new tome to accompany me on my journey.
Welcome to Toffwyb's Tomes! My bookstore may not be the biggest, but every volume you see is a carefully selected treasure. Browse at your leisure, and don't forget our modest range of sundry goods!
Hello, friend, are you enjoying the sights of the city? As a proud resident, I'm always happy when visitors take a liking to Sharlayan's many wonders.
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