The Will of the Moon

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   The Will of the Moon
The Will of the Moon Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png2,465
Informationicon.png Description
Y'shtola is ready to put her skills to use.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Defeat Sadu Heavensflame.
  • Defeat Magnai the Older.
Issuing NPC: Y'shtola
The Azim Steppe -Onsal Hakair -Mol Iloh (31.3-11.3)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: The CallMainquest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngA Power in Slumber
NPCs Involved: CirinaSaduY'shtolaMagnaiHien
  • Together with Hien and Y'shtola, you make your way to the House of the Crooked Coin, resolved to determine the pillars' suitability as an energy source.
  • After inspecting the pillars, Y'shtola seems satisfied that they harbor enough aether for your purposes. Whether the followers of Nhaama can be convinced to let you use them is another question. And so you head back to Mol Iloh to consult Cirina on how best to proceed.
  • According to Cirina, while many Xaela tribes worship Nhaama, none are more fervent in their faith than the Dotharl. Obtaining their consent will consequently be key. While they are unlikely to grant it lightly, Hien is convinced that gaining the support of such fearless warriors will be well worth the effort. Accordingly, you set out for Dotharl Khaa to treat with the tribe's khatun, Sadu.
  • In a wholly unsurprising turn of events, Sadu agrees to support Hien's cause only if you first face her in single combat. She duly bids you wait for her outside the settlement, in Nhaama's Retreat.
  • Your duel has scarcely begun when Magnai─in another wholly unsurprising turn of events─interrupts proceedings, apparently displeased that a battle to determine the fate of the Steppe should be waged without his blessing. Incensed by Sadu's subsequent mockery, he draws his axe and charges at his Dotharl counterpart only to find Hien and Y'shtola barring his way. While they keep the Sun company, you and Sadu may resume your dance nearby.
  • At the end of a furious struggle, you and your companions emerge triumphant over your respective opponents, securing the allegiance of the Dotharl and the Oronir, and sparing Hien an unsolicited initiation into the brotherhood of the Buduga. Satisfied with your work, you prepare to leave only for Magnai to accost Y'shtola wearing a curious expression. Despite trying to hack her to pieces but moments prior, the Sun is convinced that the Archon is his Nhaama, and propositions her with characteristic subtlety. Alas, his overtures are unceremoniously rejected, much to Sadu's amusement, prompting weapons to be drawn once more. Her patience spent, Y'shtola strides off back to Mol Iloh, and you and Hien follow, leaving the Xaela to their bickering.
  • Cirina is pleased to hear that you have succeeded in winning over the Dotharl and the Oronir, and formally commits the Mol to Hien's nascent alliance. Though the other tribes of the Steppe must each decide for themselves, she promises to send word the moment they have given their answers.
You'll face Sadu Heavensflame in a solo confrontation, and she'll begin with 4 stacks of Burning Soul. In all phases she'll use melee attacks and a thick line AoE called Dispelling Wind.

The first phase is simple enough, she'll occasionally summon six untargetable Khun Chuluu around the edge of the arena, where they'll use Epigraph to form a lattice of AoEs. Dodge accordingly.

Deplete her HP and she'll use a stack of Burning Soul to fully heal and enter phase 2. For this instead of Epigraph, she'll summon six untargetable Shattered Stars to use a donut AoE called Whisper of Lives Past. This will fill most of the arena, there are six safe spots near the middle and six safe spots around the edge, but at the very least try not to get hit by more than one at a time.

Deplete her HP AGAIN and she'll summon three Khun Shavar. These cardians are quite weak and can be easily destroyed, but they will come right back after a few seconds. It's not recommended to focus on killing them, but if you have oGCD AoE attacks like Elixir Field or Assize by all means smack them alongside Sadu. Every so often Sadu will cast The Stone Speaks, commanding the three Shavars to move to the edge of the arena and cast the conal Ancient Blizzard towards the middle. There will be a safe spot next to each cardian. They will also cast Tornado, a circular AoE, on you.

For the fourth phase, she'll become invincible and summon a pair of Dotharli Khun Chuluu while she casts Falling Dusk. This WILL kill you when it goes off, so kill the adds as swiftly as possible. She'll also summon Shattered Stars (Mercifully only three) and standard Khun Chuluu as in previous phases. Once the Dotharli Khun Chuluu are down she'll stop casting, so just beat her down at this point.

For her last phase, Sadu will grant herself 10 more stacks of Burning Soul, summon a meteor that gives the fight a minute long time limit, and brings back the Khun Chuluu, Shattered Stars, AND Khun Shavars. Have fun with this.

But wait, there's more! After a cutscene you'll return playing as Y'shtola. She has Aero of the Seventh Dawn, Stone of the Seventh Dawn, Cure of the Seventh Dawn, and Aetherwell. Essentially Aero II, Stone III, Cure II, and Lucid Dreaming, except with different numbers and Aetherwell giving your MP to you all at once. Your target is Magnai the Older, let Hien deal with Daidukul the Mirthful (At the time of this writing there's actually a bug that if you focus down Daidukul, the fight will break and Magnai will be unbeatable.)

(For those curious, Daidukul has moves called Dispassionate Kick and Placid Punch). Magnai will use the tankbuster Azim Zephyr, a circular AoE underneath you called Violent Earth that he uses three times in a row, several thin conal AoEs in front of him called Wind Chisel, and "The Scale of the Father", which will summon several adds of the same name that will use a large AoE called Flatland Fury. Destroy one add to give yourself a safe spot to survive, preferable one that would have hit Hien as well.

At 70%, several things will happen at once. Hien will ready Midare Setsugekka, and Magnai will interrupt him with Tomahawk, inflicting heavy damage and Down for the Count. Meanwhile, Daidukul will be readying his limit break Tranquil Annihilation. Hien MUST be healed for him to survive this.

At 50%, Magnai will use Scale of the Father, and Hien will use the time to use Midare Setsugekka again to defeat Daidukul and join you.

At 20% He'll use Scale of the Father one last time, and this time add his own limit break Broken Ridge to grant them Vulnerability Down. You cannot defeat them, so follow Hien as he uses Crush Weapon to destroy one. Survive, and Magnai will follow up with The One Ruler, binding you both. At this point an Active Time Maneuver begins, rapidly tap the button to free yourself before one last focused Scale of the Father alongside his ultimate attack Dawn Judgement annihilates you. Succeed, and you'll break free of your chains and use Y'shtola's unnamed limit break to defeat the scales and Magnai in one fell swoop.

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