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Wings of Hope

Sidequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 1   Wings of Hope

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Singingway: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Archons' Design - The Agora (x:11.6, y:10.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → Old Sharlayan Aetheryte Plaza

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png90Down in the DarkMainquest1 Icon.png Down in the Dark (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 1)

Unlocks after completion of the trial The Abyssal Fracture and collection all of the Endwalker Primal Mounts:

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Apocryphal Bahamut Horn
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Singingway is humming an unfamiliar tune.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Curiously Carrot-shaped Amplifier
Apocryphal Horn
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
SingingwayWandering MinstrelAnalysis Supporter
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved
Rotund Component, Hull Fragment, Inner Component, Destination

  • Singingway is humming an unfamiliar tune.
  • According to Singingway, aetherial waves with rhythmic signatures have been detected on the moon, with Heimdall's Last Sight as their source. Having found a seasoned explorer of Allagan ruins in you, and a master bard who can interpret the melodic readings in the wandering minstrel, Singingway hopes to uncover whatever message may be hidden in the emanations. So it is that your newly formed party of three agree to rendezvous in Sinus Lacrimarum.
  • Handing you an amplifier, Singingway instructs you to search for the origin of the aetherial emanations in the vicinity of Heimdall's Last Sight. Once found, you are to install the device to amplify the source's signal.
  • After a short search, you have found the source of the emanations atop the Heimdall-class vessel and installed the amplifier. Singingway will undoubtedly wish to hear of this.
  • Analysis of the emanations reveals that for the countless millennia in which Bahamut was imprisoned within Dalamud, he sung only of his desire for vengeance...or so you are initially led to believe. Further parsing of the data reveals a secret song of hope, drowned out by the Allagans in a twisted plot to fuel the elder primal's rage. Disturbed by this revelation, Singingway wishes to realize Bahamut's true dream─to fly and be free─even if a surrogate must inherit it. As it so happens, the wandering minstrel possesses an apocryphal horn capable of manifesting such a being.
  • With the power of the phantom familiars you have gathered in your travels serving as a font of aether for the ritual, you blow upon the horn, and an entity bearing a likeness to Bahamut materializes before your eyes. The wandering minstrel is inspired with a new verse on the very spot, and weaves a song which chronicles this miracle, that it may be passed down through the ages. Atop this familiar born of hope, may your adventures be boundless as the heavens.

Ah, Forename! I've been looking all over for you!

As you may recall, I oversee the atmospheric circulation system on the moon. For the past several days, its internal gauges have picked up on the most unusual aetherial emanations, and I need your help deciphering them!

The emanations appear to be coming from the wreckage of the Heimdall in Mare Lamentorum─a vessel which, as I understand, is the product of the Allagan civilization that once flourished on Etheirys.

I dare not tread there alone lest some dormant mechanical abomination awaken and tear me apart. No, I must have a seasoned explorer by my side─one who has seen their fair share of Allagan ruins. You'll come, won't you? ...Please?

Oh, I knew you'd say yes! Thank you, my friend, thank you! All that's left is to fetch the last member of our party. Sit tight right here and I'll be back in just a moment.
And thus was the party of three assembled. I expect this will be quite the thrilling expedition, oh yes.
I will forgo introductions seeing as the two of you are already acquainted. As for how I came to know the minstrel, we met during my studies here in Sharlayan. I thought his insight would prove integral to our investigation.
Singingway tells me he detected a most distinctive rhythm in the aetherial signatures received by his atmospheric device. A rhythm which hearkens to mind the mellifluousness of a poem...
Which is why I petitioned his expertise. There are none better versed in the melodies of Etheirys.

Heimdall's Last Sight... 'Tis the ruins of the vessel which once monitored the dreadwyrm Bahamut inside his sanguine prison, Dalamud. That music of all things appears to emanate from the wreckage is...altogether intriguing.

Long has it been a dream of mine to visit the ashen satellite which rests in the heavens. When Singingway relayed to me his intention to petition your aid, I was all the more eager to make this first foray.
And glad I am to have you aboard! Once you've both seen to your preparations, let's have our emergent survey crew rendezvous on the moon in Sinus Lacrimarum!
Quest Accepted

Wonderful, you've arrived! Let's get down to business, shall we?

To begin, I would have you install an amplifier for the purposes of our investigation. Here, take this.

The frequency of the aetherial waves emanating from Heimdall's Last Sight are unfortunately of insufficient amplitude, but by placing this device near the source, we can boost the signal and make a more comprehensive analysis of the wavelengths.

The amplifier will indicate when you've located the signal's source. From there, you need merely wedge it right into that very spot─the antenna embedded within should boost the signal to the required output.

In the meantime, the minstrel and I will calibrate a supporter for analysis, and see if we can't retrieve any data from the vessel.

You'll find us perched nearby once you've finished. Best of luck!
To think I would one day stand upon this pale celestial orb... 'Tis truly more magnificent than I imagined. And there looming in the distance is our star, its tranquil visage bearing no hint of the devastation wrought by the Final Days...
Nearly five thousand years after its construction, this propulsion system's core still burns bright. Yet the amplifier is silent. This is clearly not the source of the aetherial emanations.
A fragment of the vessel's hull, seemingly torn from the craft when it crashed onto the moon. Despite the passage of several years, the equipment remains in an impeccable state─a testament to the Allagans' ingenuity. Yet the amplifier remains unresponsive.
The amplifier has hummed to life in response to a blinking component on the surface of the vessel... You appear to have found the source of the aetherial emanations.
With the device safely installed, it is time you rejoined your companions.
The source of the aetherial emanations should be nearby. You need only place the amplifier where the signal is strongest.
'Twould seem we can remotely access the vessel's internal records from here... I must say, the technological prowess of the Loporrits is even greater than the rumors purported.
<beep> <boop> Why hello there, person of Etheirys! I will have the data analyzed and ready for your perusal as soon as it's been fed into my inputs!
By your countenance─and, well, by your arrival, I take it you found the source of the aetherial emanations. I will have the supporter initiate its analysis protocols immediately!

Allow me to apprise you of the discoveries we made here in the meantime.

According to the records we managed to retrieve from the vessel, Bahamut was kept in a trance whilst imprisoned within Dalamud. Yet despite his stupor, emissions of his aether were detected at regular intervals.

When I pondered as to why this could be, I recalled the existence of the dragons' song. Dragonkind infuse their emotions with aether and express them when they roar, channeling their thoughts to their brethren to communicate.

If my suspicions are correct, we may find Bahamut's will imprinted on the aetherial emanations that have suddenly surfaced.
Okay, analysis complete! The data appears to have been converted into an audio format. Let's give it a listen, shall we?

“Bring unto mine enemies...crushing...defeat...

Burn their lands...their offspring...their ruination be complete...”
This is a dragon's song? The wrath enveloping each word is...palpable. Do you suppose it was Bahamut's years of imprisonment which gave rise to such hatred?
I'm afraid his rage precedes his millennia-long incarceration. The primal Bahamut was summoned forth by the dragons of Meracydia in their desperation to forestall an Allagan invasion, you see. By nature, he is the culmination of the fear and fury of those who called him from the abyss.

That's awful. Loporrits were created out of a love for mankind, yet Bahamut was born of the opposite. To then be imprisoned for thousands of years, within veritable throwing distance of where we lay dormant...

Wait a minute, what do we have here...another recording? Perhaps it shall provide further insight.

“Grant my sisters...

One day...may we soar...the boundless skies...without fear...”
Interned within Dalamud for millennia, Bahamut yearned for a day when not only he, but his oppressed brethren could find solace in the heavens once more...
There's something peculiar about the data... Analysis suggests that the first song we heard was amplified and transmitted repeatedly within Dalamud, almost as if to drown the second one out...
The Allagans needed Bahamut to serve as Dalamud's living core─and only by fueling his hatred could they draw out his fathomless reservoirs of aether to keep the lesser moon afloat. Their cruelty knew no bounds.

...Urianger once told me the importance of the word which inspired my name. That to sing is to express that which comes from the heart─the purest feelings of joy, sorrow, and much, much more.

For Bahamut's song to have been overwritten and effectively erased... It isn't right.

That's why I want to fulfill his wish. I don't know how, or if it's even possible. But if it is, I need your help!

There is a means to give form to feeling...provided one has the appropriate instrument.

Yet Bahamut is long deceased. The aetherial waves recorded on this vessel are naught more than the vestiges of his unfulfilled yearnings. Even should they be realized now, we would only be easing our own consciences─and by some accounts, committing taboo. Still you would proceed?

I would. I wish for, for all of dragonkind to know that their voice─their song─has been heard.

Even if it's an aberration, I wish to see Bahamut's wings beat unfettered in the skies once more!
And what say you?
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What will you say?

I wish for the same.

If Singingway feels that strongly about it...

Let us remember Bahamut the way he wished to live.

Very well. Then in light of your resolve, I shall bequeath to you this apocryphal horn. 'Tis capable of manifesting an entity which corresponds to the desires of the one who wields it.

When you press the instrument upon your lips, you need but keep Bahamut's song of hope in your breast. A being fit to inherit his aspirations shall surely come forth.

Assuming, of course, the requisite aether to give it form is available. Pray summon the phantom beings you have collected in your travels, and let their power serve as a font of energy to complete this rite.

Now, let us hie ourselves to a locale that can accommodate the ritual. I daresay the great abyss shall serve as a fine stage.
'Twould seem we can remotely access the vessel's internal records from here... I must say, the technological prowess of the Loporrits is even greater than the rumors purported.
<beep> <boop> Why hello there, person of Etheirys! I will have the data analyzed and ready for your perusal as soon as it's been fed into my inputs!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Completed

Always and ever shall we wish for mankind's happiness. But that does not mean we wish for all else to suffer.

It's strange when you think about it: why did Mother Hydaelyn create us Loporrits with such a capacity for worry?

Any theories as to why the vessel suddenly began to emit aetherial waves after years of silence? For my part, I believe the reason to be a fairly mundane one: deterioration over time simply caused the ship's internal components to malfunction.

Yet how profound 'twould be if it were Bahamut's undying yearning which awakened the vessel. Such a happening would be worthy of song, would you not agree?
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