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Tiny Troll (Minion)

Tiny Troll (Minion) Icon.pngTiny Troll (Minion)  Gold chest icon.png
Lord of Verminion  Cost: 20  Monster
HP: 500 ATK: 40 DEF: 60 SPD: ★★
Strengths: LoV Eye Icon.png Auto-attack: Single-target
Special Action: Sneeze
Inflicts a weakness to monsters on all enemies within range.
30 Area Icon.png
Type: Enfeeblement Points: 20 Duration: 15s

Originally an inhabitant of Labyrinthos, this inquisitive young troll snuck into the Aitiascope, where it fell into the aetherial sea. There it met the souls of its ancestors─an experience that saw it mature beyond its tender years.

I swear he's part forest troll...
- Lightly Built Lab Assistant

Island Sanctuary Icon.png Island Sanctuary Dialogue
Acquisition: Dungeon: The Aitiascope
Requires: Tiny Troll
Behavior: Independent
Tiny Troll (Minion) Patch.png