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Unto the Heavens

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 89   Unto the Heavens

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Ojika Tsunjika: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Tranquility (x:9.2, y:11.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → The Baldesion Annex

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png89Friends GatheredMainquest1 Icon.png Friends Gathered (Level 89)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 89)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Ojika Tsunjika is ready to send you off with a smile.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png89A §trαnge New WorldMainquest1 Icon.png A §trαnge New World (Level 89)
071341.png89A Hunt for the AgesFeaturequest1 Icon.png A Hunt for the Ages (Level 89)

  • Ojika Tsunjika is ready to send you off with a smile.
  • The time is come at last for you and the Scions to embark on your mission to Ultima Thule. After offering you a few words of wisdom, Ojika Tsunjika bids you farewell as you make for Thaumazein.
  • With all gathered at Thaumazein, Fourchenault unveils the Ragnarok, which will bear you and the other Scions unto Ultima Thule. The gathering is interrupted by the arrival of Sicard, who has brought with him representatives of the world's myriad beast tribes. The reason for their presence, as Livingway explains, is to use the power of primal summoning to convert the Mothercrystal's energy into a form that can be transported to the ship's engines─for contrary to common belief, it is in fact possible to summon deiform beings without risk of being tempered. In light of this revelation, all present are willing to go along with the plan, and so the beastmen take their leave to prepare for the ritual.
As the beastmen contingent departs, Wilfsunn steps forward to offer you and the Scions teleportation devices he created for your mission. Designed to be used in tandem, they will teleport the Scions back to the ship in the event of an emergency. With no other matters left undone, Livingway boards the ship, and Fourchenault bids you do the same.
  • The Ragnarok trembles as its various components whir to life. With a boisterous command, the thrusters are engaged and the ship takes off into the great expanse.
  • It does not take long to arrive at Ultima Thule, but no sooner do you enter her domain than Meteion manifests on the ship's bridge. A battle of words ensues, but is cut short when Meteion brings her power to bear, suffocating you and the Scions effortlessly. You fall to your knees, gasping for air. The last thing you see is Thancred charging at Meteion before the world fades to black.
You awake seemingly none the worse for wear, but with one less of your number than before─Thancred is nowhere to be seen. Thinking that he may have pursued Meteion, you and the others make ready to disembark.
  • Atmospheric readings show Ultima Thule is capable of sustaining life, though the strange and unnerving surrounds give very much the opposite impression. Nevertheless, the hunt for Meteion can now begin in earnest. But first, you must discover the whereabouts of Thancred.

I suppose this is where we part ways. For now, at least.

Would that I had sage words of wisdom to share ere you depart... Mayhap the teachings of Galuf Baldesion will suffice?

"Surrender not to anger or hatred,“ he said. ”Look beyond them, and there find true strength.“

What one sees beyond is open to interpretation, I think, but for me, it would be the things I cherish most in life. Things I believe are worth fighting for.

Something to consider as you venture unto the sea of stars.
Quest Accepted
The others are already off to Thaumazein. Best not keep them waiting, eh?
Let us hear what Father has to say.
They said work on the ark is finished, but you certainly wouldn't know by looking at it.
I wasn't expecting quite so many people to be seeing us off.
This is the pinnacle of aetherochemistry. A synthesis of modern innovation and the ancient wisdom of Allag. The ark's engine appears to be capable of processing condensed aether in quantities I never thought possible.
That even Wilfsunn and Bloewyda should be in attendance is most unexpected, but I am nonetheless heartened by their presence.
So this is the ship that will bear us unto Ultima Thule...
For so many to see us off like this seems wholly unnecessary. Still...I'll not begrudge them for wishing us well.
Quite the turnout, wouldn't you say? Then again, who wouldn't want to be present for a once-in-a-lifetime event?
I'll send word to the Alliance leaders the very moment the ship takes off. Obviously they couldn't be here, but I'm sure they'll be cheering for you every step of the way.
The ark is missing one last─but very crucial─component before we are ready to take off. It should be arriving shortly.
Though our fellow Scions couldn't be here, they wanted me to tell you that, no matter what calamity may befall us, they will never give up, and neither should you.
No matter how far you may go, we will be with you in spirit. No matter how dark it may seem, your light will shine and endure.
It is no easy thing to say “leave the star to us.” But we must, and we will. As proud members of the Scions, we have a duty to uphold.

And we needn't do so alone. Those dark days when we were driven from the Rising Stones and hunted as traitors are a thing of the past. We have allies in abundance now.

Which is to say, you needn't worry about us. Go forth in the knowledge that the Scions will labor without rest in your absence.
It's troubling enough that that brute Sicard left without warning, leaving me to carry all those cumbersome containers, but that he failed to be present to send you off is absurd. What could possibly be more deserving of his attention at a time like this?
Man is said to fear what he does not know, yet you would venture unto the greatest of unknowns.

I say to you, son of man, that you need not fear. So long as man shares a bond with dragonkind, so too does he share our kinship with the heavens, and our ancient home amidst the stars infinite.

I pray you go forth, and prove this bond of ours, tempered and tested, shall endure unbroken for a thousand thousand years.
Moenbryda has been on my mind more often of late. How different her life might have been if not for our research into teleportation magicks. Perhaps she would never have gained an interest in aetherological studies...

But to abandon our work out of misplaced guilt for who she could have been would be a disservice to the memory of who she was.

Nay, it was because of her that we found the resolve to carry on. And now we stand at the edge of a new frontier, with a ship ready to bear you unto the distant stars and beyond. This ark is as much her accomplishment as it is ours. I regret nothing.
We were quite fortunate the Loporrits' hyperhopper was based on principles similar to those of aetherology. Integrating it with the ark's existing systems might well have been impossible otherwise.

We may have Sharlayan's wealth of knowledge at our disposal, but theirs is technology far beyond anything we have ever studied.

You are familiar with teleportation magicks, yes? The momentary conversion of the body into aether that it may travel via the Lifestream from one physical point to another.

Their hyperhopper enables transport through a similar method─but not one involving the Lifestream. Rather, it utilizes highly condensed aether to create an aetherial current of its own!

This current is exponentially faster and more powerful than the naturally occurring ones to which we are accustomed. So much so, in fact, that aetherial conversion of the physical form is not a prerequisite for traversal.

If you are concerned about side effects, such as aetherial sickness, you needn't be. You should emerge at your destination hale and theory. At the very least, I can assure you it is safer than the experimental aetherytes you used to reach Radz–at–Han.
First the great exodus, and now seems there's no end to our work.

In truth, more than a few gleaners were distressed to learn that their earlier efforts were for nothing. It was no easy task convincing them that the new plan was for the best, I can tell you that.

I can't tell you every man believes this is the wisest course, but I can say that all will be forgiven if you deliver us from the coming doom. And if you don't, well, at least you won't get the earful I certainly will.
Mistress Krile tells me your investigation into my theories on akasa─and its relation to the Final Days─has made clear the source of our woes.

I am elated to know my work was of some benefit, but I could not have shared it had you not rescued me from the tower that day.

I yet owe you a great debt, one I may never fully repay. But I shall try nonetheless!

Not only through my research, but through my desire to see you succeed, which I believe may influence the akasa in our favor, small though the effect may be. Yes, so long as we have hope, there is a chance we may influence the outcome of this calamity.

If Chronicles of a New Era - Omega is complete.
Kweh! Kweh, kweh!
Alpha appears to be trying to cheer you on.

If Chronicles of a New Era - Omega is complete.
<blip> <bloop>
The miniature model of Omega appears to be staring intently at the ark.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 1: Voiced cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 1: Voiced cutscene end.
The Ragnarok... And thus does Grandfather's legacy live on.
We mustn't waste any more time. Let us board, and set out for Ultima Thule!
Mother, Father... Grandfather.
We will save this star and return home. I promise...
Venturing quite literally into the unknown, we have to be ready for anything.
As I said before, whatever awaits us there, we will survive. We must.
Primal it was intended... I never dared to consider they could be invoked without the danger of tempering.
Change has come quickly to this star, and greater change yet awaits in the days to come. All the more reason we must not fail.
I am most grateful Wilfsunn and Bloewyda have devised a contingency should the need to flee arise, though I pray it shall not.
We must needs strive for victory to the last, that Etheirys and her people survive, and that her champions return home. Without exception.
So, the stage is set. I can but hope we are prepared to play our parts when we arrive on Ultima Thule.

The key, I suspect, may lie with Hydaelyn's parting message to us.

“Darkness and Light. Despair and hope. As goes one, so goes the other.” Knowing Meteion wields the power of despair, we must bring to bear hope in equal measure.
I'd rather not spend any longer mulling over strategy.
None of us are strangers to despair. If that is the source of her power, we are ready for it.
Ameliance will not be joining us, I'm afraid. She could not bear to watch our children embark on so perilous a mission.

Make no mistake─I feel the same. I cannot tell you how many times I had to step away from my duties, so distracted by thoughts of all the ways it could go wrong...

Even now a part of me wants to drag them away and forbid─ ...Well. Not that they would listen. So I will see them off with pride in my heart and a prayer on my lips.

For my children, and for this star they love so dearly, you must prevail.
So that was the covert operation Sicard was assigned? Hmph! No doubt he thinks we were all impressed by the way he barged in here, beastmen in tow, hero of the hour.
He leaves me with no choice but to give you the most spectacular of farewells. Yes, a display of such jubilance my arms may very well fall to pieces.
The Ragnarok is a collaborative effort in every sense.
The culmination of knowledge from the world's greatest minds, both past and present. Without question the greatest ship ever built.
I'll have to remember to thank Tataru for her timely provisions of food and drink. Poor Wedge would've long since given up from exhaustion otherwise.
But now the rest is up to you. Come back safe, all right?
You haven't forgotten anything, have you? No repairs or commissions? A delivery from retainers, perhaps? ...No?
Well! If there's nothing else, have a safe journey!
The world cannot end now, not when we've but scratched the surface of the Loporrits' technological know-how.
So run along now, and do what it is you vaunted heroes do best. The world shall tremble before my genius soon enough, assuming you're able to prevent its destruction, that is.

If you would come this way, I will direct you to the bridge.
Upon boarding the Ragnarok, several cutscenes will play in sequence.
It is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to view these scenes in their entirety.
Are you prepared to board the Ragnarok?
Yes No
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 2: Voiced cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 2: Voiced cutscene end.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 3: Voiced cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 3: Voiced cutscene end.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 4: Voiced cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 4: Voiced cutscene end.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 5: Voiced cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 5: Voiced cutscene end.

Return to Labyrinthos?

Yes No
Our allies in all corners of the world stand at the ready in the event any new threats should arise.
I pray the situation here does not take a turn for the worse, but we will do what we can here. So please─defeat Meteion and return to us safely.
Forename!? What are you doing? Gods, has something happened to the others?
No... No, I'm sure they're all right. When you return to Ultima Thule, tell the others I said to be careful out there.
I did not expect to see you returned so soon. Pray take whatever time you need to see your mission through.
We have been unable to track the Ragnarok after the hyperhopper was engaged, but know that we all are praying for the Scions' safe return.

The Ragnarok is waiting for you in the skies above. Will you be leaving us for Ultima Thule?

Journey to Ultima Thule?

Yes No
It is as Livingway said. I can breathe well enough, but something about this place feels...wrong.
It's so dark. I can barely see anything...
We were clearly no match for Meteion, yet we survived unscathed. But how...?
Didst thou witness what became of Thancred? So quickly was I overcome by Meteion's malevolence that I saw naught of their altercation.
If Meteion should strike again with such overwhelming force, I honestly don't know how we are to oppose her.
There is a dizzying, disorienting feeling about this place. As if I could lose my footing at any moment... We must be careful.
I can't guarantee it will be of help in these strange surrounds, but I've readied a provisions node in case of emergency.
Of course, if you encounter any real danger here, I expect you to return to the Ragnarok at once.
Quest Completed
Don't hesitate to make the most of the provisions node. There's no telling what you might run into out there, or if anything we have to offer might help, but I'd personally rather brave the unknown with a full pack than an empty one.
Being posted here has its advantages─namely, that one overhears all sorts of information. Of course, a lowly official such as myself is in no position to share such gossip, but... In any case, I wish you a safe return.
Greetings, champion of the Scions. I hear you're to journey to the very edge of the heavens...and yet here you are talking to me. I applaud your unyielding inquisitiveness!
The gossip hereabouts says you and yours are headed off on a quest to save the world. I wish there was more I could do, but the best I can offer is a cup of the most delicious coffee you've ever tasted upon your return!
Everyone is speculating about your splendid, reckless plan to save our star. If what I've heard is true─that despair is what transforms people into beasts─then my prayers will be born of hope. I hope, with all my heart, that you succeed.
Word has it that some outside order, these “Scions of the Seventh Dawn,” has embarked on a mission beyond the stars to excise the root cause for our exodus. It baffles me how the Forum could entrust a known group of rabid militants with a matter of such world-spanning import.
What is all this talk about the “end of the heavens”? Are we debating some new astrological theory? No...?
All manner of rumors are flying about today─something about heroes flinging themselves beyond the stars? I'd dearly love to meet one of these “Scions” they're on about.
There's no mention of it in print yet, but word is that Eorzea's champion is leading the charge to the ends of the heavens. I find myself praying for his/her success despite my distaste for his/her methods.
I was able to join my gleaner friend in seeing the Ragnarok off on its journey. Amazing to think that he and his colleagues were involved in its construction...
It seems the materials they gathered from across Eorzea were all placed aboard the Ragnarok. That ark must be quite the vessel to carry such an impressive load!
The journey ahead will doubtless be a dangerous one, but you have nevertheless agreed to venture forth─not out of obligation, but of your own volitions. On behalf of the entire Forum, I offer you our humble thanks.
The Ragnarok's propulsion system employs technology in use at the Confluence, so you can rest assured that this ship will get you safely to your destination.
We Agora merchants were integral to the Ragnarok's launch, you know. We did all we could, and now all we can do is pray.
Welcome to Toffwyb's Tomes! Might I recommend a copy of All Aboard the Ark? It details the construction of the Ragnarok in what may just be the swiftest account of an engineering feat in literary history.
My brother and I spotted a strange, white vessel in the sky, but it was unlike any airship I've ever seen. It must have been that craft we heard about─the one they designed to travel the stars...
With news that the Ragnarok will be venturing to the very heavens, I thought to read up on stars beyond our own, but there is absolutely nothing on the subject. I theorize—what's that? You're not here for my lecture?
O heroes of our star, I wish you safe travels on your journey to the ends of the heavens. Bring this riveting story of ours to its show-stopping conclusion!
I have learned to make pudding! I admit that I struggle to see how this will come in useful when traveling the stars...but I persevere!
You are the well-traveled sort, yes? Do you know aught of that band of heroes called the Scions of the Seventh Dawn? Their journey to the edge of the world is all my colleagues speak of as of late.
But if we're sending them out to the edge of the universe, surely we have a moral obligation to... Hm? Passemerrant and I were discussing the heroes who would save our star. I only wish there was aught we could do besides pray for their success.
You are headed to the edge of the universe with my colleague, yes? Godsspeed up there─our fate is in your hands.
Are you not supposed to be aboard the Ragnarok? I can only hope the faith we put in you was not misguided.
It pains me to say that we were only able to prepare some small few medical supplies for the Ragnarok's maiden voyage. If we had but a little more time, I'm sure we could have made a larger contribution. I must apologize to the brave men and women who suffered for our sluggishness.
I am wrought with worry knowing the young lord and lady have placed their lives on the line in the fight for our star... Please, I beg you: ensure they make it home safely!
Our plans to leave have changed, but the future of the wildlife is in question, nonetheless. What is to become of them─of us─if the star is consumed by calamity?
A great, formless energy threatens our star's very existence... 'Twould seem the end of days is upon us.
But we mustn't give in to despair! The Archeion is brimming with wisdom left to us by generations past─hope for the future. We archivists will do whatever we can to help!
I hear that you have undertaken a duty to avert the Final Days. It will doubtless be a perilous endeavor, but I pray for your safe and successful return.
Of course I've heard the story of your daring plan and impossible success. Thanks to you, we've no need to flee our homes. Please, ask me any questions you may have!
While the exodus has been called off, the threat of the Final Days still looms. All of our work, every experiment, can come to naught without a moment's notice...
I've lived a full life─it's time to place the future in the hands of the young. I hope that you see to it that there's something to give them when this is all over.
The Final Days? How many do you reckon are left? I pray there's enough time for my ham to ripen... I wouldn't want to die before tasting a slice.
I leave my bab...erm, the Ragnarok, in your capable hands! Many of us've poured our hopes, dreams, and very lives into building the ruddy thing... Whatever happens, just make sure you come back to us one in piece, you hear?
I'm still struggling to believe you managed to get so much refined adamantite so easily. Absolutely astounding...
It must not be easy, what with everyone counting on you to save the world. So I'll say only this─thank you for giving us hope.
Forename. Above all else, I pray for your safe return.
O merciful gods, we only just professed our love to one another! It cannot end now...
You're to reach for the stars themselves, I hear. Know that my thoughts and prayers go with you.
Our future now lies in your hands. Be safe, and return triumphant.
I wish you the very best on your journey. We'll all be down here cheering you on.
You're to board the ark and make for the very edge of the heavens, are you? It will doubtless be difficult, but I confess, I'm a touch jealous you get to experience such a thing.
The ark—or should I say, the Ragnarok—is the fruit of our labors, the product of our blood, sweat, and tears. I pray it will not only deliver you to victory, but safely return you to us as well.
It's my job to prepare suitable living conditions on the moon, but I'd rather stay here, if at all possible.
As Master Fourchenault believes in you, so too shall I. You are in my thoughts.
After all that time preparing the ark, they let you lot borrow it for an entirely different purpose? Far be it from me to question the wisdom of the Forum, but it seems bloody daft to me.
If there is anyone who can stave off the coming of the end, it is you. You go with my every confidence.
I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but we've done all we can. The rest is up to you and yours. I suppose I could try praying for your success, though.
What you are trying to accomplish has never been attempted in all of recorded history. And yet, it is the only hope that we have.
So you're the one headed to the end of the heavens, are you? Even if you can't return right away, don't fear: the plants on the Ragnarok should provide enough sustenance to help you stave off hunger.
To traverse the heavens themselves to prevent the end of days... Goodness, the life of an adventurer is a tough one indeed.
I hear you are soon to embark on a journey across the sea of stars, that we do not have to. I must say, I feel a bit guilty for abdicating the responsibility...
This ark was meant to deliver us from the devastation of the Final Days, but now it shall put a stop to them entirely. Truly, this ship is the hope of our star.
The water stored here has been moved to the Ragnarok. We must ensure the ship is equipped with a sustainable environment, after all.
To travel beyond the moon to the dark between stars is a dangerous prospect. Go not unprepared.
We researchers have done everything within our power to prepare the vessel. The Ragnarok, and what it represents, is in your hands now. May your journey be swift and sure!
I'm quite proud of the work we did on the Ragnarok. I've no doubts it can safely ferry you to the ends of the heavens and back again!
The Ragnarok is looking shipshape and ready to set sail across the stars. Safe travels to you!
If I'm to be honest, I never expected the ark─or should I say, the Ragnarok─to be used in my lifetime.
Don't worry about the moon, sir, we'll take care of things here! Just return to us safely, would you?
So, what kind of monsters did you encounter in Ultima Thule? I'd love to hear all about it, perhaps over a bowl of carrot soup!
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The final series of cutscenes lasts approximately 18 minutes.

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