While They're Young

This levequest was part of an earlier release of Final Fantasy XIV, but has since been removed. This article is maintained for lore purposes only.
Removed Icon.pngWhile They're Young  REMOVED
Horn and Hand 7th Eye, Diego Athral
Removed Levequest
Among the antling hierarchy, there are the worker ants, responsible for gathering food, and the soldier ants, tasked with defending the colony. The ratio of workers to soldiers is strictly controlled by the type of eggs laid by the queen, and all the myriad members of the colony function together as a single organism. Far more cohesive than even the most disciplined army, the antlings are seen by Ul'dah as a looming danger that must be contained. Thus the question was posed: what if we were able to control the type of antling that hatched from an egg? Too few workers, and the colony would starve. Too few soldiers, and the queen would be defenseless. Further research into this idea requires a large number of samples. Travel to the indicated location and assist Seventh Eye Diego Athral in gathering antling eggs.