Trials of the Braves

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Trials of the Braves
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png658
Optional Rewards
Artemis Bow Animus
Bravura Animus
Curtana Animus
Gae Bolg Animus
Holy Shield Animus
Omnilex Animus
Sphairai Animus
Stardust Rod Animus
The Veil of Wiyu Animus
Thyrus Animus
Yoshimitsu Animus
Informationicon.png Description
Jalzahn is a man with grand plans for your relic weapon.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Jalzahn: North Shroud - Peacegarden - Hyrstmill (x:29.6, y:19.7)
Type: Side Story Quest
Unlocks: Celestial RadianceSidequest1 Icon.png
Miscellaneous Requirement: Must have upgraded a Zenith Relic to Atma
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngUp in Arms
Required Items
Book of Skyfire I Icon.png Book of Skyfire II Icon.png Book of Netherfire I Icon.png Book of Skyfall I Icon.png Book of Skyfall II Icon.png Book of Netherfall I Icon.png Book of Skywind I Icon.png Book of Skywind II Icon.png Book of Skyearth I Icon.png Artemis Bow Atma Icon.png Bravura Atma Icon.png Curtana Atma Icon.png Gae Bolg Atma Icon.png Holy Shield Atma Icon.png Omnilex Atma Icon.png Sphairai Atma Icon.png Stardust Rod Atma Icon.png The Veil of Wiyu Atma Icon.png Thyrus Atma Icon.png Yoshimitsu Atma Icon.png
NPCs Involved: G'jusana
Items Involved: Book of Skyfire IBook of Skyfire IIBook of Netherfire IBook of Skyfall IBook of Skyfall IIBook of Netherfall IBook of Skywind IBook of Skywind IIBook of Skyearth IArtemis Bow AtmaBravura AtmaCurtana AtmaGae Bolg AtmaHoly Shield AtmaOmnilex AtmaSphairai AtmaStardust Rod AtmaThe Veil of Wiyu AtmaThyrus AtmaYoshimitsu Atma

Jalzahn in North Shroud - Peacegarden - Hyrstmill (x:29.6, y:19.7)
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Rowena in Mor Dhona - Fogfens - The Diamond Forge (x:22, y:5)
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G'jusana in Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Revenant's Toll (x:22.9, y:7.4)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
G'jusana in Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Revenant's Toll (x:22.9, y:7.4)
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  • According to Jalzahn, your relic weapon still has room to grow. If you would enhance it further, you must recreate the valorous deeds of the Zodiac Braves, revered heroes in Thavnairian legend. So as to take the guesswork out of the process, Jalzahn suggests you acquire the “Trials of the Braves,” a collection of sacred texts that tell of the heroes' deed. As a known vendor of such literature, perhaps Rowena will have the books in stock.
  • Rowena believes that she may have the literature you desire. She bids you take your inquiry to G'jusana, one among her burgeoning ranks of underlings.
  • Much to your delight, G'jusana has the full collection of the Trials of the Braves in stock, and offers to sell you each book for the bargain price of 100 Allagan tomestones of poetics. The means to possessing a mightier arm lies before you─you need but reach out and take it.
  • ※You must be equipped with the relic weapon atma you wish to enhance when making the purchase.
  • ※You can possess only one book in the set of nine at any given time.
  • ※Upon completing the objectives in all nine books, present your relic weapon atma to Jalzahn to complete the enhancement process.

Edit Trials of the Braves's DialogueJalzahn: Now, while your newfound might may indeed be impressive...what if I were to tell you that your weapon may grow even mightier still? My research leads me to believe that this is a distinct possibility. As before, if you would agree to be my subject, I promise that you will not be the worse for your part. What say you? (Select No) Come now, there is no need to be coy─'tis man's nature to be desirous of greater power. And though our interest in the subject may differ, we share the selfsame objective. At any rate, pray humor me─lend an ear to the theory I have recently formed. Legend tells that, when the world lies upon the brink of destruction, brave souls who bear the Light shall arise to banish the Darkness. These heroes are known by myriad names, but in my native Radz-at-Han they are called the “Zodiac Braves.” The Zodiac Braves were said to wield arms of unparalleled might, that shone with the radiance of a thousand stars. My ultimate objective, dear adventurer, is no less than the recreation of these legendary arms. Thavnairian tradition holds that the Zodiac Braves gathered light to their weapons by vanquishing formidable foes. 'Tis my theory that the heroes were in fact absorbing souls. And now, through the use of atma, your weapon has been transformed into something with the selfsame ability, and it exists as a vessel for souls. At present, however, this vessel holds but a small fraction of its capacity. If your weapon is to realize its potential, you must have it drink deep of the souls of slain foes. Of course, not every soul is created equal, and so it follows that not all creatures will serve our purpose. Indeed, the Zodiac Braves themselves were very particular as to which foes they chose to vanquish. In the interests of efficiency, you would do well to seek out adversaries of like nature. For this, you might refer to the “Trials of the Braves,” a collection of sacred texts that tell of the heroes' deeds. The books are common enough in Radz-at-Han, but having recently formed my theory, I did not think to bring them with me, alas. Though, with trade flourishing between our lands, mayhap there is a local merchant dealing in imported wares who has them in stock. Rowena: Eh? Thavnairian literature on heroes who wielded dazzlin' weapons? An' it's called the Trials o' the Braves... Might be as I've got somethin' what fits your description. G'jusana's the one who deals in tomes an' the like. You'll find her up the steps across from me. G'jusana: ...Trials of the Braves? Why, yes, we happen to have the tomes, but why would anyone be interested in moldy old things like─Ah! What I meant to say was, they're extremely rare, and you aren't like to find them anywhere else in Eorzea! Nine books comprise the set, and each alone is worth a small fortune. But I like you, adventurer, so I'm willing to offer them at a discount. For the bargain price of 100 Allagan tomestones of poetics, you can be the proud owner of a piece of history─a book from the sacred Trials of the Braves! Make no mistake, anywhere else and you'll easily pay twice that. When you're keen to make the exchange, just let me know!

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