War of the Sisters

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The War of the Sisters was a war between the city-states of Ul'dah and Sil'dih that took place 400 years ago.

The two city-states co-existed for several generations until bad blood between them boiled over. During this war, the Sil'dihns ended up facing an allied front of Ul'dahn soldiers and Amalj'aa. [1] At the culmination of this war, it is said that Sil'dih developed the Traders' Spurn, also called the "doom of Sil'dih". [1][2]

History states that the people of Sil'dih were unable to contend with the Ul'dahns' superior numbers, and so they developed the Traders' Spurn, an alchemical powder that would turn their own people into Ashkin—the undead. Using this powder, they would reanimate their fallen soldiers, and often force undeath upon their weak or wounded. [1]

Instead, the undead devoured the people of Sil'dih, destroying the city-state.

Contains Spoilers for 2.5  
Though Ul'dahn history tells one tale, the truth of the War of the Sisters tells another entirely.

In reality, the Traders' Spurn was developed by Ul'dah to turn the people of Sil'dih into zombies and unleashed by the Ul'dahn army upon the unsuspecting citizens of the city-state to calamitous effect.

In the final days before the city was razed to the ground, a band of survivors stored a large quantity of the powder from the Ul'dahn vaults, hiding it away in a secret vault sealed with powerful magicks. Opening the vault would require the four secret relics of Belah'dia, which were raided from Sil'dihn vaults by the Ul'dahns. [3]

Date: c. 1177 6AE [4]
Location: Thanalan
Combatants: Ul'dah
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