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The Syrcus Trench Tataru is itching to share what appears to be good news. *Tataru excitedly shares the latest development in the hunt for the beacon. Apparently, your colleagues have discovered a pathway leading to the bottom of the ravine in which the Crystal Tower stands, rendering its base accessible. Despite narrowing down the search area, however, it seems there is still a lot of ground to cover. According to Tataru, a boat waits on the northern edge of Silvertear Lake, ready to ferry helping hands over to the newly established survey site.
  • You cross over to the eastern shore, and enter the expansive hollow at the foot of the Crystal Tower. Tataru stands nearby, eager to make a start.
  • Though you have only the vaguest idea what it is that you are looking for, you join the search...
  • Having stumbled rather fortuitously on what turns out to be the beacon, you are subject to yet another visitation by the mysterious voice. This time, however, it rings triumphantly clear. Moments later, you find yourself transported to a distant and unfamiliar land. Could this truly be another world? Lost and confused, you happen upon a traveling peddler who sets you on the road to a city he calls the “Crystarium.”

※In the event that you leave the area and wish to return, speak with the Ironworks technologist at the foot of the Crystal Tower.

  • As you approach the Crystarium, you come to what appears to be a fortified checkpoint. The guard stationed there duly interrogates you, and seems unimpressed by your responses. Even the brief intervention of a monstrous assailant cannot dissuade her from turning you away, but just as she moves to do so, she is interrupted by the arrival of a hooded man who smoothly declares you to be his guest. With affected ease, he bids you follow him into the city...quietly promising to answer your questions when you have some privacy.
  • You follow the Crystal Exarch towards the main gates of the Crystarium, before which he pauses, and turns with an expectant air.
  • The Exarch welcomes you to the Crystarium, and by extension, to the world of the First. You can only guess what fateful adventures await you upon this Light-beleaguered star...
Loremonger:The Syrcus Trench 5001
City of the First The Crystal Exarch has a request for you. Loremonger:City of the First 5011
Travelers of Norvrandt The Crystal Exarch is finally ready to discuss the matter of your comrades' whereabouts. Loremonger:Travelers of Norvrandt 5012
In Search of Alisaie The Crystal Exarch is eager for you to meet with Alisaie. *In order to facilitate your reunion with Alisaie─and hopefully soothe any lingering anger from her ill-timed summoning─the Exarch offers to arrange transportation for the journey to Amh Araeng. He hands you a letter of introduction, and sends you to the Amaro Launch to find a man named Cassard.
  • After reading the Exarch's missive, the merchant seems more than happy to act as your guide. You have only to give the signal to begin your trek into the desert.
  • You indicate your readiness to depart, and Cassard ushers you onto the back of one of the waiting amaro.

※From this point onwards, you may secure passage to the lands of Amh Araeng with a word to the adroit amaro tamer.

  • You have arrived in Amh Araeng. Cassard awaits to escort you deeper into the desert.
  • The merchant bids you follow him to the southwest, and you duly set off into the sands, doing your best not to get left behind.
  • A short while later, Cassard signals for a brief stop, apparently unwilling to cross the bridge before you've properly appreciated the majesty of the scene you're leaving behind.
  • You dutifully admire the imposing edifice of Qasr Sharl until your guide deems your eyes to have feasted enough─whereupon he prods you to press on with your journey.
  • Upon arriving in Mord Souq, Cassard welcomes you with obvious enthusiasm, declaring his love for the place in the same breath. Judging by the grin on the merchant's face, your visit here promises to be an interesting one...
Loremonger:In Search of Alisaie 5013
In Search of Alphinaud The Crystal Exarch is eager for you to meet with Alphinaud. *In order to facilitate your reunion with Alphinaud, the Exarch offers to arrange transportation for the journey to Kholusia. He hands you a folded letter, and asks that you present it to Szem Djenmai, the Master of Beasts at Temenos Rookery.
  • After perusing your letter of introduction, Szem Djenmai not only agrees to provide you with an amaro, but also insists upon accompanying you on the first leg of your trip. He bids you gather your gear and head to the Amaro Launch, where one of the younger tamers will attend to you while Szem is saddling the mounts.
  • Despite obvious doubts as to your skill as a rider, the young tamer nevertheless trusts in Master Djenmai's decision to grant you the use of his amaro. Your journey to Kholusia has begun.
  • After a blissfully uneventful flight, you alight upon the island. Szem waits patiently nearby as you find your land legs.
  • According to your guide, it is not the wildlife of Kholusia that should concern you, but its people. Once satisfied that you have heeded his warning regarding the Eulmorans, the Zun promises to tell you something that will aid you in your search for Alphinaud...
Loremonger:In Search of Alphinaud 5013
City of the Mord Cassard stands at the entrance to Mord Souq, an eager smile on his face. Loremonger:City of the Mord 5014
A Still Tide Whatever Szem Djenmai has to tell you, he plainly deems it worthy of your undivided attention. Loremonger:A Still Tide 5014
Working Off the Meal Cassard is impressed by your gastronomic fortitude. Loremonger:Working Off the Meal 5015
Open Arms, Closed Gate Alphinaud is ready to take to the road once more. Loremonger:Open Arms, Closed Gate 5015
A Desert Crossing Tesleen is eager to set off. Loremonger:A Desert Crossing 5016
A Fickle Existence Alphinaud wears a look of profound disapproval. Loremonger:A Fickle Existence 5016
City of Final Pleasures Alphinaud weighs the brush you received from Tristol, deep in thought. *With Tristol's brush in hand, Alphinaud lays out his plan to gain entry to Eulmore: he will pose as a painter, and you will play the role of his faithful assistant. Thus resolved, you depart for Gatetown, hoping that the manic jesters will soon return in search of a replacement artist...
  • After a short wait, your patience is rewarded. As predicted, the jongleurs emerge to recruit a new artist, and Alphinaud's act proves sufficiently convincing to earn you both an invitation into Eulmore.
  • As nonchalantly as you can, you pass through the gates, and take in the sights and sounds of the city. The red-garbed jester stands near the entrance, waiting to provide you with further instructions.
  • You listen carefully as your smirking guide explains the process by which Eulmoran citizenship is obtained. It seems your first step is to present yourself to the clerk at the Bureau of Immigration.
  • After describing the basics of Eulmoran society and your place within it, the immigration officer hands you a set of registration papers. You are to deliver them to the neighboring Bureau of Registration, where your status as citizens will be officially approved.
  • The registration officer soon approves your papers, but takes offense at your bodily odor. You are duly supplied with a bottle of perfume, and ushered next door to the Delousery, where you are expected to make thorough use of the bathing facilities.
  • You emerge from the shower, clean and refreshed. According to the clerk's instructions, you are now required to apply liberal quantities of the sweet-smelling perfume previously provided...
  • You dutifully splash yourself with the liquid, and the delicate scent of roses fills your nostrils. Lovely. As for Alphinaud, it appears he has yet to enter the Delousery...
  • After some encouragement, Alphinaud overcomes his bashfulness and plunges into the showers for a quick wash, emerging a short while later in a cloud of perfume. Now that you both smell as if you've wrestled in a flower bed instead of a drainage ditch, you are free to trouble Cornenne for directions to the Chai residence.
  • Cornenne gives you an overview of the city's layout and tells you where to find your new patrons. It seems your path leads up the steps to the Canopy, and thence into the Grand Dame's Parlor.
  • Despite some initial suspicion on Chai-Nuzz's part, you─and especially Alphinaud─appear to have made a favorable impression on the effusive Dulia-Chai, cementing your place in the city. At last, Eulmore's mysteries are yours to explore...
Loremonger:City of Final Pleasures 5017
Following in Her Footprints Tesleen casts her gaze around the Inn, hoping to spot Alisaie. *Seeing no sign of Alisaie inside the Inn, Tesleen suggests you venture out to the watchtower, where your mutual friend usually begins her patrol.
  • Though Alisaie is nowhere to be seen, you do find some familiar footprints. If you follow them, you may yet catch up with her...
  • The tracks head northwest, and so you must do the same.
  • More footprints lead off into the distance, drawing you ever further northwest...
  • Just as you are beginning to wonder how far this “patrol route” will take you from the Inn, the tracks curve around to the west.
  • Without warning, the trail comes to an abrupt stop, leaving you at a loss as to how to proceed. As you attempt to divine what could have happened, you witness Alisaie leaping off a nearby building in pursuit of a fleeing sin eater. You approach as she finishes off her prey, and your long-awaited reunion quickly becomes an eager exchange of news.
  • Alisaie paints a grim picture of Amh Araeng and the threat posed by the sin eaters. It seems that she intends for you to learn about the situation at the edge of the world firsthand...
Loremonger:Following in Her Footprints 5017
Culling Their Ranks Alisaie would have you help her finish her patrol. Loremonger:Culling Their Ranks 5018
Free to Sightsee Alphinaud would send you into the city to explore. Loremonger:Free to Sightsee 5018
A Purchase of Fruit Tesleen has the air of a woman being pulled in ten directions at once. Loremonger:A Purchase of Fruit 5019
A Taste of Honey The amiable maiden appears suddenly concerned. Loremonger:A Taste of Honey 5019
The Time Left to Us Tesleen makes an effort to smile brightly. *Determined not to inflict her own feelings of gloom on the patients, Tesleen suggests a meal to lighten the mood. You are duly treated to a delicious stew, which does much to restore your spirits. Even as you consider a second helping, however, a frantic carer rushes up to report that Halric has gone missing...
  • Time being of the essence, Alisaie suggests assigning search areas, and Tesleen claims the territory to the east. Alisaie herself volunteers to take the north and the west, leaving you to scour everything to the south.
  • You find no sign of the missing Halric. There are, however, still plenty of other places to the south of the Inn where a young boy might wander unseen...
  • As you scan your surroundings in search of Halric, you stray into the path of a ravenous sin eater. But the predator is soon made to regret its choice of prey, and you resume seeking the Inn's wayward patient.
  • A short while later, you stumble into a breathless Alisaie, whose own search has proven similarly fruitless. As you wonder where to look next, a large sin eater flies overhead, and you decide to give chase in the hope that the creature might lead you to your indeed it does. Alas, you arrive too late to prevent Tesleen from sacrificing herself to save the boy, and so bear witness to her horrifying transformation. The road back to the Inn is a somber one indeed...
  • With Alisaie still reeling from the loss of her friend, it falls to you to console the Inn's surviving carers.
  • Tesleen's colleagues are understandably devastated by the news of her fate, but they seem comforted by your stoic presence nonetheless. This does little to assuage your guilt at failing to prevent the atrocity, however. You wonder what Halric must be feeling beneath that silent mask...
  • As before, your attempts to engage the boy are met with a blank stare and nothing more. This sudden tragedy has cast a pall of hopelessness over the Inn and its residents─everywhere you turn, you see faces etched with grief and sadness.
Loremonger:The Time Left to Us 5020
A Blessed Instrument Alphinaud draws you close with a whisper. Loremonger:A Blessed Instrument 5020
Emergent Splendor Alphinaud seems eager to discuss the significance of your discoveries. *Alphinaud's contemplation of your findings is interrupted by an angry Chai-Nuzz, whose admonishing words are cut short in turn by a sudden scream from above. The jongleurs duly appear to explain matters, declaring that a “villain” is to be sentenced by Lord Vauthry, and that everyone is invited to attend the event. Your patrons give you leave to witness the proceedings, directing you to a lift which should convey you to the Offer.
  • You ascend to the Offer, and are shocked to find Kai-Shirr lying bleeding in the middle of the floor. Aghast at the youth's barbaric punishment, Alphinaud confronts Lord Vauthry, sending him into a fit of rage. Your welcome thus outstayed, you take to your heels with Kai-Shirr in tow, and depart for the relative safety of the Derelicts.
  • Still fuming at Lord Vauthry's cruelty, Alphinaud says his farewells to Kai-Shirr and the Chais. He promises to return, but for now, it is time to find an amaro and leave Kholusia behind.
  • You reach the beach where the amaro have been patiently waiting to bear you back to the Crystarium. Alphinaud declares that it is time to speak with the Exarch, that you might chart a new course.
  • From what you have learned of Lord Vauthry and his subjects, it is plain that the city will not assist in your efforts to battle the sin eaters. In fact, any organized aggression towards the abominations is like to earn you Eulmore's enmity...
Loremonger:Emergent Splendor 5021
Tears on the Sand Alisaie is lost in grief. Loremonger:Tears on the Sand 5021
The Lightwardens The Crystal Exarch welcomes you back to the Crystarium. *Having listened intently to your experiences with the Leveilleur twins, the Exarch reveals the existence of powerful beings known as Lightwardens, whose destruction he believes is necessary to save the First and avert the Eighth Umbral Calamity. Soon after, your discussion is interrupted by a breathless Captain Lyna, who reports that a nearby town─Holminster Switch─has come under attack by a swarm of sin eaters. The Exarch quickly issues commands, and requests that you assist in the settlement's defense.
  • After you agree to lend your aid, the Exarch urges you to make swift preparations, and meet him at the crossroads north of the Accensor Gate.
  • You rendezvous with the Exarch outside the Crystarium, and he gives you directions to the Northern Staging Point. Time is of the essence.
  • You arrive at the woods on the outskirts of town, where Captain Lyna briefs you on the situation. Considering the number of sin eaters involved, it seems likely that a Lightwarden leads the attack. Make preparations to enter Holminster Switch and slay the abomination!
※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for this duty.
※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • You battle your way through the besieged town and put down the Lightwarden raging at its center. At this, the remaining eaters scatter to the winds, leaving you free to withdraw to the Northern Staging Point.
  • The Exarch stands firm as the defeated Warden dissolves into aether, his gaze fixed upon you as you absorb the energy it releases without apparent ill effect. Moments later, the blazing sky dims, night descends, and the Crystarium's exultant steward praises you to the now-starry heavens.
  • Returned to the staging point with the remaining villagers, you have a moment to appreciate the sight of Lakeland beneath a night sky. The Exarch once more exults in your victory, but it seems that you have won only the first battle of many in the war against the sin eaters.
Loremonger:The Lightwardens 5022
Warrior of Darkness The Exarch is looking ahead to the immediate future. Loremonger:Warrior of Darkness 5023
An Unwelcome Guest The manager of suites is wearing a grave expression. *In worried tones, the manager of suites informs you that Eulmore has dispatched its military to Lakeland, and that the Exarch has yet to decide how to respond. It sounds as if you may be needed in the Ocular.
  • Angered by the death of a Lightwarden, Eulmore has sent the commander of its army, the formidable General Ran'jit, to demand answers of the Exarch. As you observe their frosty meeting in secret, Ran'jit threatens retribution upon both the villains responsible and their abettors, but the Exarch is uncowed. After the old soldier departs, it transpires that a woman believed to be Minfilia, the Oracle of Light, has been taken prisoner by the Eulmorans. While the Exarch makes provisions for war, he bids you seek out Moren at the Cabinet of Curiosity to learn about Minfilia, who does not appear to be quite the person you once knew.
  • You ask Moren to enlighten you on the subject of Minfilia, and the librarian is eager to oblige. By way of a teaching aid, he sends you to fetch a book entitled The Illustrated Tale of the Oracle of Light.
  • Scouring the shelves of the Cabinet, you finally manage to locate the volume in question and bear it back to Moren.
  • Book in hand, Moren tells you the history of the Oracle of Light. It appears that, after a mysterious maiden named Minfilia halted the Flood a century ago, a succession of young girls emerged who bore a striking resemblance to her, each of whom was immune to the sin eaters' blighted touch. Believed to be reincarnations of the original Minfilia, they came to be called by her name, and brought their powers to bear against the sin eaters as soldiers of the Eulmoran Army. This continued for generations, until the Eulmorans chose to join hands with the enemy, after which they hunted down and imprisoned the current Minfilia, deeming her a threat to the peace. Though she was subsequently rescued by an unnamed hero, it would seem she has fallen into Eulmoran hands once more...

Seeing you labor to make sense of these dizzying revelations, Alphinaud invites you to step outside for a brief discussion.

  • Alphinaud confirms your suspicion that Minfilia's gallant savior was none other than Thancred. Anticipating that he will attempt to liberate her again─no doubt at great personal risk─you decide to spare him the trouble. At that moment, the Exarch makes an unannounced appearance, however, and after confirming that Minfilia is indeed being held at Laxan Loft, he asks that you allow the people of the Crystarium to lead any rescue effort.
Loremonger:An Unwelcome Guest 5024
The Crystarium's Resolve The Exarch is eager to delve into the details of his proposal. Loremonger:The Crystarium's Resolve 5025
Logistics of War Szem Djenmai has a task for you should you be willing. Loremonger:Logistics of War 5026
The Oracle of Light With the operation fast approaching, Lyna means to put you to work. *For the operation, it appears that the amaro must be given the selfsame serum that you were compelled to take. In order to encourage the beasts to cooperate, the foul concoction has been sprinkled on their fodder. All that remains is to see them fed. Lyna bids you assist in this task, and directs you to fetch the fodder from the amaro launch.
  • You have obtained the fodder. Time to see if the amaro will be fooled.
  • Though some amaro are plainly unimpressed by the taste, they all devour the fodder. Lyna will be eager for your report.
  • The preparations for the operation proceed apace, and Lyna instructs you to make ready and await deployment at the top of the main watchtower.
  • The operation has begun. From your vantage point overlooking Laxan Loft, you watch as the dream powder takes effect on the Eulmoran soldiers below. At Lyna's command, you mount your amaro and descend on the stronghold to rescue Minfilia.
  • You make your way through Laxan Loft and succeed in finding Minfilia, only to find your path barred by General Ran'jit, who effortlessly overpowers you. Just when it seems twisted Eulmoran justice is to be your fate, help arrives in the form of Thancred. Though he too is no match for your foe, he does enough to create an opening for you to flee, and leads you away to the neighboring region of Il Mheg, where you should be safe from pursuit. However, a new predicament soon presents itself, as mischievous voices ring out everywhere and nowhere, and some manner of enchantment takes the party in its grip.

※If you leave Il Mheg, you may re-enter via the gate on Lakeland's northwestern border.

  • In vexed tones, Thancred explains that Il Mheg is the home of the fae folk, the most prominent of whom are the pixies. These mischievous souls employ powerful illusions to play tricks on trespassers, and you are now completely at their mercy...
Loremonger:The Oracle of Light 5027
Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom Thancred is trying to think his way out of the present predicament. *From what little he is able to make of the mischievous voices, Thancred believes that the pixies wish to play with you. He reasons that they may therefore allow you to find their village, Lydha Lran─if nowhere else. At his suggestion, the party continues along the path.
  • You soon arrive at the pixie settlement, but see no sign of its residents. Convinced this means their games have already begun, Thancred suggests that you search for a plant with a furled tip called a looking grass which should allow you to see them. Before you set about your task, you are warned not to respond to any voices that call to you, lest you fall prey to further mischief.
  • You succeed in finding the looking grass, but not wholly unscathed. You hurry back to Thancred that he might put an end to the pixies' games.
  • Thancred puts the looking grass to use, and moments later the pixies pop into being all around you. Unfortunately, they prove disinclined to let you continue on your way, and after a moment's discussion declare that you must lend them a helping hand. Heaving a heavy sigh, Thancred suggests splitting up to tend to the pixies' chores.
Loremonger:Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom 5028
Sul Uin's Request Sul Uin aches for your attention. Loremonger:Sul Uin's Request 5029
Ys Iala’s Errand Ys Iala hungers for your assistance. Loremonger:Ys Iala’s Errand 5030
Oul Sigun’s Plea Oul Sigun thirsts for your kindness. Loremonger:Oul Sigun’s Plea 5031
Unto the Truth Thancred looks just like you feel. *After being subjected to a host of menial tasks and pranks, you and your comrades conclude that the pixies will never be satisfied and let you leave. While discussing your options, you remember a useful detail: you have a pact with a pixie. At Thancred's urging, you decide to turn to Feo Ul for help. With the chat mode in Say, attempt to summon your pixie friend by calling “Feo Ul” out loud.
  • Though Feo Ul hears your call, the pixie is in a black mood having been neglected for so long. Some groveling may be in order. With the chat mode in Say, attempt to placate your pact-mate by saying, “Please, Feo Ul, I need you.”
  • Feo Ul is not satisfied with your entreaty and compares you unfavorably to a sodden log. It seems you will have to try harder to quell the pixie's displeasure. With the chat mode in Say, attempt to regain Feo Ul's favor by saying, “O loveliest of branches, please grant me your succor!”
  • The third time's the charm. You succeed in winning over Feo Ul, who promptly coerces the other pixies into letting you go. With the illusion lifted and the way revealed, Thancred is eager to continue on to Urianger's abode.
  • Thancred informs you that Urianger has taken up residence in the abandoned manor of a nobleman and scholar: a place known as the Bookman's Shelves. He and Minfilia duly set off north along the path, as must you.
  • Stepping inside the manor, you enjoy a warm reunion with your old friend Urianger. After listening intently to your account of recent events, the Archon proceeds to share the unsettling vision he witnessed as he drifted across the rift. In his sprawling tale, he explains how the surge of light in the First will amplify the potency of the alchemical weapon Black Rose, thereby giving rise to the Eighth Umbral Calamity in the Source. Though the science behind the connection is somewhat complicated, its implications for you are simple: to forestall tragedy in both worlds, you must eliminate all of the Lightwardens. The being you have come to vanquish in Il Mheg is apparently ensconced within Lyhe Ghiah, the castle which rises from the lake. Though gaining entry will require that you turn to the pixies for aid, Urianger assures you that he has become adept at courting their cooperation. After your recent travails with the fae folk, you can only hope his confidence is well-founded...
Loremonger:Unto the Truth 5032
Courting Cooperation Urianger fixes you with his gaze. Loremonger:Courting Cooperation 5033
The Key to the Castle Sul Uin regards you with a munificent expression. *You speak unto Sul Uin your desire: entry to Lyhe Ghiah, that you might vanquish the Lightwarden of the land. Only then do you learn that your quarry is in fact the king and ruler of the faeries, Titania, who defeated a Lightwarden that had threatened Il Mheg, only to be corrupted by the aether that was subsequently released. Though the pixies are convinced that you will perish in the attempt, they readily agree to cooperate─if for no other reason than that it would prove interesting to watch. They duly bestow upon you a white dress, one of four relics required to lift the seal over the castle. If you are to obtain the first of the three remaining items, you will need to set forth for the Untouchable Gate by the lake to request an audience with the slippery Fuath.
  • Standing before the Untouchable Gate, you call out to the Fuath, but there is no reply. While the party considers other ways to reach out to the creatures, the watery voice of a Fuath rings out. It agrees to give you the shell crown relic, but in exchange you must brave the dangers of their domain, Dohn Mheg, in a show of “thrilling sport.” With no other recourse, you make ready to sally forth into unknown waters.
※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for the duty.
※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • You fight your way through the Fuath's domain, providing them the sport they desired and earning the shell crown for your trouble.
  • Before you can depart with your prize, the Fuath live up to their reputation by attempting to claim you for their own, and you are swallowed up by a mighty wave, everything turning black. Fortunately, your ability to breathe underwater saves you, and you awaken in the depths of the lake with Ardbert yelling in your ear. At his urging, you set out to rejoin the others back on dry land.
  • Your comrades are relieved to see you none the worse for your soaking, and Alisaie presents you with the shell crown by way of reward for your doggedness. At that moment, Sul Uin flutters in with word that armed men are drawing close to Il Mheg─the Eulmoran Army in all likelihood. While the twins return to Lydha Lran with the pixie to assess the situation, you and the others agree to continue your quest to collect the remaining relics.
Loremonger:The Key to the Castle 5034
A Visit to the Nu Mou Urianger is eager to press on with the hunt for the fae relics. Loremonger:A Visit to the Nu Mou 5035
A Fitting Payment Wyd Aenc sniffs at you expectantly. Loremonger:A Fitting Payment 5036
Spore Sweeper Ys Gyuf's eyes light up at the sight of you. Loremonger:Spore Sweeper 5037
The Lawless Ones Wyd Lad's ears appear droopy even by Nu Mou standards. Loremonger:The Lawless Ones 5038
The Elder's Answer Wyd Lad looks a satisfied Nu Mou. *Wyd Lad informs you that Elder Wyd Aenc has returned from deliberations and likely has tidings for you. You make your way to the inner cookfire of Pla Enni, where the elder awaits.
  • Having thanked you for your patronage, Wyd Aenc gives you your answer regarding the stone scepter. Acknowledging that they do not have the power to deal with their fallen monarch, the Nu Mou have decided to entrust the relic to you. Now only the crystal shoes, held in the amaro's safekeeping, remain to be collected. Without further ado, you set out for Wolekdorf to meet with the leader of the amaro, a hulking creature named Seto.
  • Though Seto receives you warmly, he believes that facing the faerie king is folly, and refuses to give you the crystal shoes. In order to find a way to change Seto's mind, Urianger believes it would behoove you to understand the nature of the amaro of Il Mheg. To that end, he bids you acquaint yourself with the creatures, and recommends giving them a gentle pat by way of a greeting. Scanning the area, your eyes settle on an amaro named Rispa.
  • Receiving your affectionate gesture with delight, Rispa reminisces about his departed master, a knight of the Kingdom of Voeburt. You learn that the amaro has chosen to remain in Il Mheg, where the kingdom once stood, out of respect for the man's memory. You spare a moment to admire the strength of their bond, then turn your attention to a creature named Eo An.
  • While not exactly thrilled by your patting, Eo An clarifies that she does not dislike men; on the contrary, amaro were bred to be fond of them. In the beginning, the creatures were mindless beasts, but a mage of Ronka bestowed upon them the gift of intelligence. When the empire fell, those with the gift eventually died out, but some few are still born with the seed of intelligence even now. As you mull over the tale, an amaro named Nimbus catches your eye.
  • Rather heartwarmingly, Nimbus is overjoyed by your attention. He goes on to explain that he and his fellows have been starved of the company of men ever since they settled in Il Mheg. Confident that you now understand the creatures, you bend your steps back to Urianger.
  • Urianger affirms your findings that the amaro of Il Mheg bear an intense and abiding love for men, and concludes that it is out of genuine concern for your welfare that Seto sought to prevent your confrontation with the faerie king. Yet confront the faerie king you must, and to that end you must find a way to win the creature's cooperation.
Loremonger:The Elder's Answer 5039
A Resounding Roar Urianger's brow is furrowed in thought. Loremonger:A Resounding Roar 5040
Memento of a Friend Seto would make a personal request of you. Loremonger:Memento of a Friend 5041
Acht-la Ormh Inn Seto would wish you well on your way. *With the Eulmoran Army fast approaching, there isn't a moment to waste. Having furnished you with the crystal shoes, Seto wishes you well on your mission, and you depart at once for Lyhe Ghiah, where the Lightwarden awaits...
  • At the arrival of the bearer of all four relics, the seal protecting the castle is broken. All that remains is to venture inside and confront the light-corrupted king of the faeries, Titania.
The Dancing Plague can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • At the end of a frenzied struggle, you emerge victorious over the Lightwarden, thereby restoring night to Il Mheg.
  • Joining you inside Lyhe Ghiah, Feo Ul declares that, by the laws of Il Mheg, you should rightly take your defeated foe's place as king. Before you can ponder a life spent frolicking with the faeries, however, your beautiful branch shoulders this burden in your stead. Thus empowered, the pixie leads an army to Lydha Lran and repels the invading Eulmoran forces. Though your struggles are far from over, the day─or rather, the night─is yours.
  • Beneath a benevolent blanket of stars, Urianger congratulates you on your victory. With the Lightwarden's defeat, you are one step closer to accomplishing your goal, and under their new ruler, it is not impossible that the faeries may one day prove useful allies...assuming, of course, they feel like it.
Loremonger:Acht-la Ormh Inn 5042
The Wheel Turns Thancred wishes to have a word with the hero of the hour. Loremonger:The Wheel Turns 5043
A Party Soon Divided The manager of suites is in a cheerful mood. *In his usual, jovial tone, the manager of suites informs you the Scions and the Crystal Exarch are waiting for you in the Ocular.
  • The tension in the room is palpable as you enter the Ocular, and it immediately becomes clear why when you see an unexpected face in the room─Emet-Selch. He continues to cling to the claim that he comes only to observe your efforts in defeating the Lightwardens, once more offering his hand in partnership. Seeing the Scion's icy─yet entirely expected─response, he takes his leave. Ascian schemes aside, the Scions decide it best to split up to search for the remaining Lightwardens of Norvrandt. You, along with Thancred, Minfilia, and Urianger, have been tasked with seeking out Y'shtola in the Rak'tika Greatwood.
  • Before you set off, the Crystal Exarch makes a request. On the way to the Rak'tika Greatwood, he asks that you stop at Fort Jobb and search for a particular tablet in the ruins. It is a holy text he believes may be of interest to Y'shtola, who presently resides with worshipers of the Dark─the Night's Blessed.
  • A short journey north from the Crystarium takes you to Fort Jobb. Urianger hopes to keep the search brief, that you might begin your journey to find Y'shtola and slay the Lightwarden in earnest.
Loremonger:A Party Soon Divided 5044
A Little Faith Urianger appears lost in thought. Loremonger:A Little Faith 5045
Into the Dark Urianger is ready to leave, but not before first offering a piece of advice. *Before you set forth to meet with Y'shtola, Urianger treats you to a brief lesson on the Night's Blessed in which he reveals that it is their custom to adopt the names of their forebears. They do this, he explains, in the belief that it will protect their true selves from the blighted touch of the Light. In accordance with this practice, Y'shtola has adopted the name of her mentor, Master Matoya─a fact which you must keep in mind if you are to avoid causing offense. Thus forewarned, you make at last for the border of the Rak'tika Greatwood.
  • You but mention the Crystal Exarch and the guard standing watch at the gate readily grants you passage into the forest.
  • As Urianger guides you through the woods, Emet-Selch makes yet another unsolicited appearance, this time waxing lyrical about days long past. As Thancred fumes at the intrusion, Minfilia challenges the Ascian to make himself useful, only for him to flatly refuse, resolved to remain a mere observer.
  • With Emet-Selch's stroll down memory lane ended, Urianger apprises you of the struggles of the Night's Blessed to survive in Rak'tika, citing a deadly assault on their home─Fort Gohn─two years past. Since Y'shtola's arrival, she has assumed a commanding role among their people, and has helped them begin to rebuild. Assuming the restoration work is ongoing, he believes that is where you are most likely to find her.
  • Urianger is surprised to see the fort deserted, with little progress having been made in the rebuilding effort. He is in the process of suggesting that you look elsewhere when you are suddenly surrounded by what you can only assume to be the Night's Blessed. Inexplicably, they accuse you of being sin eaters, and prepare to attack. It is not until Y'shtola arrives that you discern the source of the misunderstanding. The abundance of Light that suffuses your being has made you a stranger to her. Undaunted, Urianger steps in to vouch for your identity, and she immediately commands the Night's Blessed to lower their arms. Acknowledging you at last, she apologizes for the hostile reception, promising to give you a proper introduction to the people of Rak'tika.
  • Y'shtola bids you travel northeast, through what remains of the gate to Fort Gohn, and follow the path to the settlement of the Night's Blessed.
  • At your approach, you see Y'shtola's expression soften, and she invites you into what at first glance appears to be a cave, but is, in actuality, the entrance to Slitherbough, home of the Night's Blessed.
  • After a cursory examination of the stone tablet you recovered from the church, Y'shtola admits that the relic may prove useful. It will, however, take time to decipher. While she and Urianger attend to the task, she bids you explore Slitherbough, that you may become acquainted with your hosts, and perhaps learn something of the Warrior of Darkness.
Loremonger:Into the Dark 5046
A Day in the Neighborhood Y'shtola is staring off into the distance, lost in thought. Loremonger:A Day in the Neighborhood 5047
A Helping Hand Judging by the glint in Runar's eye, there is more for you to learn about Slitherbough. Loremonger:A Helping Hand 5048
Lost but Not Forgotten Runar has more work to be done. Loremonger:Lost but Not Forgotten 5049
Saying Good-bye Runar lets out a sigh of relief. *With Toddia's heartstone safely returned to Runar, the Night's Blessed are able to proceed with her funeral service. To show his appreciation for your efforts, he insists that you and your comrades attend the service as honored guests. He then asks you to inform the others while he sees to preparations.
  • You find Minfilia telling Thancred of your recent undertaking in the woods. She is delighted by their invitation, and promises not to be late. With Y'shtola and Urianger toiling away to decipher the tablet, you decide not to disturb them and make for the Darker.
  • In the dimly lit cave you find an elderly woman you believe to be the attendant Runar spoke of. Without saying a word she hands you a candle, and points to a spot on the floor close by.
  • Seeing the cluster of candles there on the floor, you place yours among them, and the attendant nods and smiles in answer. It would appear you have done your part in preparing for the service. All you can do now is wait for it to begin.
  • Before long, a procession of mourners enter the Darker. Among them you find Y'shtola and Urianger, who have taken a reprieve from working to pay their respects. They join you in the rear of the chamber, and a hush soon falls over the room. Runar then enters taking his place at the Font of Seeing, and delivers a moving service in memory of Toddia. As the room clears, Y'shtola invites you to her chambers to discuss the tablet.
  • Y'shtola has finished deciphering the tablet and is prepared to reveal her findings. It will not be long before you track down the Lightwarden.
Loremonger:Saying Good-bye 5050
Stirring up Trouble Y'shtola seems quite pleased with herself. But whether she has good or bad news to share remains to be seen. Loremonger:Stirring up Trouble 5051
A Beeautiful Plan Y'shtola is ready to move. Loremonger:A Beeautiful Plan 5052
An Unwanted Proposal Y'shtola's thirst for knowledge sated, she seems content to return to Slitherbough. *Y'shtola thanks you and Thancred for your help in infiltrating Woven Oath, bidding you rest when you return to Slitherbough.
  • You arrive back at Slitherbough and speak with Runar, who has been beside himself with worry over Y'shtola's absense from the village. Relieved to know you are all safe and sound, he suggests taking a seat by the fire to relax while he finishes preparations for your meal.
  • Runar's stew is nearly ready, and though the guards on patrol have yet to return, he asks you to inform Y'shtola it is time to eat. You approach the door to her chambers, but the sound of arguing from within stops you from knocking. It would seem she has grown exasperated with Urianger's penchant for secrets. Before their talks can reach a satisfying conclusion, however, a shrill cry for help distracts you─Eulmoran soldiers have arrived, and one of the Blessed's guards has been felled by poison.
  • The Night's Blessed have been given a choice: join the Children of the Everlasting Dark and swear allegiance to Eulmore, or face their retribution. The Scions must move quickly if they are to save the Night's Blessed and deny Vauthry his foothold in the Rak'tika Greatwood.
Loremonger:An Unwanted Proposal 5053
Put to the Proof Urianger wears a somber expression. Loremonger:Put to the Proof 5054
Into the Wood Y'shtola would waste no time in heading to Yx'Maja. *Y'shtola rushes off to Slitherbough to inform the others preparations to enter Yx'Maja are complete. Once rested, she bids you join them at the cave that leads out to the east of Slitherbough.
  • With the seal of Ronka in hand, weapons at the ready, you and the Scions set out into Yx'Maja in search of the Ronkan ruins and their protectors.
  • As you wend your way through Yx'Maja, you are suddenly assailed by arrows from the trees. As arrows continue to rain from above, one of three figures jumps down and begins a vicious assault against Y'shtola. It is only after Urianger interrupts the lancer's onslaught that she finds an opportunity to present them with the seal of Ronka. The attack stops almost immediately. The lancer confirms the seal appears to be genuine, but her counterparts towering above in the trees are not yet certain. They invite you to follow the trail of azure flowers to their village. There they will decide if you are friend or foe.
  • Upon closer examination, their leader, Almet, recognizes the authenticity of your seal and welcomes you as allies of Ronka. It appears your arrival is long-awaited, but to what end remains yet to be seen.
Loremonger:Into the Wood 5055
Top of the Tree Cymet is staring intently in your general direction. Loremonger:Top of the Tree 5056
Look to the Stars Almet stands ready to guide you through the ruins. Loremonger:Look to the Stars 5057
Mi Casa, Toupasa Almet would have you hurry to the pyramid. Loremonger:Mi Casa, Toupasa 5058
Legend of the Not-so-hidden Temple Almet wishes to offer you words of warning. *Almet explains to you and Y'shtola the possible dangers that await within the final chamber of the pyramid, offering you whisperweed to use in the event you find yourselves separated. With her words in mind, you enter the chamber prepared for the worst.
  • Once inside, you soon realize the chamber is a labyrinth, filled with magicked sentinels and perilous traps at every turn. The end is nearly in sight when you encounter a most unexpected obstacle─General Ran'jit. Uimet and Cymet follow him into the temple and, together with their sister, hold him off long enough for you to activate the final switch restoring the flow of aether through the whole of the pyramid, thus opening the path through the Qitana Ravel.
  • Despite your success, Ran'jit has no intention of allowing you to leave. After making quick work of the Viis sisters, he comes barreling down the corridor toward you. His onslaught is cut short, however, when Y'shtola steps in the way to protect you with a barrier. The Eulmoran adjutant, finally taking notice of his general's struggles, rushes to help him when he steps on a curious panel on the floor. The room begins to tremble, and soon they find the floor falling out from under them, forcing them to a corner opposite the exit, a gaping chasm now preventing their escape.

All present expect a rescue party to arrive, though it remains to be seen if the Scions or Eulmorans will arrive first. Still, not wanting to risk an altercation, the adjutant makes a proposal: a number of the Blessed have been poisoned, and the adjutant is willing to provide you with an antidote, granted he and his commander are allowed safe passage out of the temple. General Ran'jit is disgusted by this proposition, choosing to rid himself of the adjutant and any hope of saving the Blessed by kicking him into the chasm along with the antidote. Without thinking, Y'shtola leaps into the void, grabs hold of the antidote, and tosses it to you before disappearing into the dark.

Her last words continue to ring in your ears as Minfilia, Thancred, and Urianger arrive. General Ran'jit has no time to react as he is summarily ensnared in an enchantment and sent down into the depths with a swift strike from Thancred's gunblade. A bittersweet victory, but victory nonetheless. With the antidote in hand, you take your leave of the pyramid with the Scions.

  • The group is still reeling from Y'shtola's sacrifice, yet with the Night's Blessed all but knocking on death's door, you have no choice but to press on. Before rushing headlong into more danger, however, Thancred suggests waiting for news from Uimet of the Eulmoran forces that entered Yx'Maja.
Loremonger:Legend of the Not-so-hidden Temple 5059
The Aftermath Almet is strangely quiet. Loremonger:The Aftermath 5060
In Good Faith Urianger stands over Runar, ready to begin his ministrations. Loremonger:In Good Faith 5061
The Burden of Knowledge The entrance to the Qitana Ravel lies open, and Almet would see you on your way. *The Eulmorans have been routed, and while they scramble to regroup, Almet urges you to make for the Qitana Ravel. Together with your fellow Scions, you travel east, following the trail of flowers leading to its entrance.
  • You touch the door to the Qitana Ravel and feel aether emanating from within. The way is indeed open. Beyond awaits Rak'tika Falls and, you hope, the Lightwarden. Gritting your teeth, you cross the threshold, wary of the myriad dangers now stirring to life to bar your passage.

※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for the duty. ※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.

  • After fighting your way past the sentinels of the Qitana Ravel, you arrive at Rak'tika Falls where, as expected, you find the Lightwarden. A frantic battle ensues, but in the end you emerge victorious, and the primordial Light of the firmament at last gives way to a breathtaking night sky. Your task complete, you turn your steps back to Fanow.
  • While passing through the halls of the Qitana Ravel, a series of murals chance to catch Y'shtola's eye. As she ponders their significance, her thoughts are interrupted by the fashionably late arrival of Emet-Selch. He bids you make haste in quitting the temple, but soon finds himself similarly captivated by the murals, not out of curiosity but nostalgia. Y'shtola duly invites him to explain what it is they depict, and he obliges with an utterly unforeseeable tale: that Zodiark and Hydaelyn are the eldest of primals, and that it was the Ascians who first conjured them into being. His lesson concluded, Emet-Selch then departs, leaving you and your companions to continue your journey outside in stunned silence.
  • You have been confronted with an uncomfortable truth─assuming it is the truth. Yet there is little time to give thought to Emet-Selch's claims, for your duty to save the First is not yet done.
Loremonger:The Burden of Knowledge 5062
Bearing With It Y'shtola wears a haunted expression, Emet-Selch's words having clearly found their mark. Loremonger:Bearing With It 5063
Out of the Wood You cannot help but feel something is bothering Y'shtola. Loremonger:Out of the Wood 5064
When It Rains Judging by his countenance, the manager of suites has ill tidings for you. *You learn from the manager of suites that Lakeland is under attack by a host of sin eaters, though he assures you that the Crystarium will remain secure. Nevertheless eager to help, you agree to check on citizens gathered at the Exedra in case any are in need of aid.
  • The people of the Crystarium seem unaffected by the threat bearing down upon their city─by contrast to the recently returned Alisaie, who rightly finds the presence of sin eaters beneath the reclaimed sky rather unsettling. Any theories as to their provenance will have to wait, however, as Alphinaud arrives to inform you that several anchors around the city must be activated before the protective barrier that serves as its primary defense can take effect. This process is best completed sooner rather than later, so you and Alisaie agree to assist.
  • After wending your way through the city, you find the first anchor on a bridge above the Rotunda. You pull down on its handle, and the glow it emits indicates that it is now active.
  • You activate the second anchor, and moments later, a faceted barrier weaves its way up from the array of devices to shield the Crystarium─and rebuffs a full dozen sin eaters in the nick of time. The Leveilleur twins, having arrived to witness the scene with you, indicate that your next destination will be the battlefield in the Lakeland wilds, where Lyna and her people are already engaging the eater host.
  • You take to the field with Alphinaud and Alisaie, and immediately set to aiding the beleaguered Crystarium troops, cutting down eater after eater as you make your way across Lakeland. Though your group is able to save many, you find yourself witness to death at every turn. You eventually encounter Y'shtola and Urianger, who join you in your rush to the Imperative, as well as Thancred and Minfilia, who split from your party in pursuit of a powerful eater.
  • You reach the Ostall Imperative to find it beset by eaters, its defenders beleaguered and bleeding. After a pitched battle against manifold foes, you triumph, seizing an advantage that will make it possible for Crystarium forces to reclaim Lakeland and drive back any stragglers.
  • After the battle is decided at last, you speak with Alisaie. She confirms that procedures for ensuring proper care of the wounded are already well underway. As for the other casualties...the Crystarium will likely long be mourning not only those lost to death, but to the sin eater horde as well.
Loremonger:When It Rains 5065
Word from On High Alisaie is contemplating all that must yet be done in the wake of battle. Loremonger:Word from On High 5066
Small Favors Lyna is gazing solemnly upward, and it is not difficult to guess what occupies her mind. Loremonger:Small Favors 5067
The Best Way Out Thancred seems keen to quit the infirmary. *Thancred bids you make your way to the Ocular while he and Minfilia gather the remaining Scions for the coming meeting. As you turn to depart, he reminds you to deliver the soldier's message of support to the Exarch─something that is probably better done in private, before the others arrive.
  • However hard he tries to conceal it, the Exarch is plainly burdened by the sacrifices made in the name of restoring balance to the First. Be that as it may, his conviction shows no sign of wavering, and he seems heartened by your show of solidarity. Once Thancred and the others arrive, you set about discussing Vauthry's recent threat, the Exarch sharing what he suspects of the man: namely, that he may have control not only over the sin eaters, but the people of Eulmore as well. Though all are agreed that destroying the Lightwardens remains the most expedient method of fighting back, it seems that little progress has been made in finding them. When no other options present themselves, Minfilia suggests that you travel to Amh Araeng, where she may become one with the Oracle of Light, thereby acquiring the power to locate your quarry. Thancred is not best pleased by this prospect, but has no choice but to concede defeat in the face of Minfilia's determination.
  • Sensing your concern, Minfilia reaffirms her commitment to her chosen course of action, and asks that you trust her judgment with an earnestness worthy of her namesake. She then departs─presumably to make her preparations before joining Thancred at the gates.
  • After a short wait, Minfilia arrives at the appointed place and declares her readiness to depart. But before proceeding, you give her one last opportunity to abandon her chosen course. Her emphatic reply leaves little room for argument, however, so the group turns its attention to the question of how best to pass through Amh Araeng unnoticed. At Alisaie's suggestion, you decide to split up─sending her, Alphinaud, and Y'shtola to the east to distract the Eulmoran Army while the rest of you take the western route to Nabaath Areng.
  • As you near the gate to Amh Araeng, you realize you are not the only one contemplating the ordeals that may lie ahead. Hearing Thancred's quiet plea for assistance in protecting Minfilia, his trepidation could not be more obvious.
  • You speak with Hardyss, who grants you passage through the gate─perhaps against her better judgment.
  • Vibrant violet gives way to dry red and orange as you, Urianger, Thancred, and Minfilia pass through the gate and proceed into the Hills of Amber. Taking in the dusty and precipitous landscape, your eyes fall upon what appears to be a village nearby, and the party pauses for a moment to prepare for whatsoever may come.
  • As Minfilia looks out over the valley before you, you see newfound purpose in her eyes. Whatever doubts she may harbor, it is plain she is pleased to be in control of her own destiny at long last.
Loremonger:The Best Way Out 5068
Free Trade Thancred is gazing with interest at the nearby village. Loremonger:Free Trade 5069
The Trolley Problem Zhun Zun is eyeing you with curiosity. Loremonger:The Trolley Problem 5070
Rust and Ruin Thaffe is ready to guide you to Twine, where you might meet the mysterious Magnus. *Prepared to depart for Twine, you speak with Thaffe. However, he becomes somewhat sidetracked by the matter of his and Jeryk's absent companion─a subject on which you are quite well-informed, having roundly trounced the man but recently. It is decided that Jeryk will attend to him while Thaffe escorts you to town.
  • You catch up to Thaffe just outside of the rail yard. His off-hand comments indicate that you were not the only one to be overzealous in subduing a lurking engineer this day, and it is perhaps something of a miracle that they don't seem to hold the incident against you.
  • As you follow Thaffe through the Northern Hills of Amber, he catches the sound of a beast nearby. Very nearby. Its sudden appearance seems to give the man quite a fright, and he dashes away.
  • Much to his distress, Thaffe's flight leads him to run straight into yet more vicious wildlife. As his previous confrontation with Thancred established, the engineer is not particularly suited to combat, so you resign yourself to intervening on his behalf.
  • You liberate Thaffe from his predicament, for which he thanks you with a considerable amount of relief in his voice. He tells you that Twine is not far away─fortunately for the both of you.
  • You at last reach Twine, finding that Thancred, Minfilia, and Urianger have arrived without incident. Thaffe then gives you a brief history of the town and its troubled state at present─a state which he, curiously enough, suggests to be reflected in Magnus, the man whom you are here to meet. Though some trepidation upon hearing such an unflattering description may be unavoidable, there is little you can do but follow through on your plan to speak with him.
  • Though your group does, strictly speaking, have a conversation with Magnus, very little is conveyed during the exchange. He seems unwilling to discuss your request for help beyond saying that to travel to Nabaath Areng is fruitless, and to use the trolley to do so, impossible. Though you get the sense that larger issues are at play in his reticence, his stubbornness gives you no choice but to withdraw for the time being.
  • You find Minfilia lost in thought─discouraged, but not defeated, by Magnus's attitude. Perhaps the man can be convinced, or another means of travel sought. Either way, it is far too early to give up.
Loremonger:Rust and Ruin 5071
On Track Minfilia remains adrift in the turbulent sea of thought. Loremonger:On Track 5072
Down for Maintenance Despite his better judgment, Jeryk is considering throwing you a bone. Loremonger:Down for Maintenance 5073
The Truth Hurts Jeryk may come to regret his next decision. Loremonger:The Truth Hurts 5074
A Convenient Distraction Thancred is tired of waiting around. *No sooner do you inform Thancred you are ready to leave than he makes southward toward Nuvy's Leavings. Not one to be outdone, you quickly follow him.
  • Much to Thancred's surprise, Nuvy's Leavings is not completely deserted. This promising turn of events prompts Thancred to head straight into the mine in search of Guthjon.
  • Despite the poor lighting of the mines, you manage to find Guthjon, alone in a dark corner taking inventory. You explain why you have come, but his response is as Thaffe expected. Nevertheless, he believes there may be one way for you to find what you are after. Before he divulges this secret of his trade, however, he asks a favor of you─to retrieve a Voeburt gold piece he dropped somewhere in the mine. Thancred reluctantly agrees in your stead, but it seems he has a plan up his sleeve.
  • Searching in the dark for the Voeburt gold seems a hopeless endeavor until Thancred presents you with a bottle of sundrops. A drop in each eye and suddenly the mine appears much brighter and vibrant. Now able to see, you begin your search.
  • You can feel the effects of the sundrops waning when a glint in the dark catches your eye. You rush over to sift through the rocks and soon find yourself in the possession of a Voeburt gold piece.
  • Upon seeing the gold piece, Thancred is relieved to see that Lady Luck has finally deigned to acknowledge your efforts. One can only hope Guthjon will do the same.
  • Guthjon seems surprised at your return. Moreso when you hand him the gold piece he lost in the mines. Now that you have held up your end of the deal, he prepares to do the same.
Loremonger:A Convenient Distraction 5075
A Dirty Job Luckily for you, Guthjon is a man of his word. Loremonger:A Dirty Job 5076
Have a Heart Guthjon is still reeling from your miraculous find. Loremonger:Have a Heart 5077
Full Steam Ahead Magnus is grinning from ear to ear. *Repairs to the Talos are complete, as are preparations for your voyage. Eager to enjoy the fruits of his labors, Magnus leaves with Thaffe and Jeryk for the Mount Biran Mines to perform a few final checks and plot your route to Nabaath Areng. He bids you join them when you are ready.
  • Before long, Minfilia will come face-to-face with the original Oracle─the real Minfilia. But despite her understandable trepidation, she assures you of her commitment to see her journey through to its end. With both Thancred and Urianger also ready to set off, you have only to speak with Magnus to proceed.
  • You board the trolley, but Minfilia quickly notes Urianger's failure to follow suit. He duly insists you continue without him, that he might inform Alphinaud and the others of your progress. After a short farewell, the Talos is set into motion, and the trolley begins racing down the tracks. The gate to Nabaath Areng opens without incident, but an unwelcome sight awaits you on the other side─Ran'jit.
  • With a single blow, Ran'jit topples the trolley, sending you and the others tumbling in all directions. Struggling to her feet, Minfilia pleads with him to let you pass, but her words only serve to send him into a rage. He moves to strike her down, but is prevented by Thancred at the last moment. Eyes aflame, the Scion commands Minfilia to leave while he contends with Ran'jit. After a moment's hesitation, you take Minfilia with you southward, the clang of steel ringing out behind you.
  • At long last, you have arrived at Nabaath Areng. Within awaits the Oracle. Minfilia steels herself as you press onward, still unsure how this reunion with her kindred spirit from the Source will end.
Loremonger:Full Steam Ahead 5078
Crossroads The look in Minfilia's eyes is equal parts trepidation and determination. Loremonger:Crossroads 5079
A Fresh Start For perhaps the first time, the look on Ryne's face is one of utter relief. *You left for Nabaath Areng with a girl named Minfilia, and return with one named Ryne, whom your fellow Scions welcome with open arms. Still more hearteningly, she is eager to put her newfound abilities to good use, revealing that she senses the presence of a Lightwarden to the west. This coincides with Y'shtola's own suspicions after surveying a site known as Malikah's Well. Seemingly, the extensive underground waterway represents a suitable place to hide, and so that is where you will begin your search.
  • After a short trek westward, you arrive at the edge of a cavernous maw─the entrance to Malikah's Well. You quickly confer with the other Scions, before steeling yourself to step into the unknown.

※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for this duty. ※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.

  • You wend your way through the underground corridors of the well, its denizens impeding your every step, until you come face-to-face with the Lightwarden. Ignoring the protestations of your already aching limbs, you hurl yourself into battle once more and, after a drawn-out struggle, the beast is laid low.
  • To your relief, the path leading out of the well is blessedly empty, and soon you emerge beneath a spectacular night sky. The sight of it leaves your fellow Scions in awe, Alisaie seeming especially affected by the view.
  • With each hard-fought victory, the Light's grip over Norvrandt loosens, Kholusia now serving as its final foothold. Could the salvation of the First at last be within reach? It is a stirring thought, and one likely large in the minds of your comrades as you make ready to return to the Crystal Tower.
Loremonger:A Fresh Start 5080
More than a Hunch Ryne seems troubled by the sight of you. Loremonger:More than a Hunch 5081
Return to Eulmore By the way his face lights up at your approach, the manager of suites has been waiting for you. *Greeting you with his customary cheer, the master of suites informs you that the Crystal Exarch has requested your presence in the Ocular.
  • Having taken your place amongst your comrades in the Ocular, you discuss the mission to find and vanquish the Lightwarden of Kholusia. Yet even as you allow yourselves a moment to consider the prospect of victory, Emet-Selch sours the mood with the declaration that driving back the Light will not serve to save the world. Elaborating upon his earlier history lesson, he informs you that as Zodiark and Hydaelyn warred, the latter struck a devastating blow which sundered not only Her foe, but all of creation, into fourteen fragments. It was then, looking upon the shattered remains of their home, that the Ascians resolved to rejoin the worlds. While Emet-Selch's tale only serves to underscore the difference between your goals, you have little choice but to focus on the mission at hand. According to intelligence, the forces of Eulmore are entrenching themselves inside the city, suggesting that the Lightwarden likely hides therein. So it is that you and your comrades depart for Kholusia, having agreed to rendezvous in the village of Wright.
  • Joining Alphinaud and Ryne in Wright, you learn that the others have gone on ahead to reconnoiter. When the time comes for your group to follow, Alphinaud bids you clear the path of prying eyes.
  • On the way to Gatetown, you encounter civilians behaving strangely, as if in a trance, with some proving hostile. While their behavior is unsettling, for now the way is secure, and you press on to the settlement as planned.
  • You arrive in Gatetown to find it gripped by a strange phenomenon. It seems the villagers you encountered en route were far from the only ones affected...
Loremonger:Return to Eulmore 5082
A Feast of Lies Urianger is trying to make sense of the strange phenomenon afflicting the residents of Gatetown. *By all indications, the residents of Gatetown are under Vauthry's mind control, and as Urianger attempts to fathom its workings, Alisaie arrives with your old friend Kai-Shirr in tow. Based on his account of events, it would seem that those who have lived in Gatetown the longest were the first to be affected. All the pieces fall into place when Y'shtola subsequently returns brandishing a loaf of meol. With dread and disbelief, Ryne immediately recognizes the Eulmoran staple for what it is: sin eater flesh, the consumption of which apparently renders one susceptible to Vauthry's influence. This sickening revelation leaves everyone aghast, but the horrors do not end there... Recalling the words you heard during your first visit to Eulmore, Alphinaud shares his suspicion that citizens who have outlived their usefulness are being deliberately turned into sin eaters. Suppressing the urge to gag, you endeavor to put such thoughts from your mind, and concentrate instead on the task at hand: hunting down the Lightwarden. The being is all but certain to be hiding in Eulmore's upper levels, and it is decided that you will lead the charge into the city.
  • Together with your comrades, you sally forth into Eulmore.
  • While the others keep Vauthry's thralls at bay, you press on to the Canopy, where you are confronted by a lone Ran'jit. Driven by a resolve all his own, the old soldier brings the sum of his might to bear against you, but you narrowly emerge the victor, striking him down once and for all. Rejoined by your comrades, you then ascend to the Emergent and find Vauthry having dinner in his chamber. There, Ryne finally realizes that he is the Lightwarden, being an unholy mixture of man and sin eater. Before you are able to act, however, Vauthry sprouts wings and takes to the skies. Rushing to the balcony, you are met with an impossible sight: the peak of Mt. Gulg, torn from the earth and floating in the heavens. It is there that Vauthry appears to have fled. With your quarry out of reach, you decide to suspend the hunt, that you might instead render aid to the casualties of the battle.
  • To your relief, Thancred informs you that Ryne is able to counteract the effects of Vauthry's mind control, and is busy tending to the afflicted one by one. There are, however, countless wounded requiring attention, and you are asked to assist in the relief effort.
Loremonger:A Feast of Lies 5083
Paradise Fallen Thancred has a task for you. Loremonger:Paradise Fallen 5084
The Ladder Alphinaud's eyes glisten with joy. Loremonger:The Ladder 5085
The View from Above Urianger is wearing a pensive look. *Ahead of the coming trials, Urianger bids you take your ease while the others carry out the work on the Ladder.
  • As you observe the final stages of the Ladder's restoration, Emet-Selch arrives unannounced. In the course of waxing sentimental, he raises the prospect of you joining him as an equal─a complete existence in a complete world. No sooner does the Ascian take his leave than Ardbert appears in his place. As the Talos come to life to hearty cheers, he speaks to you of his struggles against solitude, and warns you against making a choice that leaves you alone. At that moment, Alphinaud and Alisaie rush up to you excitedly. The Ladder lives again, and you join the twins as the first souls to ride the lift in twenty years.
  • While you await the others at Top Rung, Alisaie calls to you from the nearby outlook, and you and Alphinaud hurry to join her.
  • According to Alisaie, she witnessed someone emerge from the village to the northeast, even though the area is believed to have been abandoned. Lest you doubt her words, she urges you to take a look for yourself.
  • Scanning the area around the village, you spot the mysterious person, who appeared to be spying in your direction. Uncomfortable at not knowing who is out there, Alisaie suggests that you investigate the village.
  • While the village appears devoid of people, there is evidence to suggest that it is very much inhabited, and you take your findings to Alphinaud.
  • As you ponder what to do about the hiding villagers, a voice calls out. It is revealed to belong to none other than Tristol, the young artist whose life you saved in Kholusia. He informs you that the village, Amity, is a settlement for those who survived being exiled from Eulmore, and upon learning that you are in pursuit of Vauthry, promises to aid you in your quest.
Loremonger:The View from Above 5086
In Mt. Gulg's Shadow Alisaie is eager to get on with the task. Loremonger:In Mt. Gulg's Shadow 5087
A Gigantic Undertaking Alisaie would share the findings of your scouting mission with everyone. Loremonger:A Gigantic Undertaking 5088
Meet the Tholls Tristol knows people who may be able to assist in your search for ore. *Tristol informs you that a dwarven family known as the Tholls have long mined this land, and none know its bounty as well as they. If you explain to them your situation, the painter is confident that they would be willing to cooperate in your search for ore. Thus do you and the Exarch set out for the village of Tomra to seek an audience with its chief, a dwarf named Xamott.
  • At the entrance to Tomra, you and the Exarch are greeted by a boisterous dwarf. Having traded lali-hos to his satisfaction, he reveals himself to be none other than Xamott. While he is keen to assist any endeavor that will restore peace to their home, he will only help you find the ore if he is certain you will put it to good use. To that end, he requires that you undertake a trial most tricksy, and invites you into the village to learn more.
  • Xamott informs you that, when dwarves of his village come of age, each of them must prove their readiness to take to the mines. This they do by undertaking a traditional trial─the curiously named 3-D MineRunner. In this trial, you are given a slingshot, which you must use to shoot the dwarf who wears a different helm from that of the Tholls. When you are ready to begin, you are to report to the observer nearby.
  • The dwarf observer takes you to the rooftops, where you have a practice run of the trial. The next time will be the actual trial, where failure is a possibility.
  • With your combination of discernment, diligence, and dexterity, you succeed in passing the dwarves' trial. The observer instructs you to return to Xamott, that you might get on with the business of putting an end to the strangeness that racks the land.
  • Impressed with your showing in the trial, Xamott declares that he will place his faith in you and help you to find the ore you seek for the Talos heart.
Loremonger:Meet the Tholls 5089
A-Digging We Will Go Xamott has ore on his mind. Loremonger:A-Digging We Will Go 5090
The Duergar's Tewel Korutt is eager to step into the relative safety of the cave. Loremonger:The Duergar's Tewel 5091
Rich Veins of Hope The Crystal Exarch has efficiency on his mind. *Desiring to use your time efficiently, the Crystal Exarch suggests splitting up for the tasks to come. While he transports the earthseed to Chai-Nuzz in Amity, he asks that you see your young dwarven companion, Korutt, safely back to Tomra.
  • Xamott is pleased that young Korutt was of help to you, and informs you that other dwarves have also come forward wishing to aid your cause. To that end, anticipating that you will have need of mining tools to procure the stone for the Talos, they have modified their spare pickaxes for use by bigger folk. Thus generously furnished, you set out to rejoin your comrades at Top Rung.
  • You arrive at Top Rung to find Alisaie and Alphinaud returned, along with the help they promised. Yet while there is no shortage of willing hands, there is a shortage of pickaxes for them to wield. How very fortunate, then, that you should be carrying a small mountain of the mining tools with you. Equal parts pleased and incredulous, Alisaie bids you distribute them among the gathered helpers.
  • As you go about doling out the pickaxes, you meet many a familiar face. Though each has walked a different path to reach this point, all are united in their desire to do their part for Norvrandt. With the last of the volunteers equipped and on their way, you turn your steps back to Alisaie.
  • After thanking you for your efforts, Alisaie declares that she will take her place alongside the soldiers tasked with defending the laborers while they work. There is much and more still to be done, but in such determined company, you cannot help feeling optimistic.
Loremonger:Rich Veins of Hope 5092
That None Shall Ever Again Alphinaud is bound for Amity. Loremonger:That None Shall Ever Again 5093
A Breath of Respite Chai-Nuzz is looking not a little anxious. Loremonger:A Breath of Respite 5094
Extinguishing the Last Light Judging by the portentous look in his eye, Chai-Nuzz has something important to tell you. *Chai-Nuzz informs you everything is in place, and that the Talos is ready to be awakened. Only the imbuing remains to be done, after which the enormous golem will rise to take Mt. Gulg in its grasp─assuming all goes according to plan. Once the process is set in motion, there will be no turning back, so the Exarch bids you see to your battle preparations, that he might then give the order to begin.
  • As all present hold their collective breaths, the Talos wakes to life and proceeds to reach out for the volcano. Excitement quickly gives way to dismay, however, as the sin eaters guarding Vauthry's domain converge upon the golem's vulnerable hands, threatening to end your mission before it has begun. For a blessing, help then arrives in the unexpected form of the fae folk, who engage the sin eaters from the air and allow the Talos to safely complete its task. With the route to Vauthry thus secured, your make haste to join your fellow Scions at the foot of Mt. Gulg.
  • Your comrades all know their purpose, and there is no further need for words. In silence, you set forth for the grueling climb that will see you traverse the Talos's stony body on your way to Vauthry's newly built paradise.
※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for the duty.
※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • Fighting your way through hordes of sin eaters, you arrive at the upper reaches of Mt. Gulg. The end is in sight.
※In the event that you leave the instance, you may proceed to the Crown of the Immaculate by speaking with the sentry at the foot of Mt. Gulg.
  • As you approach Vauthry's private sanctuary, he unleashes a horde of sin eaters upon you. While your comrades keep the creatures at bay, you must press on to fulfill your mission's objective: striking down the final Lightwarden.
※The Crown of the Immaculate can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • At the end of a furious encounter, you succeed in laying low Vauthry's ultimate incarnation, Innocence. Their own foes having fled, your comrades join you just in time to witness your broken adversary's final moments.
※In the event that you leave the instance, you may proceed to the Crown of the Immaculate by speaking with the sentry at the foot of Mt. Gulg.
  • Succumbing to his wounds at last, Vauthry's body dissolves into innumerable motes of light, which you stoically take unto yourself. At that instant, the blazing shroud covering the firmament falls away to reveal a peaceful night sky. You do not have a chance to relish the sight, however, as you find yourself pulled into a vision of Vauthry's past, when he was but a babe in the womb. He too, you discover, was a pawn of the Ascians, born as man and sin eater both to bring about the First's Rejoining.
  • Even as the vision fades, your entire being is racked by pain. What all had feared is coming to pass─you are unable to contain the combined power of all the Wardens. In that moment, the Crystal Exarch arrives, his true plan finally revealed. From the beginning, it was his intent to take your unbearable burden upon himself, and teleport into the rift in a final act of sacrifice. But before he can complete his ritual, a shot rings out and he crumples to the floor. Holding the smoking gun is none other than Emet-Selch, come to prevent his painstakingly amassed Light from being spirited away. Declaring you unworthy to be his ally, the Ascian leaves with the wounded Exarch, though not before inviting you to seek him out at his abode, in the dark depths of the Tempest.
  • Some time later, you awaken in your chambers with Ardbert watching over you. Your spectral companion duly explains the events that took place after you lost consciousness. You learn it is only thanks to Ryne's powers that you have not yet turned into a sin eater, but that it is only a matter of time. Bile rising in your throat, you throw open the window...and look out upon a land shrouded in Light once more─all of your efforts having come to naught. Seeing your despair, Ardbert urges you to get some fresh air outside the confines of your room.
※The next main scenario quest will be available from the manager of suites in the Pendants.
Loremonger:Extinguishing the Last Light 5095
Reassuring the Masses The manager of suites seems surprised to see you up and about. Loremonger:Reassuring the Masses 5096
In His Garden Katliss looks at you with a concerned eye. Loremonger:In His Garden 5097
The Unbroken Thread Lyna urges you to follow her. *Lyna is resolved to unlock the door to the Umbilicus. She bids you return to the Crystarium, and meet her in the Ocular.
  • You enter the heart of the Crystal Tower and a vision from the past washes over you. The Echo stretches on for what feels like many long minutes as you witness the Exarch reveal the truth of his motivations to a stunned Urianger. G'raha Tia─for that is the steward's true identity─speaks of an apocalyptic future in the Source, and of a determined group's efforts to bend time and space so that your life, and the lives of countless others, might be spared. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the endeavor, Urianger grimly agrees to conceal the truth from his fellow Scions, and to prevent them from interfering with the Exarch's planned act of self-sacrifice.

As you recover from the shock of these revelations, Ardbert appears and helps guide you towards a possible course of action. First things first, however, you must report to Lyna where she awaits you outside.

  • You speak with Lyna, and ask for the most direct means of reaching the Tempest. Somewhat taken aback by the request, the guard captain directs you to the tamers at the Amaro Launch.
  • Your attempts to secure an amaro for the forthcoming journey are interrupted by the arrival of your concerned comrades. You discuss your intention to press on despite your delicate condition, and the objections raised by Ryne are met with an impassioned argument from Alisaie. In the end, your companions agree to accompany you to the Tempest─an endeavor which gains the unexpected support of the Crystarium citizenry. They have long suspected your role as the Warrior of Darkness, and it seems you will not want for allies in the days ahead.
  • Although impressed by your determination, Urianger hints that he may have a less strenuous way of reaching the ocean floor. Before you discuss his solution, however, he suggests you conclude any pressing business you might have in the Crystarium.
Loremonger:The Unbroken Thread 5098
To Storm-tossed Seas Urianger is patiently awaiting word that you are ready to depart. *You inform Urianger of your readiness to depart, and he exhorts you to consider a method of travel that will also facilitate breathing and movement beneath the waves. Rather than explain his proposal with wasteful words, however, your ever-enigmatic colleague bids you follow him to Sullen to behold his solution with your own eyes.
  • Urianger meets you at Sullen, and points out an island in the western part of the lake. It would seem that an underwater investigation of the foliage-covered landmass will soon open your eyes to its true nature.
  • You conduct an inspection of the submerged part of the island, and note some interesting peculiarities. Urianger waits above to hear word of your revelations.
  • The Isle of Ken is, as it turns out, an ancient fae being by the name of Bismarck. Urianger attempts to rouse the creature to action, but it takes the intervention of Feo Ul to convince Bismarck to bear you to the ocean's depths. Your journey to the Tempest has begun.
  • Bismarck deposits you on the sea floor, secure within an enormous dome of air created by its mighty breath. Your companions rise shakily to their feet, Urianger's face in particular a mask of relief...

※In the event that you leave the area, speak with Inewyl at Venmont Yards in Kholusia to return to the Tempest.

  • Releasing a long-held breath, Urianger announces your safe arrival in the Tempest. Suspecting that Emet-Selch cannot risk fleeing into the rift while the Exarch is his prisoner, he seems confident that the Ascian is to be found somewhere within this underwater realm. You have only to begin the search...
Loremonger:To Storm-tossed Seas 5099
Waiting in the Depths Thancred casts his gaze across the waterless expanse before you. Loremonger:Waiting in the Depths 5100
City of the Ancients Y'shtola appears deep in thought. Loremonger:City of the Ancients 5101
The Light of Inspiration Y'shtola seems eager to share your discoveries with the others. Loremonger:The Light of Inspiration 5102
The Illuminated Land Grenoldt is brimming with newfound inspiration. *Grenoldt channels his newfound inspiration into crafting a suitably splendid lamp for the Ondo's planned devotions. Pleased with the results, he proceeds to share the cause of his recent slump, explaining how the perfection of the ancients' works had stolen his will to craft. Thanks to the crystal you showed him, however, Grenoldt now claims to be overflowing with creativity─enough to weave the strength of bittersweet sagas into armaments you can use. An intriguing proposal, but one which might have to wait until you've delivered the artisan's lamp to the Ondo chieftain.
  • You deliver Grenoldt's lamp to Tolshs Aath, and the grateful chieftain recognizes you and your companions as the sign they have been waiting for. You are invited to gather at the Walls of the Forgotten, and, after witnessing the Ondo's devotions, Tolshs Aath appoints a guide to show you the way to the “illuminated land.”
  • You greet the Ondo guide, and he directs you towards a tunnel leading downwards. It seems your comrades are already assembled below, and eagerly await the guide's directions.
  • You listen patiently as your guide explains the path you are to take. Judging by his description, the trek to the illuminated land will be no simple undertaking...
  • You meet Urianger on the floor of the first cavern, and he suggests a careful progression of scouting and relaying directions to those who come behind. Y'shtola waits ahead, the next link in the chain you are to follow.
  • Alphinaud hesitates before a thick growth of white coral, explaining that there are two possible routes forward: the winding coral branch, or the path along the rocks to the south.
  • Your dogged footsteps eventually lead you to Alisaie, who claims to have found the entrance to the Caliban Gap. If the guide is to be believed, you need only traverse this last passage before arriving at your destination.
  • You and your companions gather at the mouth of the tunnel, and Alphinaud bids you dispel the Ondo's barrier. The glowing wall quickly dissipates, clearing the way to complete the last leg of your journey.
  • As you exit the Caliban Gap, you are greeted by the spectacle of a vast city. Y'shtola describes the monumental enchantment that blazes before her aether-sensitive gaze, and your party is left momentarily awestruck.
  • Y'shtola points out the similarities in design between the remnants you have seen and the buildings which now tower before you. It is, without a doubt, a construction of the ancients, but upon the ruins has been draped the semblance of the city which once stood there. And somewhere, hidden within this enchanted metropolis, awaits Emet-Selch and the captive Exarch...
Loremonger:The Illuminated Land 5103
The End of a World Alisaie is steeling herself for the task ahead. Loremonger:The End of a World 5104
A Greater Purpose Alphinaud is awaiting the return of your other companions. Loremonger:A Greater Purpose 5105
Shadowbringers Alisaie appears to have made her decision. *Alisaie vows to press on, no matter how long it takes or how much it hurts. Speak with Alphinaud next for his decision.
  • Alphinaud is eager to continue along the road, and behold more miracles at your side. Speak with Urianger next for his decision.
  • Urianger would sally forth with you into the jaws of peril, and see you survive “unto the morrow.” Speak with Y'shtola next for her decision.
  • Y'shtola would repay you for all the support you have given her, and implores you to do as your heart decrees. Speak with Thancred next for his decision.
  • Thancred seizes upon the chance to express his appreciation for all you have done, and promises to guard your back during the coming battle. Speak with Ryne next for her decision.
  • Unlike your fellow Scions, Ryne seems gripped by doubt and feelings of powerlessness. After some encouragement, however, you convince her to trust in the path she has chosen. With your party thus assembled, you turn to face the foreboding doors of the Capitol.
  • You enter the Capitol building with your companions and find yourselves face-to-face with Emet-Selch himself. The Ascian belittles the value of the fragmentary lives which now populate the Source and its reflections, challenging you to prove yourself worthy of his people's legacy. With the gauntlet thrown down and the Exarch awaiting rescue, you steel yourself to wade into the infernal flames of the Final Days of Amaurot.
※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for this duty.
※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • You battle your way past terrors made flesh, and arrive at the brink of the star's fiery oblivion.
※In the event that you leave the instance, you may re-enter by speaking with the attendant in the foyer of the Capitol.
  • Though you survive the tragedy which befell Amaurot, Emet-Selch remains resolutely unimpressed by your efforts. Taking to the field, he brushes aside your comrades' every attack, refuting each argument leveled against him with the same easy contempt. Exhausted from battering yourself against the Ascian's adamant defenses, you are powerless to prevent the Light within from breaking its bonds, and you slump to the ground in agony. Emet-Selch has won.
But then Ardbert is there at your side, and with his hand at your back, you find the strength to take another step. Emet-Selch's disbelief is compounded as the Exarch appears and intones a spell to bring you further reinforcements. Now enraged beyond measure, the Ascian casts aside his mortal form, and reveals to you his true name─Hades. The final hour─the final conflict─is at hand!
※The Dying Gasp can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You wage a titanic battle not only against Hades, but the hopes and dreams of Ascian-kind, of which he is the keeper. In the end, however, your own unwavering conviction brings the ancient being low. You have done a great and terrible thing. Pen the conclusion to this momentous chapter of history, and make your return to the Ocular.
  • “Remember us...”
With all your might behind the throw, the axe of incandescent Light shatters the bound soul of Emet-Selch.
“Remember...that we once lived...”
The Ascian's words ring in your ears, even as both Y'shtola and Ryne declare your soul free of the Wardens' taint. You have won.
After an exhausting swim to the surface, you and your companions are given a hero's welcome by the people of Norvrandt. The Crystarium erupts in celebration, and you enter the city beneath a blessedly clear sky.
  • You look on proudly as the Exarch proclaims that the First is saved, and that the Eighth Umbral Calamity no longer threatens the Source. But then a moment of confusion descends as those assembled puzzle over the steward's continued presence. His timeline has supposedly been unmade, yet with the man himself still very much alive, it would seem the summoned Scions are stuck in the First.
Happy enough to postpone their return if it means the Exarch's life is spared, your comrades urge you to head back alone. Once the portal is prepared, you step through without further hesitation, eager to bring word of your success to Tataru.
  • When traversing the rift, the steady beat of time is rendered mutable, and so your unexpectedly early return catches Tataru entirely off guard. The redoubtable secretary swiftly recovers, however, and regales you with what she knows of the situation in the Source. Wishing to confirm the current news from the front line, as well as contact her “surprise” helper, Tataru bids you take your ease for the moment─a brief respite before the ceaseless turning of two tumultuous worlds beckons you once more unto adventure.
Loremonger:Shadowbringers 5106

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