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Creating a Retainer[edit]

Choose creation process
Choose Race/Gender
Accept appearance, or have them show you another NPC.
Choose a nickname, which is what people will see. Retainer names must be between 3 and 24 characters.
Retainer Option List when not at a stand, but in a ward

Deleting a Retainer[edit]

Market Wards[edit]

  • Leases are good for 24 hours.
  • There is a 5% surcharge for selling items in the wards.
  • You can renew a stand for another 24 hours. The number of times you can renew a lease will change between retail and beta. Caution Icon.png
  • Each lease currently costs 100 gil, no matter how much time is left on your lease.
  • You do not need a stand in order to place your retainer. You can choose to crowd your retainer around the wards for free.
  • You can not sell armor or weapons in a bazaar that are less than mint condition.
  • Items you are seeking to buy, or to get repairs for take up a slot in your limited bazaar space (10 slots).
  • A limit of 10 stands can be leased per ward instance.
  • To leave the wards, go to the center of the instance, open menu, and select teleport, or go to one of the ends and selecting the location option that is not Market Wards.
  • There are many market wards spread out across different districts. For a list of them, see Category:Market Wards.

Creating a Stand[edit]

Choose your stand color!
Choose your stand appearance!

Using your retainer for storage and bazaar[edit]

  • You must first put items into the Retainer's inventory in order for the retainer to sell them.
  • To give your retainer items/currency, you talk to it as you would an NPC, and a special menu comes up since you are it's owner. And you can manage your items from there.
Give your items to your retainer.
Set your prices!

Using your reatainer to purchase or repair items[edit]

You may use your retainer's bazaar to purchase specific items for you, or to seek repairs for them. You can offer items or gil as rewards for item purchases or gear repairs. If you want a retainer to purchase items for you, you must first give them gil or items as rewards.

Retainer options[edit]

Retainer option list (after retainer is deployed)

Stand options[edit]

Retainer option list. When your retainer is manning the stall. To manage the stand, you open up your main menu, and select Stand.
Retainer bazzar list. The one you view when you want to see what items YOUR retainer has in the bazaar.

Where is my retainer?[edit]

Your retainer is in the market ward you left it. You will see a notice to summon your retainer, from which you can manage your retainer options.

For the first time activation of your retainer, go to the ward you want to sell your goods at, and summon your retainer.

If you forgot where you put it, you can select "Retainer" from the menu, and it will show you where the retainer is stationed.

Retainer Instances[edit]



This guide was created using material from EorzeanGladiator's guide in the forums.