Information provided is based on an in-development build of FFXIV: Endwalker and content in the final version is subject to change!
Red text indicates changes to skills, a red background indicates new skills.

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Trait Acquired Effect
Tank Mastery Icon.png
Tank Mastery
Marauder Icon 3.png Lv. 1 Reduces damage taken by 20%. Furthermore, a bonus to maximum HP is granted based on your vitality attribute, and a bonus to damage dealt based on your strength attribute.
The Beast Within (Trait) Icon.png
The Beast Within
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 35 Increases Beast Gauge when landing Maim or Storm's Path in a combo.
Inner Beast Mastery Icon.png
Inner Beast Mastery
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 54 Upgrades Inner Beast to Fell Cleave.
Steel Cyclone Mastery Icon.png
Steel Cyclone Mastery
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 60 Upgrades Steel Cyclone to Decimate.
Enhanced Infuriate Icon.png
Enhanced Infuriate
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 66 Reduces Infuriate recast time by 5 seconds upon landing Inner Beast, Steel Cyclone, Fell Cleave, or Decimate on most targets.
Berserk Mastery Icon.png
Berserk Mastery
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 70 Upgrades Berserk to Inner Release.
Nascent Chaos Icon.png
Nascent Chaos
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 72 Infuriate grants the effect of Nascent Chaos, upgrading Fell Cleave to Inner Chaos and Decimate to Chaotic Cyclone. Upon reaching level 80, Nascent Chaos will also upgrade Fell Cleave to Inner Chaos.
Duration: 30s
Mastering the Beast Icon.png
Mastering the Beast
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 74 Increases Beast Gauge when landing Mythril Tempest in a combo.
Enhanced Shake It Off Icon.png
Enhanced Shake It Off
Spacer2.png Lv. 76 Adds a healing effect to Shake It Off.

Cure Potency: 300

Enhanced Thrill of Battle Icon.png
Enhanced Thrill of Battle
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 78 Adds an additional effect to Thrill of Battle that increases HP recovery via healing actions by 20%.
Raw Intuition Mastery Icon.png
Raw Intuition Mastery
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 82 Upgrades Raw Intuition to Bloodwhetting.
Enhanced Nascent Flash Icon.png
Enhanced Nascent Flash
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 82 Grants Stem the Flow to target, reducing damage taken by 10%.
Duration: 4s
Grants Stem the Tide to target, nullifying damage equivalent to a heal of 400 potency
Duration: 30s
Enhanced Equilibrium Icon.png
Enhanced Equilibrium
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 84 Grants a healing over time to self.
Cure Potency: 200
Duration: 15s
Melee Mastery Icon.png
Melee Mastery
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 84 Increases the potency of Heavy Swing to 200, Maim to 130, Storm's Path to 120, and Storm's Eye to 120.
Enhanced Onslaught Icon.png
Enhanced Onslaught
Warrior Icon 3.png Lv. 88 Allows a third charge of Onslaught.