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Twin Adder in a Tangle

Twin Adder in a Tangle.png

High above the Twelveswood, the raven circles, evermore seeking out truth hidden amongst the shadows of the trees.

In today’s edition, field correspondent Oliver Goodfellow examines the issues being faced by the newly reformed Order of the Twin Adder and its prospects for overcoming them.

Battle Capacity in Question

After an extended absence, the Elder Seedseer has finally returned from the depths of the Twelveswood, much to the relief of the citizenry. And by her decree, after entire eras in slumber, the Order of the Twin Adder has been roused to wakefulness once more. Yet, in the midst of these heartening developments, a stifling air of tension now enshrouds Gridania, a product of the uncertainty over whether the Grand Company will live up to the weight of expectation.

The day past saw our nation’s leaders assembled at the Adders’ Nest to make provisions for the nation’s defense. Among those in attendance were the ranks of conjurers, who partook in discussion on matters such as military structuring, fortifications, arms manufacturing, provisioning, and so forth. Needless to say, the Twin Adder has much work to do if it is to become a full-fledged military force rather than a token presence, and the closest cooperation with our nation’s guilds will be central to success.

In particular, the eyes of the nation are locked upon the two pillars of law and order in the Twelveswood: the Wood Wailers and the Gods’ Quiver. As elite warriors among forestborn, charged with the security of the city-state and its surrounds, theirs is a heavy burden. Yet events of recent moons have not helped to engender public confidence. Take, for instance, the infiltration of the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak by imperial troopers. This incident alone seemed to push our resources to the brink, rendering our shortage of manpower painfully apparent. As we stand, Gridania can ill resist the Empire should it come at us in force.

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Adventurers, Enter Stage Right

In the beginning, the Order of the Twin Adder was taking on adventurers solely in a provisional capacity. However, as more and more of these recruits went on to distinguish themselves in missions of consequence, the Twin Adder could not help but take notice. And so when options were discussed on ways to augment Gridania’s underwhelming host, it took next to no time for our leaders to unanimously settle upon a solution: to accept adventurers as fully inducted members of the Grand Company.

It had been known that the Twin Adder means to establish four units, each named for the four noble beasts of legend: the White Wolf, the Blue Badger, the Red Otter, and the Black Boar. Now, however, a Yellow Serpent will be joining the fray, and it is beneath its banner that non-Gridanians—in other words, adventurers—will charge into the field of battle.

I would like to take this opportunity to unreservedly applaud the move. Ours has been a closed society; more often than not in history, Gridania has kept her distance from the other city-states of Eorzea. But we can ill persist in this way of thinking any longer. A terrible enemy has reared its head, and threatens to lay waste to all we hold dear. If we are to survive the coming storm, we must look beyond petty differences between our neighbors and ourselves. Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna—may the Twelve forever shine their countenance upon her—has ever championed cooperation and harmony as a way of life, and this philosophy rings truer now than ever before.

In closing, far be it from my station to make a personal plea, but I would call upon all adventurers of the realm to join your strength to ours. As fellow Eorzeans, let us walk hand in hand that we might together banish the encroaching darkness and usher in a new era of prosperity.

Oliver Goodfellow