To Kill a Raven (Gridania)

This quest is 'Obsolete' and has either been replaced with another quest or removed from the game entirely.
Removed Icon.pngTo Kill a Raven (Gridania)  OBSOLETE/REMOVED
Removed Quest
Removed Quest
Was Issued By: Serpent Lieutenant Fulke
Used to Require Class: Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic
Was Quest Type: Combat
Classification: Grand Company Main Quest
Formerly Required Quests: United We Stand (Gridania)
Formerly Unlocked Quests: Living on a Prayer
Obsolete Quest Journal Entries

At the Adders' Nest, Serpent Lieutenant Fulke informs you that the Eorzean Alliance has successfully tracked down Nael van Darnus. An emergency council will convene at the Lotus Stand in Gridania to deliberate a course of action. You have been ordered to join Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna for the proceedings.

At the Lotus Stand, you learn that Nael van Darnus has fled southeast of Camp Glory in Coerthas, to a place where the Allagan civilization once flourished. The Elder Seedseer bids you go to the area in question, whereupon you are to confirm the white Raven's presence and survey the surroundings.

  • Only parties consisting of four to eight Disciples of War or Magic with a level of 45 or above will be permitted to attempt this mission.

Upon arriving at your destination, southeast of Camp Glory, your eyes are met with a disquieting spectacle: an intense beam of light is being sent skywards to Dalamud from a floating mass of land. As if in answer, the red moon spews forth endless cascades of fiery boulders. You are past certain that Nael van Darnus is responsible for this ominous phenomenon. Deliver these tidings to the Elder Seedseer, who awaits you at the Lotus Stand in Gridania.

back at the Lotus Stand, the Elder Seedseer entrusts you with a mission of great import: you are to lead an assault on the floating isle and slay Nael van Darnus. Cid Garlond should be able to assist you in landing a contingent there.

Cid reveals that it was the tragedy at Bozja Citidel which opened his eyes to the evil of the Empire, and persuaded him to forsake his homeland. Holding himself accountable for the threat that Meteor now poses to Eorzea, he means to do all in his power to foil Nael van Darnus's deranged ambitions. Cid offers to transport you and your comrades to the floating isle by way of his personal airship, the Enterprise. Make ready then meet him at the airship landing in Gridania.

  • Only parties consisting of four to eight Disciples of War or Magic with a level of 45 or above will be permitted to attempt this mission.

Speaking with Cid at the airship landing, you reaffirm your resolve to bring down the White Raven. Finalize your preparations, and then speak with Serpent Private Hodder to board the Enterprise.

  • Only parties consisting of four to eight Disciples of War or Magic with a level of 45 or above will be permitted to attempt this mission.
  • All party members must have fulfilled the entry requirements for one of the three "To Kill a Raven" quests.
  • Completing the objective with a party containing representatives from all three Grand Companies will earn you greater rewards.
  • The allotted time for the battle is 30 minutes (Earth time).
  • A waiting time applies between attempts, and you will not be permitted to return to the area immediately. (Vie the Timers tab located under Attributes in the main menu for more information.)

Following an epic struggle, you and your comrades merge triumphant over Nael van Darnus. Although the White Raven is forever grounded, you cannot suppress a sense of dread that disaster still looms. Perhaps Cid will be able to lay your doubts to rest...

Cid reassures you that the Sevent Umbral Era hs been averted. With Nael van Darnus dead and the floating isle collapsted, Dalamud can no longer descend. The Elder Seedseer will be much relieved to hear these tidings. Make haste back to the Lotus Stand, where she awaits.

Obsolete Quest Walkthrough
  • Speak to Serpent Lieutenant Fulke and select "To Kill a Raven (Gridania)."
  • Speak to Kinnison to enter an instance.
  • Speak to Kan-E-Senna.
  • Travel to Camp Glory and go to 53-30 for a cutscene.
  • Return to Kinnison.
  • Speak to Kan-E-Senna.
  • Speak to Cid.
  • Travel to 6-6 and head down the stairs towards the airship dock for a cutscene.
  • Speak to Serpent Private Hodder and select "Board the Enterprise" to enter the battlefield.
  • Inside you will face Nael van Darnus.
  • He uses Chaos Thrust in addition to Thermonic Beam, Ravensbeak, Iron Chariot, Twisting Vice, and Fierce Ravensbeak
    • Thermonic Beam: He will teleport to the opposite side of the battlefield from the player with the most hate, and fire a linear AoE across the battlefield, followed by two smaller AoEs next to him.
    • Ravensbeak: Single Target Damage & Stun
    • Iron Chariot: AoE damage and knockback.
    • Twisting Vice: Damage and TP Reset.
    • Fierce Ravensbeak: He will teleport to a player and deliver an that will deal 9999 damage if the player remains in range. He will only use this move if a player has hate on a higher or lower elevation - This is a countermeasure to prevent kiting.
    • "Super Meteor": As Fierce Ravensbeak, but will be used instead if he has begun summoning meteors this phase. THe meteor will hit the battlefield for 9999 damage.
  • Below 50% HP, he will occasionally summon meteors called Lunar Fragment that must be destroyed by a ranged class by climbing the stairs before they touch ground or they will deal massive damage to everyone nearby.
    • These meteors are weak to magical damage, and can easily be taken out in two spells.
  • After reducing his HP to 0, he will enter phase 2 as Nael deus Darnus.
  • He will use all of the previous weaponskills aside from Chaos Thrust in addition to Lunar Dynamo which steals HP and MP from targets OUTSIDE of range.
  • At around 10% HP, he will teleport to the topmost platform and summon a massive storm of meteors and two Lunar Golems before returning to use Megaflare.
    • These golems are weak to physical damage and slightly resistant to magical damage. They can be Slept.
    • If all the meteors have been destroyed without landing, Megaflare will do roughly 2k damage to everyone in the battlefield.
  • Upon victory, you will receive a cutscene, followed by entering an instance.
  • Speak to Cid.
  • Speak to Kinnison to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Game Script

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