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Treasures and Tribulations

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 36   Treasures and Tribulations

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
H'loonh: Eastern La Noscea - Raincatcher Gully - Wineport (x:21.1, y:21.1)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Wineport

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 36)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks Deciphering Timeworn Maps Active Help
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
H'loonh would entice you with the prospect of untold riches.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Tattered Coinpurse
Shattered Bottle
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
H'loonhDiligent DiggerEaldwine
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved
Shabby Casket

  • H'loonh would entice you with the prospect of untold riches.
  • H'loonh regales you with a tale of buried treasure, as recounted to her by a half-wit drunkard at the local alehouse. With hopes high, set off in pursuit of her eminently reliable informant, said to be visiting a miner acquaintance in Raincatcher Gully.
  • The miner puts little stock in the tall tales of his drinking companion, strongly advising you against chasing after apocryphal fortunes. Should you choose to ignore his warning, you may find the would-be treasure hunter Ealdwine where X marks the spot to the southeast of Camp Bronze Lake.
  • Self-styled treasure hunter Ealdwine reeks heavily of his namesake and has likely not seen a bath in several moons. He invites you─for better or for worse─to open, in his stead, an unearthed casket, which he absolutely, positively, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt assures you is not trapped.
  • In an entirely unexpected turn of events, the chest was indeed trapped. Having dispatched the nasty critters lured to the scene, you are free to inspect the chest once more and retrieve its contents.
  • You have retrieved the treasure─if one could call it that─from the casket. Deliver the tattered coinpurse and bottle you found to Ealdwine, and let him know that the rewards were hardly worth the effort.
  • Showing considerably more concern for his own coinpurse than your ordeal, Ealdwine nevertheless encourages you to join him in the hunt for treasure, imparting to you the skill of map-reading to serve this end. Notwithstanding the liable nature of your mentor, who is to say what treasures lie hidden across the realm? With your newfound knowledge, strike forth in search of riches and glory.

Fancy yourself a romantic, friend? Do you oft find yourself gazing off into the horizon, yearning to travel in search of storied relics left behind by the heroes of yore? Yes, you say? Then do I ever have a proposal for you!

I was accosted the other day by a slobbering drunkard─bear with me now, I assure you this gets better─who most eagerly regaled me─from what I could gather amidst slurred speech and copious amounts of spittle, that is─with the tale of a treasure map he had stumbled upon in his travels.

I don't recall the particulars─I was emptying my innards of some foul swill at the time, you see─but it sounded rather convincing to my ale-addled brain. What I do remember is that the fellow mentioned striking out at first light for Raincatcher Gully to visit a miner friend.

Should the prospect of hunting for hidden riches set your heart aflutter, I reckon you might still find him there.
Hidden treasures? Hah! Another gil-crazed greenhorn reeled in by Ealdwine's tall tales, eh? Yes, Ealdwine─that's the dodderin' fool's name, though mind ye, I've not known him to limit his consumption to any one type o' brew.

Aye, saw him just the other day, I did, clutchin' some tattered, piss-yellow parchment like it was made o' solid mythril. “Thish ish m' ticket to fortune,” he blabbered─not half so eloquently, mind ye─before stumblin' out the tavern doors...and promptly fallin' flat on his mug, like as not.

Did I see the map meself, ye say? Did I ever! Why, the fool shoved it in my face so many times that I swear the mold left the page to take up residence in me nostrils. 'Twas a mess of blue and brown splotches that Ealdwine swore was Camp Bronze Lake, with a big red “X” to the southeast.

Yer not thinkin' of goin' there, are ye? Take my word, ye'll find naught but a sorry drunkard and his sack o' broken dreams.
Ealdwine's map? 'Twas a mess of blue and brown splotches that the fool swore was Camp Bronze Lake, with a big red “X” to the southeast. Yer not thinkin' of goin' there, are ye? Take my word, ye'll find naught but a sorry drunkard and his sack o' broken dreams.
Wh-Who goesh there!? Wait, don't tell me... Ye've come to help ol' Ealdwine dig for buried treasuresh!

Well, I'll have ye know, I'm farin' jusht fine by m'shelf. Jus' look at that─hic!─beauty over there.

...Not that I can blame ye fer bein' jealoush o' me vast richesh.

Lucky fer ye, I'm feelin'─hic!─generoush today. So here'sh the deal: I'll give ye the honor of openin' my latesht dishcovery.
That'sh right. For one precioush moment, ye can walk in the shoesh of Ealdwine, treasure hunter─hic!─exshtraordinaire!

Go on, now. The cashket won't─hic!─bite or nothin'.

What are ye waitin' for? The cashket won't─hic!─bite or nothin'.

Seven hellsh! Where did those─hic!─nashty buggers come from!?
Why, if I had m' trushty pickaxe with me, I'd a-shplit their shkulls clean in─hic!─two. Where'n the world did those things go, any─hic!─way?

What'sh thish? Look, ol' Ealdwine'sh had the finesht Eorzea hash to offer, from the Drownin' Wench to Bushcarron'sh Druthersh, and he ain't seen nothin' like... G-G-Great Byregot'sh gut!

It'sh a trap, that'sh what it was! Opening the cashket shattered thish here bottle, and thish foul shlop poured out, lurin' them nashty buggers with its─hic!─shtink.

I told ye to be more careful. Now hand over the─hic!─loot. Ye may've opened the cashket, but 'twash ol' Ealdwine what did the dirty work.
...Wait, that'sh it? Ye gave me everythin'!? Why, I got more lasht time I sold me undergarmentsh for grog money. Ye aren't hidin' nothin' from me, are ye?

Well, it looksh like we've got no choish. We'sh got to go out'n shearch o' bigger and─hic!─better treasuresh. Not the same treasuresh, o' courshe─I can't hold yer hand forever. So sit back, and let ol' Ealdwine impart to ye a proper trove o' knowledge on treasure huntererin'.

Firstly, ye find yourshelf a map. Once you have yer map, then ye decipher it─that meansh ye look at it nice an' good, like. Then, when ye've figured out where yer treasure is hidin', ye go there, and ye dig it up. Soundsh simple enough, ye say? Hah!

I might make it look eashy, but I can assure you it ain't─aye, treasure huntererin' demandsh sharp eyesh and a sharper─hic!─mind. But don't be dishcouraged─hone your shkills like ol' Ealdwine and the treasuresh are sure to follow. Now, if you'll exshcuse me, me throat'sh feelin' dry...
Thish won't even buy me a swig o' the Wench's cheapesht grog... What'sh a man to do to drown his shorrowsh?
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