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Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 90   Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Jammingway: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Scholar's Harbor (x:11, y:13.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → Scholar's Harbor

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png90EndwalkerMainquest1 Icon.png Endwalker (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Battledance Materia IX
Quickarm Materia IX
Miscellaneous Reward

Dungeon Icon.png The Stigma Dreamscape (Level 90)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Jammingway is in need of your brains and brawn─mostly the latter.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png80The Café at the End of the UniverseFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Café at the End of the Universe (Level 80)

  • Jammingway is in need of your brains and brawn─mostly the latter.
  • Relieved to see a peerless adventurer such as yourself, Jammingway explains that the reconnaissance automaton they dispatched to Ultima Thule has recently sent a most troubling distress signal. He bids you join him at Thaumazein that, together, you might investigate the matter further.
  • Your Loporrit companion explains that─for reasons somewhat difficult to wrap the mind around─the Ragnarok is capable of transporting you to Ultima Thule even without your fueling the aetherburner. A parting gift from Venat, mayhap, or Meteion.
  • Due to─or perhaps in spite of─your ship existing in two places at once, you instantly travel to Ultima Thule without becoming a fine particle mist. The also-intact Jammingway explains that their automaton sent its last transmission from Base Omicron, and requests you follow them there.
  • At Base Omicron, you meet the military information and operations Omicron N-7000. It relays a troubling series of events that have led to the reawakening of Stigma-4, a militaristic matrix that now threatens to annihilate your planet. As destroying Stigma-4 would have catastrophic consequences for the Omicrons of Ultima Thule, you settle on an alternate solution─adding the distinct impression of defeat to the war cache in Stigma-4's memory banks so that the matrix might reconsider its optimal course of action.
  • N-7000 has opened an access pathway to Stigma-4's memory systems in the form of a virtual environment. Enter the matrix's subconscious and do what you must to defy its aggressive protocols.
※The Stigma Dreamscape can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • Your mission appears to have been a resounding success, as you have “destroyed” Stigma-4's virtual core. N-7000 should be able to discern whether this was indeed enough to force the matrix onto a more peaceful path.
  • Convinced that its attempt at conquest would end in failure, Stigma-4 ceases its military campaign and is put to work on diplomatic holograms instead. N-7000, however, finds itself without purpose now that peace is here to stay. To prevent it entering eternal sleep mode, Jammingway proposes opening a café as a way to find meaning in life and help others do the same.
  • You visit the nekropolis, where an old venue stands ready to become the new café. Here, as Jammingway tells it, they and N-7000 will endeavor to pass on the knowledge of lost civilizations, and inspire hope in those that have fallen to despair. What future awaits them and the countless travelers that will doubtless visit in the years to come?

Forename! You are Forename, yes? Oh, thank you ever so much for coming. In truth, I've been searching all over for you. You see, there is a most pressing matter for which I could use your wisdom and expertise!

Oh, but we haven't actually been introduced yet, have we? The name's Jammingway─I had the honor of serving as the communications officer aboard the Ragnarok.

So anyhow, to the matter I spoke of... It began the other day when my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to send a reconnaissance probe to Ultima Thule to investigate the environs.

Imagine my surprise when my robotic friend responded just a short while ago with a most urgent and dire distress signal!

A distress signal from Ultima Thule? Now, even after you and your companions mercifully put an end to the threat of the Final Days? Surely this intrigues and worries you as much as it does me.

I was just about to venture there to investigate further, but there's no telling what dangers might await─and I am a communications officer, not an adventurer. Please join me at Thaumazein, so we may boldly go where you have gone before!
Quest Accepted
Forename, I knew you'd come! Clearly, we have inquiring minds and a crushing need to be of use in common!

Anyroad, I'm pleased to report that the Ragnarok has already been prepared for our journey─a journey that, fortunately, will not require the massive quantities of aether that were necessary for our previous voyage beyond the stars.

How can this be, you wonder? Hells if I know! Whether it is a parting gift from Mother, or perhaps the manifestation of Meteion's true desire, this vessel is strongly connected to Ultima Thule.

So strongly, in fact, that it somehow simultaneously exists in both locations─here in Labyrinthos, and out at the edge of the universe.

Is this making more sense to you now? No? Well, it matters little. What matters is that we get to the other side and see what is troubling my dearest probe. On that note, let us be off!
See? The Ragnarok exists here as surely as it did─and does─back in Labyrinthos.

With the vessel forming a conduit of sorts, we may also easily teleport between the two locations. Convenient, wouldn't you say?

Precisely because the locations are so indelibly connected to each other, however, I fear that whatever has triggered my probe's distress signal has the potential to threaten Labyrinthos as well. And so I would investigate without delay!

Let's see, now... It would seem the distress signal is coming from Base Omicron, not far from here. Let us hope my automaton friend can enlighten us further as to the situation.
<whirr> Reading database... Organic life-form identified as Surname, Forename. Initiating standard greeting protocol... Hail, Forename.
Ah, Forename! This is my precious reconnaissance automaton. And yet, it would appear this good-for-nothing bucket of bolts has gotten his oily paws all over it. Pray stand by for a moment while I give it a good talking to.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
You miserable sack of sockets! What in heavens' name do you think you're doing with my oh-so-valuable automaton!?
<whirr> Completing logic circuits. N-7000 categorically denies the accusations of this hirsute organism.
An advanced life-form such as N-7000 has no need for such outdated technology. On the contrary, this unit took pity on this makeshift machine and the primitive society which created it, and deigned to issue a warning.
Primitive? Outdated!? I'll show you primitive and outdated, you...
...Wait. What is this warning you speak of?
<whirr> Initiating simplification... To explain in imprecise terms that your crude mind might comprehend, some time after the organic life-form known as Forename here came in contact with M-017, the Omicrons noticed an irregularity.
Specifically, a powerful burst of energy from the remnants of a lost world.
No doubt a reaction to Forename and his companions defeating the Endsinger!
Fortunately, the energy wave itself caused no appreciable damage. Less fortunately, it housed within it an encoded message from the strategic matrix known as “Stigma-1.”
The message contained a single word─a single command. “Live.”
...That seems innocent enough. What ever is the problem?
This message reached the sensors of Stigma-4, a logistics matrix that has long lain dormant. Shocked back to life at the behest of its fellow intelligence, it has resumed its duties in constructing weapons of mass destruction.
Furthermore, there is a statistical probability of 99% that it will launch a full-scale assault on your eminently detectible home planet as soon as production is complete.
What will you say?
Can't produce weapons if you're exploded! Perhaps we can remove its power source somehow.
This unit projects that this would be less than ideal. Stigma-4's production capabilities are necessary to ensure that the Omicrons' existence is maintained in perpetuity. Disabling or destroying it is incompatible with the command issued by Stigma-1.
Is there no way we might simply...change its mind? If Stigma-4 is convinced that war is essential to its survival, could we not persuade it that an unprovoked offensive might threaten its existence even more?
The grubby organic life-form's proposition has merit. As a military information and operations specialist, this unit does possess the capability to rewrite the memory banks of other artificial intelligences.

If this unit were to hack Stigma-4's neural core and implant the memory that such an offensive once led not to victory, but to failure and near eradication, it must logically conclude that preemptive attack is ill-advised.

To accomplish this, this unit will access Stigma-4 and use a dimensional manipulator to generate a virtual environment simulating its memories of war. You must traverse the environment and nullify Stigma-4's expectations of victory.
That sounds simple and not at all likely to get us killed! What do you say, Forename?
What will you say?
Leave the fighting to us. I suppose it's worth a try... It can't be any tougher than Omega, right? Right!
Commencing strategic operations protocol... All participants in the mission, please accompany this unit to the access point at once.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
I can't say I completely understand what's going on here...but at least it's progress, yes?
From this access point, it will be possible for this unit to establish a communications interface with Stigma-4's neural network.
You may be interested to know that this is the first time this unit has been able to perform its intended function since the day it was commissioned. This unit is honored, and will do its utmost to maximize the probability of success.
Er, are you saying that you've never actually done this before? You really had me going with your “advanced intelligence” talk, but at least my probe had work experience!
The flea-ridden life-form's evaluation is inaccurate. This unit is equipped with dynamic functionality. It simply has not encountered technology formidable enough to require its full capabilities before.

More significantly, this unit has succeeded in establishing the interface with Stigma-4. All that remains is for you to enter the simulation and use whatever puny weapons are at your disposal to destroy the core that lies within. That should see the matrix sufficiently traumatized.

This unit will remain in this physical space to ensure the communication interface remains stable as you carry out the operation. And do take care─though the environment is virtual, any pain you suffer within will feel quite real.

This unit wishes you success, Forename. Your planet is so quaint─it would be a shame if Stigma-4 were to reduce it to cold, lifeless debris.
Good luck in there, Forename! And don't worry...I'll be keeping a close eye on this hunk of scrap metal to make sure it doesn't mess anything up.
Oh, Forename, I knew you could do it! N-7000 and I were monitoring your progress the entire way!
Awaiting orders...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Operation status: success. Stigma-4 has abandoned its military offensive.
N-7000 submits new orders to Stigma-4. Stigma-4 is instructed to immediately cease production of all weapons and attack units, and initiate production of diplomatic hologram units.
Analysis of memory data complete. Further pursuit of planned invasion is calculated to have a 99.9999924634% probability of resulting in utter annihilation. N-7000's orders are deemed strategically and logistically sound. Reconfiguring production infrastructure...
Take that, glowing eyeball!
Oh, my dearest N-7000! I apologize for all those times I called you a sack of bolts. Why, you're the most impressive military information and operations unit I've ever met!
This unit expresses its gratitude to the hero Forename and the soft-looking organic life-form. This unit could not have succeeded without your help.
This also marks the completion of this unit's duties. With the invasion halted indefinitely, there remains no military operation or conflict requiring this unit's functions. Preparing to shut down and enter permanent energy-saving hibernation...
Shut down? What nonsense is this? Did you not receive an order to live just a short time ago!? Eternal sleep doesn't sound like living to me!
Come on, Forename! Say something and set this bolt head straight, won't you?
What will you say?
Why not put your abilities to work for peace? To shut down would be inconsistent with the order Sir gave you.
He's right! You were told to live, and live is what you'll do! If you don't have a war to wage anymore, you can use your talents to bring in a new future of peace and hope.
<whirr> ...But what are the appropriate protocols? This unit possesses little practical experience in peacetime operations.
You can access Stigma-4, can you not? By interfacing with its memory banks, might you not be able to...say, find knowledge of lost civilizations? Civilizations that you might simulate for the edification of those who live now?
Indeed...such a task would be within this unit's capabilities. But what about when that task is complete? Without an ongoing mission, sooner or later this unit is bound to lose its purpose. What happens then?
Well, let's see, now... I suppose you could a café?

Back in Old Sharlayan, there's a fine establishment called the “Last Stand.” People gather there to share food, drink, company─and reasons to meet again.

Forename delivered his world from the brink of despair, and helped people dream of a brighter future once more. What if we could do the same for the other civilizations Meteion found?
This unit finds the furry life-form's suggestion...<whirr>...difficult to process.
And yet, realizing accurate simulations of myriad civilizations─including those the Omicrons have not encountered─would undoubtedly challenge this unit to the fullest. It is a reason to remain active for the foreseeable future.
Precisely! See? I knew I was onto something here!

Speaking of “here”─Forename, do you know anywhere nearby that could use a good café?

There's an empty structure that might be suited for it in the nekropolis? Well, why didn't you say so sooner?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
This unit has taken the liberty of accessing Stigma-4 and simulating a highly advanced war machine from Gordhona. Do take care not to be annihilated.
Analysis indicates that in order to obey the primary directive, “Live,” it will be necessary to establish cooperation with other civilizations.
Initializing café security system... Defenses engaged.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Well, would you look at that... A spacious counter, outdoor seating─and a fine layer of homey grey dust!

Best of all is the view of that massive dead star that Meteion was lurking in for ages, looming ominously overhead! People are going to love this.

Think about it─it's poetic. The very place where hope was nearly extinguished forevermore, now a beacon of it!
This unit has still not fully processed the concept of a “café,” but will simulate elements of lost civilizations as its ongoing mission.
That'll be just fine, N-7000. You focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to me. I'll have you know I learned a thing or two about preparing and serving victuals and beverages in my time at the Last Stand.
Not to mention that I've come up with the perfect name for our new establishment─the “Last Dregs”! An inspiring moniker, wouldn't you say?
This unit is unable to process this statement. It must defer to the furry life-form's judgment.
I'll take that as a “yes”! Now, we had best get to work─there are many preparations to be made before we're ready to open for business. You're more than welcome any time, though, Forename! ...Oh, and please tell the other Loporrits I'm not dead.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Completed
Well, if it isn't Forename! Welcome to the Last Dregs! I'm afraid we're not open for business quite yet, but feel free to make yourself comfortable. Is there anything I might help you with in the meantime?
<whirr> This unit welcomes Surname, Forename, and reports that this unit is currently in the process of observing the residual energy exuded by the dead star.
This unit's next task is to analyze this data and utilize it in recreating remnants of lost civilizations from the depths of Meteion's memories. A cultural salvage operation, if you would.
Data collection and analysis in progress. Please stand by until the next replication process is complete.
Last Dregs security protocol initiated. Any intruders will be eliminated. Repeat, Last Dregs security protocol initiated...
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