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Little Ladies' Day Event Icon.png Lv. 15   Untended Dreams
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Guaranteed Rewards
Peach Confetti
Peach Confetti
Peach Confetti
Cherry Confetti
Cherry Confetti
Cherry Confetti
Informationicon.png Description
The royal seneschal seems deeply upset despite the jovial atmosphere.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Royal Seneschal: Ul'dah - Steps of Nald - Emerald Avenue - Sunsilk Tapestries (x:10.6, y:8.6)
Type: Event Quest
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngA Colorful Affair
Required Items
Tarnished Necklace Icon.png Faded Earrings Icon.png Watercolor Sketch (Untended Dreams) Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Untended Dreams
NPCs Involved: Lonesome Lass (Untended Dreams)Tobyn
Items Involved: Tarnished NecklaceFaded EarringsWatercolor Sketch (Untended Dreams)

Royal Seneschal in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald - Emerald Avenue - Sunsilk Tapestries (x:10.6, y:8.6)
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Lonesome Lass (Untended Dreams) in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald
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Tobyn in Western Thanalan (x:14.9, y:18.7)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Royal Seneschal in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald - Emerald Avenue - Sunsilk Tapestries (x:10.6, y:8.6)
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  • The Songbirds continue to fill the streets with sweet melodies. Far removed from the glowing lights and cheers of the crowd before them, however, they spied an unexpected sight─a young girl sulking by her lonesome, seemingly lost. Knowing they cannot abandon their tight schedule of performances, the royal seneschal turns to you for help in locating this wayward soul.

    ※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • You find a young girl near the Gate of Nald, sullen and withdrawn. She has lost a gift from her parents─a necklace and pair of earrings─and is too racked with worry to enjoy the day's festivities. Your offer to search for them in her stead is met with disbelief followed by heartfelt gratitude. She tells you she remembers where they were lost, but rather than explain in words, she draws you a picture of the location. With her artwork in hand, you exit the gate out into central Thanalan.
  • Finding a vista resembling the young girl's drawing was no easy task, but eventually a familiar view catches your eye. Indeed, you have found the correct locale, and an inspection of the area turns up a necklace and earrings. They are so old and worn, however, you question if they are what you were sent to find. The only thing left to do is return to Ul'dah and see if the jewelry you found is truly hers.
  • The young girl is overcome with joy at the sight of the jewelry. She is taken by the ardor with which you came to her aid, saying she at last knows what it means to be treated as a princess for a day. Before leaving to join in the Little Ladies' Day celebration, she makes a final request: deliver her necklace and earrings to a man named Tobyn at Crescent Cove.
  • Tobyn takes the jewelry in hand and quickly turns pale. After you explain what brought you out to Crescent Cove, he hesitantly concludes that the young girl you encountered was the spirit of his late aunt. She disappeared as a child on Little Ladies' Day, her family of the belief she was abducted and sold for some nefarious end. The reason for her ghostly visit to Ul'dah, he believes, is she never had the opportunity to enjoy Little Ladies' Day and be treated like a princess. But thanks to you, her unfinished business is complete. The royal seneschal will certainly be happy to hear the news.
  • The royal seneschal is shocked to hear of your paranormal encounter. Though he finds your story implausible, he takes solace in knowing the girl's spirit is finally at rest.

Excuse me, Forename. I hate to be a bother, but I have a favor to ask of you.

During their last performance, the girls said they spotted a girl all by her lonesome on the street. She seemed to be lost, perhaps looking for her parents. They're terribly concerned but they can't very well cancel their subsequent shows to look for her.

If you should happen to see this poor soul walking about, would you check on her and see that she's all right? When time permits, I too will do my part and help search for her.

The poor girl. I pray she's okay. The sooner we find her, the better.
Hmmm. I wonder where they could be...

Hm? What am I doing here?

Well, I've... I've lost something quite dear to me.

A necklace and pair of earrings my mother and father gave to me. They are my greatest treasures, and yet somehow I've managed to lose them.

On today of all days. All I wanted to do was go and see the Songbirds. Everyone seems so excited that they're here, but how can I enjoy their performance knowing my jewelry is missing?

Question #1
What will you say?
Never fear! I'll find them for you.
You will? Truly?
I'm fairly sure I remember where I lost them, but my parents said it's too dangerous to venture outside on my own.

Do you remember where you may have lost them?
Yes, I'm pretty sure I remember, but my parents said it's too dangerous to venture outside on my own.

Wait... You aren't thinking of going out there, are you?

Thank you sir, thank you!

It you leave through this gate, they should be somewhere close by.

Oh, I know! Let me draw you a picture.

This is the last place I remember having them. I apologize if my drawing seems poor, but I hope it helps.

I'm fairly certain that's where I lost them. Please stay safe out there.

Were you able to find them?

My jewelry! I never thought I'd see them again.

Thank you so much. I don't think I've ever been so happy as I am right now.

You were so swift to grant my request and brave the wilds of Thanalan. It reminded me of the stories my mother told me, of the seneschals who would go on great adventures to fulfill the wishes of those they chose as their princess.

Oh my! You would choose me?

Alright, then. Ahem... Yea verily, thou art returned and brought unto me mine heart's desire. By your great deed, this shall be a momentous celebration, forsooth!

Hahaha, forgive me if I seem strange. I've always dreamed of being waited on like a princess. I couldn't help but try to play the part.

I do have one last request for you, though. Would you deliver this jewelry to a man named Tobyn at Crescent Cove?

Don't worry. When he sees them, he'll understand. Now if you'll excuse me, I think the Songbirds will be performing soon.

Thank you. My dear, sweet seneschal.

Need something, lad?

From a girl in Ul'dah!? What...what did she look like?

I'd call you a liar if not for these. I can hardly believe it.

The girl in white, this necklace, these earrings... I think you've met with my late aunt.

I was but a babe when she was taken away from us, so I only know what my parents told me. Wasn't until I was older that I finally understood the horror of it all.

The Little Ladies' Day celebration was like any other. The streets were lined with streamers, cherry blossoms far as the eye can see, and men were dressing up as seneschals looking to dote on the ladies of Ul'dah. But sadly, some of them weren't after a princess.

A group of men were luring girls into alleys, then whisking them off to gods know where to be sold to the highest bidder. Guess they thought my aunt would fetch a high price... And you're sure you saw her, this girl in white with my aunt's jewelry?

This may sound like utter nonsense, but... My folks said she wanted to take part in Little Ladies' Day more than anything in the world, to see what it was like being a princess for a day. Having never had the chance, maybe her spirit hadn't moved on yet.

These celebrations have been much safer ever since they began hiring royal seneschals, and the Songbirds put on a show no little lady would want to miss. Not even my aunt, it seems.

Thank you for delivering these to me. We never found her remains, but with these, I think now we can finally lay her spirit to rest.

Thank you again for delivering these. At last my aunt can be at peace.

Forename! I searched high and low, but could find nary a trace of a young girl matching the Songbirds' description. How did you fare?

A spirit, you say? Could such a thing really be possible?

I cannot say if she belonged to this world or the next, but thanks to you, we may take solace in knowing her dreams of Little Ladies' Day have been fulfilled.

I cannot thank you enough for dealing with this, but let's keep what happened between the two of us, shall we? If the girls ask, I will simply tell them she found her way home.

Location in watercolor sketch is Spineless Basin (26.7-33.0 and 26.9-32.1). Edit Untended Dreams's Notes

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