Turnabout's Fair Play

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 Lv. 45   Turnabout's Fair Play
Battlecraft-45-Saint Coinach's Find-Levequest-Header.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Gil
Expicon.png9,936 Gil Icon.png503
Possible Items
Crooked Guisarme Icon.png Warped Bow Icon.png Blunt Goblin Longsword Icon.png Chipped Hora Icon.png Notched Bill Icon.png Jade Crook Icon.png Cobalt Trident Icon.png Yew Longbow Icon.png Cobalt Shamshir Icon.png Peisteskin Cesti Icon.png Buccaneer's Bardiche Icon.png Water Brand Icon.png Book of Electrum Icon.png Scarred Kite Shield Icon.png Eagle-crested Round Shield Icon.png Ripped Haubergeon Icon.png Tattered Robe Icon.png Tortoiseshell Scale Mail Icon.png Felt Robe Icon.png Raptorskin Harness Icon.png Moldering Jester's Cap Icon.png Felt Coif Icon.png Raptorskin Pot Helm Icon.png Cobalt Vambraces Icon.png Boarskin Ringbands of Tides Icon.png Felt Bracers Icon.png Woolen Dress Shoes Icon.png Cobalt-plated Jackboots Icon.png Tortoiseshell Scale Greaves Icon.png High Mythril Flanchard Icon.png Woolen Gaskins Icon.png Woolen Trousers Icon.png High Mythril Plate Belt Icon.png Raptorskin Satchel Belt Icon.png Peisteskin Belt Icon.png Zircon Choker Icon.png Turquoise Choker Icon.png Amber Choker Icon.png Electrum Gorget Icon.png Red Coral Necklace Icon.png Raptorskin Wristbands Icon.png Electrum Wristlets Icon.png Electrum Ring Icon.png Deviled Eggs Icon.png Stuffed Cabbage Icon.png Button Mushroom Saute Icon.png La Noscean Toast Icon.png Mega-Potion Icon.png Hi-Ether Icon.png Venture Icon.png
Informationicon.png Description
We at Saint Coinach's Find are much troubled by voidsent, who seem to delight in our terror at the many glamours they cast. Upon my word, I heard cackles as Master Syele lay curled, sobbing, in the shadow of a gigas. I beg you, turn the tables on our tormentors. Affright them with ice sprite cores, then slay them.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Use an ice sprite core to reveal target's true form, then defeat it.
  • Bloodshot Eye: 0/2
Sons of Saint Coinach Anthropogeographer, Rammbroes
Issuing NPC: K'leytai
Mor Dhona - North Silvertear - Saint Coinach's Find (29-12)
Classes: Disciples of MagicDisciples of War
Type: Battlecraft
Guildleve: Veracity
Duration: 20m
Location: Saint Coinach's Find
Required Items
Ice Sprite Core (Turnabout's Fair Play) Icon.png
Mobs Involved: Bloodshot EyeIce SpriteBeggar Bonze
Items Involved: Ice Sprite Core (Turnabout's Fair Play)
Reward Details
Name Type Level iLevel
Book of Electrum Icon.png Book of Electrum Arcanist's Grimoire 45 45
Warped Bow Icon.png Warped Bow Archer's Arm 47 42
Yew Longbow Icon.png Yew Longbow Archer's Arm 46 46
Ripped Haubergeon Icon.png Ripped Haubergeon Body 46 41
Felt Robe Icon.png Felt Robe Body 46 46
Tattered Robe Icon.png Tattered Robe Body 47 42
Tortoiseshell Scale Mail Icon.png Tortoiseshell Scale Mail Body 46 46
Raptorskin Harness Icon.png Raptorskin Harness Body 47 47
Raptorskin Wristbands Icon.png Raptorskin Wristbands Bracelets 47 47
Electrum Wristlets Icon.png Electrum Wristlets Bracelets 46 46
Venture Icon.png Venture Currency 1 1
Tortoiseshell Scale Greaves Icon.png Tortoiseshell Scale Greaves Feet 46 46
Woolen Dress Shoes Icon.png Woolen Dress Shoes Feet 44 44
Cobalt-plated Jackboots Icon.png Cobalt-plated Jackboots Feet 46 46
Cobalt Shamshir Icon.png Cobalt Shamshir Gladiator's Arm 46 46
Blunt Goblin Longsword Icon.png Blunt Goblin Longsword Gladiator's Arm 45 40
Felt Bracers Icon.png Felt Bracers Hands 48 48
Boarskin Ringbands of Tides Icon.png Boarskin Ringbands of Tides Hands 46 46
Cobalt Vambraces Icon.png Cobalt Vambraces Hands 45 45
Raptorskin Pot Helm Icon.png Raptorskin Pot Helm Head 47 47
Moldering Jester's Cap Icon.png Moldering Jester's Cap Head 45 40
Felt Coif Icon.png Felt Coif Head 45 45
Cobalt Trident Icon.png Cobalt Trident Lancer's Arm 46 46
Crooked Guisarme Icon.png Crooked Guisarme Lancer's Arm 47 42
High Mythril Flanchard Icon.png High Mythril Flanchard Legs 44 44
Woolen Gaskins Icon.png Woolen Gaskins Legs 44 44
Woolen Trousers Icon.png Woolen Trousers Legs 44 44
Notched Bill Icon.png Notched Bill Marauder's Arm 47 42
Buccaneer's Bardiche Icon.png Buccaneer's Bardiche Marauder's Arm 45 45
La Noscean Toast Icon.png La Noscean Toast Meal 47
Stuffed Cabbage Icon.png Stuffed Cabbage Meal 45
Deviled Eggs Icon.png Deviled Eggs Meal 48
Button Mushroom Saute Icon.png Button Mushroom Saute Meal 44
Hi-Ether Icon.png Hi-Ether Medicine 35
Mega-Potion Icon.png Mega-Potion Medicine 45
Turquoise Choker Icon.png Turquoise Choker Necklace 48 48
Amber Choker Icon.png Amber Choker Necklace 48 48
Red Coral Necklace Icon.png Red Coral Necklace Necklace 47 47
Electrum Gorget Icon.png Electrum Gorget Necklace 46 46
Zircon Choker Icon.png Zircon Choker Necklace 48 48
Water Brand Icon.png Water Brand One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm 46 46
Peisteskin Cesti Icon.png Peisteskin Cesti Pugilist's Arm 46 46
Chipped Hora Icon.png Chipped Hora Pugilist's Arm 45 40
Electrum Ring Icon.png Electrum Ring Ring 47 47
Scarred Kite Shield Icon.png Scarred Kite Shield Shield 45 40
Eagle-crested Round Shield Icon.png Eagle-crested Round Shield Shield 45 45
Jade Crook Icon.png Jade Crook Two-handed Conjurer's Arm 45 45
Raptorskin Satchel Belt Icon.png Raptorskin Satchel Belt Waist 45 45
Peisteskin Belt Icon.png Peisteskin Belt Waist 46 46
High Mythril Plate Belt Icon.png High Mythril Plate Belt Waist 44 44
Turnabout's Fair Play
Trigger: Random
Aetherial Woolen Cowl Icon.png Aetherial Woolen Cowl
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