Wildwood Elezen

Main Command 3 Icon.pngWildwood Elezen
Race: Elezen
The ancestors of the Wildwood Elezen were displaced from their ancestral home on the plains when the Hyurans came, migrating in part to Coerthas, where they established the nation of Ishgard, and in part to the Shroud, where they founded the nation of Gelmorra (the ancient subterranean state that predates Gridania). Though nowadays "Wildwood" is typically used to refer to the forest-dwelling Elezen, the Elezen of Ishgard, too, share the same common ancestry. As such, Gridania and Ishgard have traditionally enjoyed close relations, with each nation readily coming to the other's aid in times of need.[1]

Distribution: The Black Shroud (Gridania), Coerthas (Ishgard)[1]

Physical Attributes:
The Wildwood Elezen are long of limb, with males and females oft reaching heights of greater than eighty and seventy-seven ilms, respectively. With lifespans one- or two-tenths again as long as their fellow races, their physical maturity is somewhat delayed. It is not uncommon for Wildwood children to look up to their Hyuran friends in their early teens, only to rapidly outstrip them around the age of twenty. Owing in part to their large ears, they possess a sense of hearing keener than that of the other races. The Wildwood Elezen also display a natural affinity for magic, with great mages hailing from this clan seen throughout history.[1] While their Duskwight brethren possess even keener hearing, the Wildwood Elezen possess sharper vision.[2]

While the Elezen adopted the common tongue eras ago, remnants of their old tongue can be seen in the spelling and pronunciation of their names, which speaks to the importance they place on tradition. Male names are typically lengthy, often ending in the syllables "-oix" (pronounced "o-ah"), "-aux" (pronounced -oh"), or a silent "t" ("mont," pronounced "moan," and "geant," pronounced "john"). In contrast, female names are often shorter, and regularly end in diminutives such as "ne," "ette," "elle," and "ie".[1]

Living a nomadic existence on the plains, the ancestors of the Elezen originated the art of archery to protect their lands and livestock from outside threats. From the strings of the bow were born stringed musical instruments, and song and poetry in turn. Their long and graceful limbs also lent themselves to dance, and the myriad manifestations of Elezen art and culture quickly spread to the surrounding lands and peoples. The Elezen were also pioneers in fashion, their unique tanning techniques and exquisite accessories earning great renown across the land.[1] The carpentry of Gridania's immense wooden structures, and its unsurpassed knowledge of leatherworking are the products of Wildwood ingenuity, handed down through the ages.[2]

Rabbit pie is a traditional pastry dish of the Wildwood Elezen formed to resemble a rabbit, but not necessarily containing any meat of leporine origin.[3] They are also known to cook scrambled eggs.[4]

Starting Statistics
Strength +20
Vitality +19
Dexterity +23
Intelligence +22
Mind +19