Wood Wailers

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The Wood Wailers originate in a group of young spearmen, who assembled under the auspices of Captain Josselin shortly after the founding of Gridania. This, the first company of Wailers, was tasked with defending the Twelveswood—per the woodland city-state's covenant with the elementals. Since then, the Wailers have protected the forest from internal strife, and become masters of the spear. They keep the peace from garrisons in Gridania proper to posts in its hamlets and watchtowers scattered throughout the Black Shroud. For good measure, they also dispatch patrols in the woods.

Wailers' masks signify that they will do their utmost to protect the forest and its inhabitants—even at the risk of incurring the wrath of the elementals if needs be. The elementals, however, distinguish between men not by their faces, but rather by the appearance of their souls. As such, there is little scholarly consensus over whether the masks have any effect whatsoever.

The Wailers' headquarters are located at the Wailing Barracks, which they share with the Lancers' Guild.
Organizational Structure
First Spears: Recruitment and Training
Second Spears: Gridania Proper
Third Spears: Central Shroud
Fourth Spears: East Shroud
Fifth Spears: Northern South Shroud
Sixth Spears: Southern South Shroud
Seventh Spears: Eastern North Shroud
Eighth Spears: Western North Shroud
Ninth Spears: Poacher Eradication
Tenth Spears: West Shroud
Members: Aedan, Alestan, Aube, Averay, Balan, Baptistaux, Barnabontant, Berte, Bertennant, Borlent, Capucine, Ceinguled, Comphas, Detoh Moshroca, Duimessand, Eadbert, Elmar, Ewmond, Eylgar, Farrimond, Faucertaux, Finnea, Franchemontiaux, Francis, Giah Molkoh, Godwin, Guithrit, Hoddyn, J'moldva, Jolline, Juliembert, Katelyn, Kinnison, Landenel, Lanverlais, Laurentius, Lionnet, Lothaire, Maelle, Millicent, Mitainie, Monranguin, Nicia, Osha Jaab, Oswyn, Paulemont, Pimoh Nelhah, Roseline, Roustebant, Severaint, Swethyna, Ulta, Wenyld, Wilham, Wlfric
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