Whisper-go (Mount)

Whisper-go (Mount) Icon.pngWhisper-go (Mount)Flying Mount 
Taken in by the vibrant sights of the Gold Saucer, the wandering executive sought out the plaza's architect to design him a vessel of transportation similar in flamboyance to its myriad attractions. The seats are so finely upholstered riders swear it is as if they are floating on air.
Whisper-go (Mount) Patch.png

So this is how man flies without wings? But it is so strange-looking! - Dragonet

Acquisition: Rewarded from the You Must Needs Befriend Them All achievement, only available during the Yo-Kai Watch crossover event
Requires: Whisper-go Key
Movement: Flying (Ground)
Music: The Rider's Boon