Three Gold Leaf Interior Walls

A value pack for large-scale housing renovations.

Buy in quantity and save, with three gold leaf interior walls.

Purchase Includes:Gold Leaf Interior Wall / 3

  • This furnishing item cannot be retrieved once placed.
  • This is a furnishing item for housing. Please note that the following may result in the loss of this item:
    The removal of this item by another player.
    Leaving or being discharged from a free company.
    Unsharing an estate.
    The demolition of an estate.
  • This item will be distributed to a single character on the selected account.

Purchase via Mog Station

$10 / €7 / £5.75 / ¥1080


Name Description
Gold Leaf Interior Wall Icon.png Gold Leaf Interior Wall An interior wall covered from corner to corner in whisper-thin gold leaf.