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Icon GE Page
Aetheric Seadragon Icon.png Aetheric Seadragon
Ambling Caltrop Icon.png Ambling Caltrop
Aronnax Icon.png Aronnax
Azeyma's Sleeve Icon.png Azeyma's Sleeve
Bartholomew the Chopper Icon.png Bartholomew the Chopper
Black Jet Icon.png Black Jet
Casket Oyster Icon.png Casket Oyster
Charlatan Survivor Icon.png Charlatan Survivor
Chrome Hammerhead Icon.png Chrome Hammerhead
Coccosteus Icon.png Coccosteus
Coral Manta Icon.png Coral Manta
Coral Seadragon Icon.png Coral Seadragon
Crimson Monkfish Icon.png Crimson Monkfish
Cyan Octopus Icon.png Cyan Octopus
Dalan's Claw Icon.png Dalan's Claw
Dark Nautilus Icon.png Dark Nautilus
Deep-sea Eel Icon.png Deep-sea Eel
Deep Plaice Icon.png Deep Plaice
Drunkfish Icon.png Drunkfish
Elasmosaurus Icon.png Elasmosaurus
Elder Dinichthys Icon.png Elder Dinichthys
Executioner Icon.png Executioner
Fae Rainbow Icon.png Fae Rainbow
Fishmonger (Seafood) Icon.png Fishmonger (Seafood)
Floating Saucer Icon.png Floating Saucer
Floefish Icon.png Floefish
Funnel Shark Icon.png Funnel Shark
Galadion Chovy Icon.png Galadion Chovy
Galadion Goby Icon.png Galadion Goby
Ghost Shark Icon.png Ghost Shark
Ghoul Barracuda Icon.png Ghoul Barracuda
Gladius Icon.png Gladius
Glowfish Icon.png Glowfish
Great Grandmarlin Icon.png Great Grandmarlin
Gugrusaurus Icon.png Gugrusaurus
Hammerclaw Icon.png Hammerclaw
Heavenskey Icon.png Heavenskey
Heavenswimmer Icon.png Heavenswimmer
Hi-aetherlouse Icon.png Hi-aetherlouse
Jasperhead Icon.png Jasperhead
La Noscean Jelly Icon.png La Noscean Jelly
Lampfish Icon.png Lampfish
Leopard Eel Icon.png Leopard Eel
Little Leviathan Icon.png Little Leviathan
Magma Eel Icon.png Magma Eel
Marine Bomb Icon.png Marine Bomb
Megasquid Icon.png Megasquid
Merlthor Butterfly Icon.png Merlthor Butterfly
Merlthor Lobster Icon.png Merlthor Lobster
Merman's Mane Icon.png Merman's Mane
Momora Mora Icon.png Momora Mora
Mopbeard Icon.png Mopbeard
Mossy Tortoise Icon.png Mossy Tortoise
Mythril Sovereign Icon.png Mythril Sovereign
Navigator's Print Icon.png Navigator's Print
Net Crawler Icon.png Net Crawler
Nimble Dancer Icon.png Nimble Dancer
Ogre Eel Icon.png Ogre Eel
Ondo Sigh Icon.png Ondo Sigh
Oschon's Stone Icon.png Oschon's Stone
Platinum Herring Icon.png Platinum Herring
Prodigal Son Icon.png Prodigal Son
Prowler Icon.png Prowler
Quicksilver Blade Icon.png Quicksilver Blade
Rhotano Sardine Icon.png Rhotano Sardine
Rhotano Wahoo Icon.png Rhotano Wahoo
Roguesaurus Icon.png Roguesaurus
Rosy Bream Icon.png Rosy Bream
Sabaton Icon.png Sabaton
Sea Nettle Icon.png Sea Nettle
Shaggy Seadragon Icon.png Shaggy Seadragon
Shimmershell Icon.png Shimmershell
Shipwreck's Sail Icon.png Shipwreck's Sail
Shooting Star Icon.png Shooting Star
Silencer Icon.png Silencer
Slipsnail Icon.png Slipsnail
Sothis Icon.png Sothis
Spectral Bass Icon.png Spectral Bass
Spectral Discus Icon.png Spectral Discus
Spectral Megalodon Icon.png Spectral Megalodon
Spectral Sea Bo Icon.png Spectral Sea Bo
Splendid Clawbow Icon.png Splendid Clawbow
Splendid Cockle Icon.png Splendid Cockle
Splendid Diamondtongue Icon.png Splendid Diamondtongue
Splendid Egg-bearing Trout Icon.png Splendid Egg-bearing Trout
Splendid Eryops Icon.png Splendid Eryops
Splendid Larva Icon.png Splendid Larva
Splendid Magmatongue Icon.png Splendid Magmatongue
Splendid Mammoth Shellfish Icon.png Splendid Mammoth Shellfish
Splendid Night's Bass Icon.png Splendid Night's Bass
Splendid Pipira Icon.png Splendid Pipira
Splendid Piranha Icon.png Splendid Piranha
Splendid Pirarucu Icon.png Splendid Pirarucu
Splendid Poison Catfish Icon.png Splendid Poison Catfish
Splendid Pondfrond Icon.png Splendid Pondfrond
Splendid Robber Crab Icon.png Splendid Robber Crab
Splendid Shellfish Icon.png Splendid Shellfish
Splendid Silver Kitten Icon.png Splendid Silver Kitten
Splendid Spiralshell Icon.png Splendid Spiralshell
Splendid Sponge Icon.png Splendid Sponge
Splendid Treescale Icon.png Splendid Treescale
Splendid Trout Icon.png Splendid Trout
Stonescale Icon.png Stonescale
Sunfly Icon.png Sunfly
Sweeper Icon.png Sweeper
Tarnished Shark Icon.png Tarnished Shark
The Fallen One Icon.png The Fallen One
The Jaws of Undeath Icon.png The Jaws of Undeath
Tossed Dagger Icon.png Tossed Dagger
Tripod Fish Icon.png Tripod Fish
True Barramundi Icon.png True Barramundi
White Ronso Icon.png White Ronso
Wild Urchin Icon.png Wild Urchin