NPC Pictures[edit]

name picture location coords Dialogue
Alphinaud Alphinaud.png Whitebrim Front 12-16 "Whenever the realm is threatened, be it by primal, Ascian, Garlean or any other, we take up arms in her defense, that all in Eorzea may live to see a brighter tomorrow."
Amshs Aath Amshs Aath.png The Ondo Cups 32.3-17.1 Such a rare and wonderful pleasure it is to receive a finless one. I do so hope you enjoy your time in the Cupsss.
Deushs Aath Deushs Aath.png The Ondo Cups 31.8-17.8 How find you the Cupsss, finless one? If it is to your liking, I pray you ssstay as long as you like. The koal will learn much from ssspending time with you.
Distressed Ondo Distressed Ondo.png The Ondo Cups 31.8-16.0
Gholshs Aath Gholshs Aath.png The Ondo Cups 32.3-16.0 Greetings, honored guessst. How may I be of ssservice?
Goushs Ooan Goushs Ooan.png The Ondo Cups 33.2-18.0 You'll doubtless be disappointed by the paltry selection I have to offer at the moment. But I'm ssstuck here whether or not either of us like it, so you may as well have a look.
Insatiably Curious Ondo Insatiably Curious Ondo.png The Ondo Cups 34.2-17.2 Finless one, finless one! You are the one who is teaching Ondo how your kind ssspeaks without words, yes? Tell me then: how would you express delight at another's sssurprisingly amusing antics?
Kewshs Ooan Kewshs Ooan.png The Ondo Cups 34.6-17.3 How fortunate you finless ones are, to be able to live ssso easily in waterless climes. I cannot help but be enviousss.
Mender (The Ondo Cups) Mender (The Ondo Cups).png The Ondo Cups 31.9-17.3
Nakshs Koal Nakshs Koal.png The Ondo Cups 34.1-18.0 Never did I realize how much we relied upon the water until it was gone. No wonder you finless ones build your homes sssmall and flat.
Naroshs Koal Naroshs Koal.png The Ondo Cups 32.1-16.6
Naroshs Ooan 100px The Ondo Cups 33.4-18.1
Nemshs Ooan Nemshs Ooan.png The Ondo Cups 34.4-16.8 We would be grateful for any knowledge of hunting you can shhhare. Perhaps the others have told you already, but we are unaccussstomed to dissspatching prey on dry land.
Ondo Culinarian Ondo Culinarian.png The Ondo Cups 34.2-17.6
name picture location coords Dialogue
Ondo Elder Ondo Elder.png The Ondo Cups 32.0-16.1- -2.0 A suspicious outsider? Nay, I have seen none─other than you, of course, heh heh. But if he has not somehow eluded the gate guards, then the only other explanation is that he has gone to ground in the caverns below. Mayhap you should ssspeak with the youngling guard stationed near the entrance.
Ondo Guide 100px The Ondo Cups 31.7-16.1- -2.0
Ondo Leatherworker Ondo Leatherworker.png The Ondo Cups 32.6-16.5
Ondo Visionary Ondo Visionary.png The Ondo Cups 32.8-18.8
Ondo Youth Ondo Youth.png The Norvrandt Slope 31.0-14.6 ...The finless ones! They followed me!
Paushs Ooan Paushs Ooan.png The Ondo Cups 32.8-16.8 Why have you come, land-dweller...?
Pegshs Ooan Pegshs Ooan.png The Ondo Cups 32.4-18.0 The others may claim the withdrawing of the waters changes everything, but I do not think so. For generations have we guarded these ruins we call home, and we shall continue to do so for generations to come.
Pulshs Ooan Pulshs Ooan.png The Ondo Cups 31.6-16.3 Feeding our people is more of a challenge these days. With every catch there are fewer fish, and so we must consssider alternatives.

But one thing we will never consider is leaving this place. It is our sssole refuge from the killing Light in the depths.

Saushs Koal Saushs Koal.png The Ondo Cups 31.4-17.3 One teetsh, two teetsh...many teetsh! How come finlessh ones have so many teetsh? More than you need, yeshhh!? Ssspare some teetsh for me...
Sorashs Koal Sorashs Koal.png The Ondo Cups 34.7-17.9 Never did I realize how much we relied upon the water until it was gone. No wonder you finless ones build your homes sssmall and flat.
Tolshs Aath Tolshs Aath.png The Ondo Cups 33.6-17.5 Finless
Veteran Gateguard Veteran Gateguard.png The Ondo Cups 32.8-19.6- -1.8 There is an elder who prides himself on knowing every sssoul here. If there is a new arrival here, he will have noted their passing.
Xeroshs Ooan Xeroshs Ooan.png The Ondo Cups 33.5-18.1
Y'shtola Y'shtola.png Seasong Grotto 20-18 "Without the illumination of knowledge, we but vainly flail as specters in the dark."