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Charitwo (talk) 02:22, 11 July 2017 (UTC)

Hey there, quick comment![edit]

Just an FYI regarding your 'fixed cross-link' item change.. it's not needed! :D All that the Item field in the Desynth template is for, is for making sure that the name (Forgekeep's Hammer) shows up correctly on the material pages. So if you were to go to Glass Fiber's page, whatever is inside the Item parameter, would show up there! Making it so that it's one word, with the %27s and underscore to make it one word, is completely unnecessary. It takes time (about 15 minutes or so) for an item to be added to the site's cache for changes like that, so if you make a change and something doesn't update correctly, give it a quarter hour before you start looking around for reasons why :)

Glass Fiber, right now only shows '3' for the 'Acquired from Desynthesis' section, because the site hasn't had the time to update yet and put the Forgekeep's Hammer into that category yet. When it does, it'll show up! Adding the %27s_Hammer part to the desynth template doesn't really do anything. The wiki automatically parses underscores and spaces into each other correctly, and your browser automatically converts the %27s into 's automatically, so that's really all just making more work for yourself :) As long as the item name is spelled correctly on the Desynth page (and it's not the WRONG item, from people copy/pasting information around), then in about 15 minutes the site will automatically update itself and everything should work fine!

Thanks for all the work you do :D Please hop into our Discord channel if you have any questions Hezkezl (talk) 22:34, 12 July 2017 (UTC)

Secondary Edit: If you hit the 'Rebuild Lists' link at the bottom right of the infobox (above where it says Uses, and below the Links to other sites), it might update quicker than 15 minutes! I did it just now when your Mastercraft Demimateria edit wasn't showing up correctly, and it fixed it after I rebuilt the list!