The Praetorium

Dungeon Icon.pngThe Praetorium
The Praetorium Image.png
With the magitek field now out of commission, the path to the Ultima Weapon lies open. While the Immortal Flames sweep Castrum Meridianum and suppress the remnants of the enemy garrison, you and your comrades must fight your way to the innermost sector of the Praetorium, there to locate and destroy the Ultima Weapon. Cid's airship, the Enterprise, will bear you to the stage of the final confrontation.

Requirements: Must be on, or have completed, The Ultimate Weapon.
Restrictions: 120 minutes

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 4
Type: Dungeon
Zone: Northern Thanalan
Region: Thanalan
Minimum Level: 50
Synced Level: 50
Min iLvl: 42
Unlock Quest: The Ultimate Weapon
Duty Finder: Dungeons: A Realm Reborn
Duty Roulette: Main Scenario
Expansion: Original
Patch: Patch 2.0
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png
  1. Imperial Identification Key: 0
  2. Secure the command chamber: 0/1
  3. Make for the Laboratorium Primum: 0/1
  4. Power and board magitek armor: 0/1
  5. Defeat Nero tol Scaeva: 0/1
  6. Defeat Gaius van Baelsar: 0/1
  7. Defeat the Ultima Weapon: 0/1
  8. Defeat Lahabrea: 0/1

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Mark II Magitek Colossus
Nero tol Scaeva
Gaius van Baelsar
  • Innocence - frontal cleave attack dealing moderate damage.
  • Sentence - knockback of random player.
  • Heirsbane - attack dealing moderate damage to random player.
  • Hand of the Empire - AoE attack dealing minimal damage and utilizing a flaming blue ball targeted at a random player.
  • Terminus Est - AoE line attack originating from flaming "X" and dealing heavy damage.
  • Judgment - AoE attack dealing moderate damage and single player stun targeted on random player.
  • The fight is straightforward, with non-tank players dodging a variety of AoE attacks by Lahabrea. Abilities used by Lahabrea include:
  • Dark Orb - spell dealing minimal damage to a random player.
  • Grip of Night - AoE attack dealing minimal damage to all players near Lahabrea.
  • Sea of Pitch - 4 dark circles are spawned. Entering a circle will cause an explosion dealing moderate damage to all players in the area.
  • Shadow Flare - ability dealing moderate damage to all players.

(Fixed Rate Drop)
Gaius van Baelsar Card Icon.png
Additional Coffers
Treasure Coffer: 15-10
Hi-Elixir Icon.png X-Ether Icon.png X-Potion Icon.png
Treasure Coffer: 15-11
Hi-Elixir Icon.png X-Ether Icon.png X-Potion Icon.png
Treasure Coffer: 14-9
Hi-Elixir Icon.png X-Ether Icon.png X-Potion Icon.png
Drop Table (5)
Item Type iLvl Requirements Stats
 Gaius van Baelsar Card Icon.png  
Gaius van Baelsar Card
Gold chest icon.png
 Triple Triad Card  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
A legendary (★★★★★) card used in the game Triple Triad.
 Hi-Elixir Icon.png  
Tools icon.pngQuest Icon.pngGold chest icon.png
 Medicine  &000000000000007000000070 This special blend of herbal extracts and aetheric essence rejuvenates body and mind, instantly restoring HP and MP.
 X-Ether Icon.png  
Shopicon.pngTools icon.pngQuest Icon.pngGold chest icon.png
 Medicine  &000000000000007000000070 Processed via the alchemical extraction of aetheric essence occurring in elemental crystals, the contents of this vial instantly restore a sizable amount of MP.
 X-Potion Icon.png  
Shopicon.pngTools icon.pngQuest Icon.pngGold chest icon.png
 Medicine  &000000000000007000000070 This powerful concoction instantly restores a sizable amount of HP.