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The Vital Title

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   The Vital Title

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Jalzahn: North Shroud - Proud Creek - Ixali Logging Grounds (x:29.6, y:19.7)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Fallgourd Float

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png50Rise and ShineFeaturequest1 Icon.png Rise and Shine (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Yoichi Bow Zeta
Yoichi Bow Zeta
Ragnarok Zeta
Ragnarok Zeta
Excalibur Zeta
Excalibur Zeta
Aegis Shield Zeta
Aegis Shield Zeta
Longinus Zeta
Longinus Zeta
Last Resort Zeta
Last Resort Zeta
Kaiser Knuckles Zeta
Kaiser Knuckles Zeta
Lilith Rod Zeta
Lilith Rod Zeta
Apocalypse Zeta
Apocalypse Zeta
Nirvana Zeta
Nirvana Zeta
Sasuke's Blades Zeta
Sasuke's Blades Zeta
026002.png Home of the Brave
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Something seems to be giving Jalzahn pause.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png50Kettle to the MettleFeaturequest1 Icon.png Kettle to the Mettle (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Yoichi Bow
Aegis Shield
Last Resort
Lilith Rod
Sasuke's Blades
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
Journal detail hr1 08.png Quest Lock

  • Something seems to be giving Jalzahn pause.
  • Jalzahn is perplexed as to why such a priceless resource as the Book of Netherdark never came to light alongside the other Trials of the Braves. He wishes to learn more of the tome's origins for his own erudition, and asks that you accompany him to question Gerolt. Speak with the blacksmith, and help the alchemist solve this lingering mystery.
  • Upon consulting Gerolt, you learn that it was Jalzahn's ancient forefather who penned the Book of Netherdark. Moreover, you discover that the author left as his legacy the title of "Starforger" to the person who could succeed in fully recreating a legendary arm of yore. Gerolt and Jalzahn, both desirous of this, allow their pride to tear them apart. Speak with Jalzahn now, to discover if the matter has been resolved.
  • Unable to decide who should be crowned "Starforger," Jalzahn has decided to remain in Hyrstmill until Gerolt gives up his claim. However, the alchemist can now continue to aid you with your arm should the need arise. With a fondness in his voice, Jalzahn bids you to go forth, and use your Zodiac Weapon for good and so create your own legend.

My dear, dear boy! Thanks to you, I have developed my soul infusion methodology and seen a legendary arm reborn in all its glory. For all this and more, you have my eternal gratitude.

I had devoted my life to just these two goals, yet neither could I have accomplished alone. Though I risked life and limb, verily 'twas right I should come to Eorzea.

One matter puzzles me still, however: why was the Book of Netherdark─a priceless resource─never completed nor circulated?

If I have learned anything by now, 'tis that Gerolt can shed some light on the matter. Come, my friend, let us make one last journey across the village green─for the sake of knowledge itself!
Quest Accepted
In order to advance the quest “The Vital Title,” you must be equipped with a Zodiac Weapon Zeta. Paladins must be equipped with both Excalibur Zeta and Aegis Shield Zeta.
Might be as I had one too many
, but aren't we done with the Zodiac Weapons? Why is it ye keep houndin' me like a pair o' bloody debt collectors?
We have merely come with a question about the Book of Netherdark, Gerolt. Where did you lay hands upon this unfinished tome, pray tell?

Eh? Well, Rowena's place, o' course. I came across it while I was pickin' up the rest o' the Trials of the Braves.

Rowena said she'd only sell the tome to a collector what'd pay a king's ransom fer it─till I threatened to wed her again, that is. Well, ye can bet she handed it over in a hurry after that, hehe.
I-Is that so?

Er...anyroad, there's prints aplenty o' the Trials, but I've heard nothin' about another copy o' the Book of Netherdark. Like as not, that's why ye never saw it in Radz–at–Han.

See, the Trials is a load o' scattered tales about the ancient heroes gathered an' bound up in a book. 'Tis admired as a work o' fancy jus' as much as an account o' the ancients.

But this Book of Netherdark, well, it's jus' raw facts. Seems like it were added to the set after everythin' else, an' ye can tell that no editor's pen ever touched it. 'Tis really jus' a treatise on the Zodiac Braves.
So we owe our gratitude to a scholar... Was there aught by which to identify the author? I would remember him, and so learn by his example.
Hells, Jalzahn, I don't... Well, now that ye mention it, there is a name written here. Looks like “Ulthalam”...
“Ulthalam,” you say!? He was the father of my line─an artisan famed for his pursuit of knowledge!

Well, I'll be thrice damned! If the man's yer ancestor, might be as ye'd like to hear what I found scrawled at the back o' the book. Jus' a moment...

After years of careful study, I come to realize that I, Ulthalam, cannot recreate an arm of the Zodiac Braves. I record mine own findings here, that men with like ambition may follow in my footsteps.

To the one who succeeds in bringing forth a weapon of the ancient heroes, I leave my eternal admiration, and the title of “Starforger,” bringer of radiance.

Gods be good! Though I knew it not, I have dreamed the same dream as my forefather! Everything, from my encounter with tales of the Braves to my choice of studies, must have been written in the stars!

<sniff> In sooth, 'twas right that I journeyed countless malms and weathered stormy seas to come to Eorzea. Hearken to me, spirit of Ulthalam! Rest well, knowing that I, Jalzahn, accept the title of Starforger from you!

Oi! Hold on fer one soddin' second!

Might be as yer the one what came with the tale o' the legendary weapons, but who was it what made the bloody thing?

Me, that's who! An' who was it what found the Book of Netherdark!? Poor ol' unthanked Gerolt! The title is mine, fair an' square─even if there ain't a single gil in it.

G-Gil!? The title cannot be measured, not even in gold, sir! 'Tis a priceless honor, granted by my ancestor to the one who fulfilled his dream─me!

The title is mine by blood and merit both!

Like hells it is! Do ye know what a smithy does? We work a bit of our soul into each blade an' kettle we forge!

I've sacrificed a good slice o' me own bleedin' life to the Zodiac Weapon, an' I ain't about to jus' let you walk away with the title!
You insolent cur! I had thought you were but rough around the edges, but I see now that I was right about you from the start! You are the greatest boor in all the lands!
Bah! Ye bleedin' coot, yer jus' stubborn in yer ol' age! The title should go to someone what's got a future, an' if ye can't see that, then yer the biggest arse around!
In order to advance the quest “The Vital Title,” you must be equipped with a Zodiac Weapon Zeta. Paladins must be equipped with both Excalibur Zeta and Aegis Shield Zeta.

Whew... That encounter has quite sapped my strength─though not my sense of outrage. I can scarce believe that boor would not yield so much as an ilm!

I simply cannot abide the thought of Gerolt taking that title. I had thought to journey homewards, but now I see I must stay and make him listen to reason.

There are far worse places to call home than Hyrstmill, I suppose. And I have, after all, developed a taste for Eorzean cuisine.

Of course, my continued tenure here would be all the better if you visited now and again. I should like to learn of your adventures, and would be happy to enhance your arm through the power of materia.

Now, Forename, go forth with your Zodiac Weapon, and with it create your own legends!
Quest Completed
Can ye believe the bleedin' nerve o' that ol' coot!? The hells take him─an' leave the title fer me!
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