What a Wonder-full World

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   What a Wonder-full World

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Kabuto: The Azim Steppe - Nhaama's Retreat - Dhoro Iloh (x:5.9, y:24.1)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Dhoro Iloh

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071221.png70Fish in a BarrelSidequest1 Icon.png Fish in a Barrel (Level 70)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 70)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

060033.png West Meets East
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Wind-up RedbackZephyrous ZabutonKojin Material Supplier PermitKojin Junkmonger PermitKojin Mender PermitKojin Manservant PermitWind-up QalyanaAnanta MetalworksNamazu MaskBig One Festival Float
Achieve Allied reputation with the Kojin
Namazu and Vira.
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Kabuto is more than ready to depart for Kugane.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Wait for J'olhmyn at the meeting spot near the Bokairo Inn.
  • Speak with M'zhet Tia at the harbor.
  • Survey Kogane Dori from above.
  • Speak with Alpa near the Bokairo Inn.

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
KabutoGyoshinM'zhet TiaYamabiko?AlpaJ'olhmynGyorei
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • Kabuto is more than ready to depart for Kugane.
  • With the matter of the Namazu's involvement settled─after a fashion─you and Kabuto set off for Kugane once again, knowing that you must make haste if you are to arrive before Nhaza'a Jaab. You opt to go directly to the meeting place at the Bokairo Inn, as J'olhmyn and M'zhet are likely to find their way back to the port city before you.
  • Upon your arrival, J'olhmyn informs you that she has already located Nhaza'a Jaab, who but recently came into port and boarded the imposing Kuroboro Maru along with his “cargo.” Soon after, M'zhet, who has been monitoring the harbor, contacts you by linkpearl, his rambling belying the urgency of the situation. It seems that Nhaza'a has already brought Alpa and Gyorei out on deck, presumably to be presented as the Three Wonders to his buyer─namely, the unscrupulous merchant Kageyama. The moment for action has come. Nhaza'a and Kageyama must be stopped before Alpa and Gyorei are relieved of flesh and fin.
  • You and your companions rush aboard the Kuroboro Maru, arriving just in time for J'olhmyn to save Alpa from a grisly fate at the hands of Nhaza'a Jaab. Though an ungallant kick to the ribs sends J'olhmyn sprawling, the rest of your group rushes forward to continue the fight. This includes Gyoshin, who appears not a moment too soon, perched on an airborne mikoshi. Without preamble, he rams it into Kageyama, sending the villain─along with many a Namazu mikoshi bearer─flying. Meanwhile, Kabuto takes advantage of the confusion to slash at a distracted Nhaza'a, leaving him clutching a wound in his abdomen. Though the villain is still unwilling to surrender, the sound of the Sekiseigumi's whistle sends him loping to his skiff, hidden nearby as a means of escape. Though M'zhet's lobbed grenade fails to detonate, it is nevertheless successful in driving Nhaza'a off his boat and into the water, where he is dragged under by an unidentified finned creature. Kageyama's flight is more successful─he's halfway to Kogane Dori by the time you notice his departure. You, of course, give chase, Alpa and Kabuto in tow.
  • From a vantage point above Kogane Dori, you manage to catch sight of Kageyama. As you close in, he realizes that you are in pursuit, and hastily scatters a great deal of coin, causing nearby citizens to block your path as they scramble to lay hands on it. It immediately becomes clear, however, that he failed to account for the presence of a skilled Ananta goldsmith, as Alpa removes the distraction by shaping the money into a large ornament of the sort found atop Namazu mikoshi─dispersing the crowd as they realize with horror that their financial windfall is now an ichthyic monument of questionable monetary or artistic value. Though the thwarted Kageyama once again attempts to flee on foot, he runs right into Hancock and a pair of Sekiseigumi, and is summarily detained. Perhaps he will at last face justice for eschewing morality in the name of greed. Perhaps.
  • With the dastardly plot of Nhaza'a Jaab and Kageyama unraveled and the villains no longer a threat─at least for the time being─Alpa suggests that the whole group visit the Bokaisen Hot Springs to heal any lingering scrapes and bruises. As you enjoy the warm water and congenial chatter, you reflect on the many bonds forged this day. Indeed, such friendships may in time prove the greatest treasure of all.

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It might serve us to have a clearer idea of Seigetsu the Enlightened's plan, but we can wait no longer to depart. Come, we should hasten to the Bokairo Inn.
Quest Accepted
Maybe I should pack two hammers after all. Yes, yes...
You two made good time! We left for Kugane just after I spoke with you, and only arrived a short while ago ourselves.
Have you been able to learn anything of Nhaza'a?

We were successful in returning to Kugane ahead of him, though not by much. He's already made port.

We saw dockworkers hauling a large barrel and squirming sack from his skiff─under his close watch, unfortunately─so whatever his plans are, they're likely already in motion.
The prisoners! Where has he sent them?
There's a large vessel docked at Pier #1─it seems Alpa and Gyorei have been taken aboard. I have M'zhet keeping an eye on the situation.
I saw that ship when we arrived. It's unmistakably the Kuroboro Maru. If I recall correctly, the merchant Kageyama purchased it for a hefty sum some time ago.
Kageyama, you say? And who might that be?
Quest Completed

A man easily as vile as Nhaza'a Jaab himself. He once conspired to take Kugane Castle, holding the bugyo hostage as he made ludicrous demands. Though thwarted, he used his wealth and influence to escape justice.

I am not familiar with the details, but according to rumor, he has a history of using wealth to make each and every one of his problems disappear.

He has taken to using this tactic recently, it is said, in pursuit of a bride, spending more gil than most will ever see in his attempt to snare the perfect woman.
A bride, hmm? Well, I think we've found Nhaza'a Jaab's esteemed employer.
(- M'zhettia -)

Hello, Forename? It is I! You know─your favorite Miqo'te? Dashing good looks, ladies' man, future nunh of the M tribe?

Yes, well, I'm afraid that we have a problem. One that requires your immediate attention─that's why I contacted you. It's vital that you hear this as soon as possible.

I've been dutifully keeping watch by the Kuroboro Maru, and Alpa and the Namazu have just been brought out on deck. We don't have much longer until our “mermaid” becomes “mermaid's flesh”!

I would love to continue this little chat we're having, but I rather think you should come to the harbor right away!
Was that M'zhet?
This is our last chance, then. We must stop Nhaza'a once and for all!
The others should have arrived before we did. I assume that they have occupied themselves by gathering information throughout the city in the meantime.
Maybe I should pack two hammers after all. Yes, yes...

There you are! We must hurry!

Alpa is a dear friend, and I won't have her turned into mince by some scheming─and rather unattractive, I must say─villain!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Quest Completed
Quest Completed
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Maybe I should pack two hammers after all. Yes, yes...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
That was quite the ruckus earlier. And where did all the Namazu come from?

The innkeep was kind enough to call a doctor, but it ssseems that no one has more than minor injuries.

And apparently, there's no better treatment for scrapes and bruises than the Bokaisen Hot Springs! I guess we'll just have to visit them again!
Enter the hot springs in your current garb?
Let's continue where we left off before we were so rudely interrupted, shall we?
I'm so sorry, Alpa.
What? You have absolutely nothing to apologize for! Not now, not ever!
It's my duty to protect you, and I failed utterly. Then it took so long to free you...and I couldn't even manage that without help.
Maybe not, but the rescue wouldn't have succeeded without your leadership─not to mention how you saved me from being sliced in two. You may not be able to do everything yourself, but I couldn't ask for a better sssecond-in-command.
Alpa, I... Thank you.

I'm grateful to everyone else too, of course. Forename, Kabuto, Gyoshin, M'zh─

Hold on, where's M'zhet?

Maybe he's still changing?

Never fear, it is I, M'zhet! I discovered this floating in the sea after Nhaza'a disappeared. How do I look? Rakish?

I'm throwing that back in the sea, and you along with it!

Just when you think he's learned something...
If I may ask, Gyoshin, how did you know to find us on the Kuroboro Maru?
It was easy to spot you from above! I knew that stuffing the mikoshi with all of the cloudsbreath in our stores was the right choice, yes, yes.
My, how convenient. And I'm glad that you made it out safely too, Gyorei.
Thanks to all of you! Being trapped in a barrel was harrowing, and fraught with splintery peril, yes, yes. But it was worth it for a chance to enjoy these hot springs together!
...If you say so.
What is that gem in your helmet? It is most unusual. Quite unique!

This is the soul of my dear friend Tsukumo, more valuable than any treasure in the whole of the Ruby Sea.

He is what Nhaza'a stole from me, and I am truly grateful to you for helping me retrieve him.

As Gyorei said, despite our tribulations, I feel fortunate to have met you all. I hope that we can continue to strengthen our friendship now that we're all safe and sound.
Quest Completed
I paid visit to Shihoumi. Thankfully, she was able to place Tsukumo back where he belongs.

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