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Shinryu, Ilberd's draconic god of vengeance, has been claimed by none other than Zenos yae Galvus, who has used his power as a Resonant to merge with the primal and bind it to his will. Transformed into a towering being of pure violence, his very existence poses a threat not only to Ala Mhigo, but to the entire world. All now falls to you and your comrades, for if you do not stop Zenos yae Galvus, no one will...


One to 8 players (2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 4 DPS)
Undersized Parties Not Allowed
Class: Disciples of War or Magic
Level: 70
Avg. Item Level: 280
  • Role and item level restrictions are lifted for parties meeting minimum size requirements.

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 4
Type: Trial
Zone: The Lochs
Region: Gyr Abania
Minimum Level: 70
Synced Level: 70
Min iLvl: 280
Unlock Quest: Stormblood (Quest)
Duty Finder: Trials: Stormblood
Duty Roulette: Trials
Expansion: Stormblood
Patch: Patch 4.0
Allagan Tomestone of Mendacity Icon.png
Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png

Shinryu has 3 distinct phases, during which he uses the following moves and mechanics:

Phase 1

Attack Name Description
Corrupted Aether Gauge This charges up multiple times over the course of the fight and allows Shinryu to use a special attack when it fills to 100.
Autoattack This hits both the MT and the OT, so healers need to top off both tanks.
Tidal Wave Used when the Corrupted Aether Gauge fills the first time. A huge pillar of water will appear on one side of the arena. After a few seconds, it will send a wave of water across the platform, knocking players across the arena. Players need to move towards the water pillar and stay near it to avoid falling off. Places Water Puddles around the arena.
Water Puddles Appear after Tidal Wave. Standing in a puddle grants Fire Resist Up and Lightning Resist Down II. Used during Hellfire, must be avoided during Judgement Bolt.
Hypernova Obvious stack mechanic.
Akh Morn Multi-hit tankbuster, shared with one other player. MT will be tethered to the player nearest them and each will take multiple hits of moderate damage. Each time it is cast, it will add one additional hit to the total. If a DPS has the tether, they will likely die, especially in later phases when it's hitting even more.
Spikecycles Two large line AoEs spawn, together taking up 50% of the platform. After a few seconds, the AoE will go off, and two additional line AoEs will spawn in what were previously the safe spots. Stand on the edge of the safe spot to easily move to the new safe spot after the initial AoEs go off.
Ice Storm Raid-wide AoE damage.
Earth Breath Targets two random players with a spiky orange marker. After a few seconds, a massive conal AoE will come from the center of the boss towards the marked players. This can easily cover the entire arena if the marked players aren't careful, and should be brought to the edges of the platform.
Hellfire One of two attacks possible for the second time the Corrupted Aether Gauge fills. Heavy raid-wide AoE damage. Stand in a Water Puddle to reduce damage taken. Signals the start of Phase 2.
Judgement Bolt One of two attacks possible for the second time the Corrupted Aether Gauge fills. Moderate raid-wide AoE damage. Signals the start of Phase 2.

Advice and Tips

  • Tidal Wave will be one of the first skills that go off; keep an eye out for it so you don't fall off and have weakness for the rest of the phase, as it can be painful.
  • Make sure to keep the Earth Breath markers along the edges of the arena closest to Shinryu so that the group isn't cleaved by the massive cone AoEs.

Phase 2

Occurs after the second Corrupted Aether skill (Hellfire or Judgement Bolt). The boss will fly away and players will need to deal with waves of adds.

Attack Name Description
First Wave Three proximity markers will appear in a corner of the room, leaving one corner free as a safe spot to move to. After a few seconds, an egg will fall where the proximity markers were. There will be two Ginryu adds and one Hakkinryu add.
Second Wave Four proximity markers will appear in a corner of the room, with one potentially spawning in the center, leaving one corner (or the center) free as a safe spot to move to. There will be three Ginryu adds and one Hakkinryu add.
Third Wave Three proximity markers will appear in each corner of the room with one in the center. Players should stand against the edge of the arena between two of the proximity markers to avoid excessive damage. There will be five Ginryu adds.
Hakkinryu Casts Death Sentence, a tankbuster, on whoever has aggro on it. Tanks should pick these up ASAP.
Protostar After all three Waves are down, the boss will appear in front of you and use this skill, binding all players and dealing heavy damage. This will initiate an Active Time Maneuver, in which players have 5 seconds to break their chains before the boss kills them by crashing through the platform. Players need to mash the button on the screen or use a keybind. Signals the start of Phase 3.

Advice and Tips

  • It is possible for the next wave to spawn even if you haven't finished with the current one. Just move to the safe spot and continue.

Phase 3

Players will hitch a ride on Shinryu after Protostar if they completed the Active Time Maneuver properly and be deposited on a new arena comprised of a single grey platform in the middle and eight glowing blue platforms surrounding it. Some mechanics from Phase 1 will appear again here.

Attack Name Description
Diagonal Line AoE First appears immediately after players are deposited in the new arena. A massive line AoE diagonal across the center with the safe spots being two small corners of space on either side of it. The safe spot will be either directly to your left or right upon initial landing. Being hit knocks you off the platform and kills you.
Blue Tiles Blue platforms making up the outer edge of the arena. These can be broken, such as when hit by Tail Slap twice. If the platform has cracks on it, it will break the next time it's hit.
Tail Slap Drops down on two adjacent tiles from one of the outer edges. Can land on the middle tile. Cracks and breaks Blue Tiles. Anyone caught in the large red AoE as it falls will take heavy damage; hits landing on cracked tiles will break them, causing anyone on it to fall to their deaths. The Tail will become targetable for a short time, and "killing" it causes Shinryu to take 396,960 damage, about ~5% of his HP.
Burning Chains A wreath of chains will appear above two players. After a few seconds, they will be linked by a chain tether that deals constant damage until it is broken. To break the chain, players must run in opposite directions, causing it to snap.
Levin Bolt Random players will be marked with a purple marker. After a few seconds, a large lightning AoE will spawn around them, dealing damage to the player and anyone caught in the AoE. These should be spread apart so other players aren't hit by it. Avoid standing in Water Puddles.
Dragonfist A Massive circle AoE will cover the entire center grey tile. Standing in it does heavy damage, gives you a Vulnerability Up stack, and stuns you.
Diamond Dust A Corrupted Aether Gauge skill. Turns the floor to ice, and any directional movement will cause players to slip and continue moving in that direction, potentially sliding off the edge of the arena.
Earthen Fury A Corrupted Aether Gauge skill. Heavy raid-wide AoE damage.
Aerial Blast A Corrupted Aether Gauge skill. A cyclone will spawn on the center tile. It continuously knocks players toward the outer edges before it explodes, dealing heavy raid-wide AoE damage.

Advice and Tips

  • There are a lot of mechanics and it is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed and wipe in this phase. Just take it slow and healers be prepared to top players off from all the heavy hits.
  • DPS should keep away from the tanks for this phase so they are not inadvertently caught in Akh Morn.
  • Make sure to run AWAY from each other if you have Burning Chains. Do not stand still and expect your chain partner to do the heavy lifting unless you are the healer.

(Direct Drop)
Shinryu Card Icon.png

Drop Table (1)
Item Type iLvl Requirements Stats
 Shinryu Card Icon.png  
Shinryu Card
Gold chest icon.png
 Triple Triad Card  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
An epic (★★★★) card used in the game Triple Triad.