NPC Pictures[edit]

name picture location coords Dialogue
Bridges Guard 100px The Bridges 34.0-33.5 They call this place the Bridges. Why, you say? Well, do you see that rock formation above us? What does it look like to you?
Eiwyle Eiwyle.png The Bridges 33.5-34.7 I still haven't quite conquered my fear of heights, but with the current state of affairs, I've no choice but to swallow my fears and do my part to defend my home.
Gunnar Gunnar.png The Bridges 33.3-34.8 Every time I feel my spirits sagging, I do a hundred push-ups and imagine myself punching sin eaters clear out of the sky. You'd better believe that gets the blood pumping in a hurry!
Mord Merchant Mord Merchant.png The Bridges 33.3-33.2 Hm? You are the one from Rhon Ron's shop, yes? Yes, yes, you are! If you come for more smooth and shiny pots, I am afraid you come at the wrong time. No, no, I have none today.
name picture location coords Dialogue
Nanard Nanard.png The Bridges 33.6-25.1
Philard Philard.png The Bridges 31.5-34.4 Though we survived the battle, our supply shortage has reached a critical level. I have put in an order to the Crystarium, but with all of our outposts reeling, I fear that there is not much they will be able to do for us...
Shira-Kee Shira-Kee.png The Bridges 33.6-25.1 We escaped serious casualties in the sin eater onslaught, and suffer only from a shortage of supplies. From what I hear, the other outposts were not nearly so lucky.
Thancred Thancred.png The Waking Sands 6-5 "I happen to be thoroughly enjoying the company of these ravishing young ladies and, gods willing, will still be doing so come sunrise."