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Piechart on Halatali (Hard)[edit]

I left a message over on Gahoo's talk page about updating that pie chart. He's the main admin on the site, so if you ever need something like this done in the future, feel free to message him :D Hezkezl (talk) 17:38, 26 January 2015 (CST)


Please contact an admin before deciding to go through and undo the work that one of them did on Event-specific NPC's. :)

Yes, those NCPs are the same NPC and they had multiple pages up. We should have split articles for characters that appeared during 1.0 and are now in 2.0+. Some of them we've done that with, but not all. We need to be better at that, and I was starting to try to work on that in between the 200 other projects I've got going on. For Event NPCs, because they're usually unique to that event and normally not out in the game world when the event is not going on, the plan was to have their main page (ie: Mayaru Moyaru) being a disambig page with their background history detailing their involvements in the event over the years, with links to year-dated pages that show their exact locations and what all they sold or said at that time. That way, when players would come across an item that they sold, they could see it was sold by "Shady Smock (2014)". Since the Shady Smock NPC makes a return later, that purchase history would completely disappear if we overwrote it with the following year's info. So, for the sake of trying to create a good archive, I made the decision to start trying to split the NPC's up into various years with all the relevant info on them as they were at that point in time, with their main page being a summary of their involvement.

I'm more than happy to completely abandon it and go back to being less thorough like we are now, it would be nice to remove one attempt at improving things so I can focus on the 199 others I've got going on. But in the future, please make an attempt to contact an admin (such as in our Discord channel or IRC) before deciding to revert changes made because you happen to disagree with them based off of earlier history. There might be a method to the madness that you're not seeing because a decision was made to start changing things. Hezkezl (talk) 00:32, 9 August 2016 (CDT)