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Violators Will Be Shot

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 15   Violators Will Be Shot

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in a level 19 instance with a 30 minute time limit.
Luciane: New Gridania - Quiver's Hold (x:15.4, y:12)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: New Gridania → Archers' Guild

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png10School of Hard NocksFeaturequest1 Icon.png School of Hard Nocks (Level 10)
071341.png10Training with LeihFeaturequest1 Icon.png Training with Leih (Level 10)

Archer Icon 3.png Archer (Level 15)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Ash Shortbow
Repelling Shot

Cotton Tabard

Hunting Hat

Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves

Hard Leather Crakows
Allagan Bronze Piece
Allagan Bronze Piece
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Guildmaster Luciane desires that you train under Silvairre.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png20To Catch a PoacherFeaturequest1 Icon.png To Catch a Poacher (Level 20)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
LucianeSilvairreLeih Aliapoh
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved
Archery Butt, Destination

  • Guildmaster Luciane desires that you train under Silvairre.
  • You have been instructed to train under Silvairre, one of the most experienced archers in the guild. Speak with the Elezen and learn what he requires of you.
  • Curt as ever, Silvairre declares that the ability to read and anticipate enemy movements is essential to the art of archery. He then orders you to seek out and destroy targets hidden in the East Shroud─a region rife with savage beasts. If you are to complete this task, you will need to observe the behavior of the local fauna, and identify opportunities to pass by unnoticed. Only then will you be close enough to take aim at your targets.
  • You have successfully destroyed all of the targets. Report back to Silvairre at the Archers' Guild.
  • Your feat does little to earn you Silvairre's acceptance. He next tasks you with slaying Nezul Cattlan the Violator, the leader of an Ixali scouting party. Journey to the North Shroud, slip past the scouts, and slay their leader.
  • You have succeeded in slaying Nezul Cattlan the Violator, prompting his scouts to flee Gridania in disarray. Report back to Silvairre at the Archers' Guild.
  • Though Silvairre is quick to attribute your success to luck, he grudgingly agrees to stop agitating for your expulsion from the guild. Inform Luciane that you have completed your lesson.
  • Luciane is well pleased with your showing against the Ixal, and observes that while Silvairre may refuse to acknowledge your skill, his actions send a different message. Having completed the lessons of your superiors, Luciane pronounces you an archer in your own right, and teaches you the Repelling Shot technique to commemorate the occasion. Thus encouraged, you resume your quest for greater mastery of the bow.
※The next archer quest will be available from Luciane upon reaching level 20.

Welcome back, Forename. I trust you have been keeping your nose to the grindstone.

As I mentioned when last we spoke, you will train under Silvairre's tutelage today.

Put aside your misgivings and avail yourself of his wealth of experience. Go now, present yourself before him.
Hmph. I see it was too much to hope that you would not return.

The others believe that you have potential, but I am not so easily convinced. Like so many adventurers, you have not the faintest inkling of what it means to be an archer.

And how could you? Archery is the proud tradition of the Wildwood Elezen. The essence of this art─to read one's enemy─has been instilled in us over centuries. In that time, we have defended this great nation against every imaginable foe, granting us insight which you will never possess.

Can you recognize the subtle signs that betray a coming action? No. Can you accurately predict an opponent's movement? No. Can you glean your foe's intentions at a glance? No. And can such things be learned by one who knows nothing of our traditions? No.
It is only out of respect for Luciane that I have agreed to teach you.

Go to the East Shroud and seek out the targets hidden there. But do not presume this will be as easy as before.

As I told you, the ability to read one's enemies is fundamental to archery. Yet the trials set by my colleagues did not require you to do this.

Mine will. The targets you seek have been hidden─and I do mean hidden─in the midst of a region rife with savage beasts. They will play the part of your enemies.
In the unlikely event that you spy a target, your limited range will necessitate that you slip past its bestial guardians prior to taking aim─a feat I consider beyond you. Hm? Was that a frown? Mayhap you are thinking that the Miqo'te set you a similar task? You are wrong. She asked merely that you consider where your foes are─I demand that you discern precisely where they will be. How, then, will you go about this?

Observe them closely and discern their characteristics. Learn to read their movements and recognize patterns in their behavior.

If it has eyes, let it not see you. If it has ears, let it not hear you. Be neither where it is nor where it means to be, and thereby pass unnoticed.

But enough talk. Whether or not you heed my counsel is your decision. I will shed no tears should you fail.
So you have returned. A passable performance for an adventurer, but the bare minimum for any archer.

I carry with me generations of Wildwood tradition─a tradition built upon the bones of the many outsiders who tried to take what is ours.

It was my ancestors who first learned to conceal their presence and fight from the shadows, to hold the enemy at distance to protect the weak. All of it, everything was─

This is a waste of time. You cannot understand.
But if you are so intent upon following in the footsteps of my people...

I bid you go to the North Shroud. Ixali scouts have been sighted near the river west of E–Tatt's Spire, and─unless you are entirely ignorant of Gridanian history─I need not explain that this act of aggression is part of a centuries-old conflict.

The minions do not matter. It is their leader, Nezul Cattlan the Violator, who must fall.

He commands the scouts, and will be well guarded. Yet he stands upon hostile ground, with birdmen and not walls for protection. If you are diligent and determined, you can slip through their defenses and slay their leader.
This is the art of the Gridanian archer. Embrace the wisdom I have bestowed upon you, and the fight will be short.

...If you see the deed done, adventurer, I will take it as proof of your commitment to us, and labor no more to drive you from the guild. Now go.

Even now, I struggle to credit the sentries' reports... Yet here you are, and Nezul Cattlan the Violator is no more. That a godsdamned adventurer should be so...

Hmph. Only by the grace of Nymeia Herself could you have survived. But even though it was pure luck, I will keep my word. Forename─should you stay or should you go, not.
You have completed the task and are no longer my responsibility. Go now to Luciane. She will doubtless wish to lavish you with praise. ...Hm? Oh, you'll get no more from me. Off with you!
I am given to understand that you single-handedly drove off an Ixali scouting party─and that you did so with precision and guile.
How exactly was that training, Luciane? Forename's just an adventurer. Silvairre thrust him into the jaws of the enemy in the hope that he wouldn't come back!
And when, against all expectation, he did come back, that stubborn arse still refused to acknowledge his skill!
...Is that truly your impression?
Well, yes! He said it was pure luck!
Mere noise. Silvairre sees Forename's skill, of that I have no doubt. Did you not mark the way he covered his mouth when he uttered the words?

It is a habit of his to do so on those occasions when his tongue and his heart are in disagreement.

For all his skill at reading the idiosyncrasies of others, he has yet to recognize his own.

Impressive work, Forename. You have applied yourself to Leih and Silvairre's lessons and demonstrated your command of the core concepts.
You are now an archer in your own right. Allow me to teach you something to commemorate this accomplishment.

Repelling Shot is an advanced technique that enables an archer to evade attacks whilst continuing to fire upon his opponent. Used wisely, it can grant you a brief respite in the heat of battle.

I have faith that, with regular practice, you will learn how best to employ it to your advantage. Remember your seniors' lessons as you strive for true mastery.

Battle Dialogue[edit]

Squaaawk! What that!?
Ixal!? In my forest!? Not if I have anything to say about it!

I shall assist you, adventurer!

Ware the leader's magicks! Maintain a safe distance!

Ugh, that all you...
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The instanced fight requires you to head east through a pack of Ixal to the Hedgetree to defeat Nezul Cattlan. The first part is a lesson in patience, as you carefully pull each Ixal to you one by one and defeat them. Once you reach the tree, you will be joined by Miraudont the Madder, who will rush in and tank Nezul's party. There will be another party standing by who will likely aggro you if left alone, so deal with them first before helping Miraudont. Partway through the fight, reinforcements will spawn. You can either take care of these, or if Nezul is close to death simply defeat him to end the instance.

  • Speak with Silvairre.
  • More targets. This time at Nine Ivies in the East Shroud.
    • The first can be found at (16, 26) atop a cliff.
    • The second can be found at (15, 26) in a tree.
    • The third can be found at (15, 27) atop a large boulder.
    • The fourth and fifth can be found at (14, 27) in two different trees.
    • The sixth can be found at (13, 26) on the branch arching over the path.
  • Head back to Silvairre.
  • Head to the Peacegarden in the North Shroud and wait at the "Destination" to enter an instance.
    • If you are level 19 or above, you will be synched down to level 17.
  • Report to Silvairre once you've finished the instance.
  • Speak to Luciane for your reward.
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