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This guide is almost certainly out of date as it was created for the 1.x release of Final Fantasy XIV. Its recommendations might not apply to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Ok this is a work in progress but since both the wiki and the lodestone are some what lacking in practical advice on macros I thought I'd give it a try. I will update as I learn more =^.^=

Ok first off the basics to get to the macro menu you go into Configuration -> Macros -> Settings

You then have two choices Alt or Ctrl and 50 macros in each section. Once there pick one of the 50 slots and choose not only a name , which will appear on the bar over the icon , but a icon you wish to use.

The slots are numbered 1-10 in 5 banks. when you press alt or ctrl you can use the up or down arrow to scroll and select the 5 banks.

Now the #REDIRECT Macro will tell you what each macro does but I hope to tell you how to use them effectively by combining them to switch disciplines and actions with as few macros as possible.

Here is a example of a low level macro for botanist.

/equip main "Bronze Hatchet"

/equip sub "Bronze Scythe"

/eaction 9

/eaction 8

/eaction 7

/eaction 2 "Arbor Call"

/eaction 3 "Triangulate"

Now at first glance the middle 3 macros may seem to be a waste but since my main dis is conjurer and I have cure stoneskin and shock spikes all but perma slotted I need to clear them out first to make room for my botanist actions. Here is a marauder one.

/equip main "Bronze Axe"

/eaction 9

/eaction 8

/eaction 7

/eaction 2 "Trunk Splitter"

/eaction 3 "Shock Spikes"

/eaction 4 "Cure"

or my conjurer

/equip main "Maple Wand"

/equip sub "Square Maple Shield"

/eaction 2 "Fire"

/eaction 3 "Blizzard"

/eaction 7 "Shock Spikes"

/eaction 8 "Stoneskin"

/eaction 9 "Cure"

Now notice I did not use any lines to clear out anything. That is because if you assign and macro to a slot where one already is it over writes the previous ability. Now as you go up in rank you will need to use more then one macro to equip all you gear and abilities but if you follow the basic guidelines it will be easy =^.^=

Now one thing that noted is that to assign abilities to the second and third banks you would use 11-20 for the second and 21-30 for the third ones.

I'll add more as I explore the macro creation process.

--Aiyana 05:17, 18 November 2010 (UTC)