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There are 1 Namazu Quest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
One Size Fits All &000000000000006000000060 Seigetsu the Enlightened Namazu Quest

There are 35 Sidequest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
Wolves and Weeds &000000000000006400000064 Ryosen Sidequest
Amber Alert &000000000000006400000064 Gyoshu Sidequest
Whacking Day &000000000000006400000064 Kohagi Sidequest
Tiger Blood &000000000000006400000064 Masatsuchi Sidequest
The Toon Patrol &000000000000006400000064 Aohata Sidequest
The Sound of Civilized Life &000000000000006400000064 Gyoen Sidequest
Something Smells &000000000000006400000064 Fukata Sidequest
Show Me the New Money &000000000000006400000064 Gyorin Sidequest
Ring My Bell &000000000000006400000064 Gyoboku Sidequest
Perchance to Hanami &000000000000006400000064 Ochimi Sidequest
Not Safe for Children &000000000000006400000064 Sentei Sidequest
Not Just Any Vase &000000000000006400000064 Hard-whiskered Namazu Sidequest
No Wealth Like Mineral Wealth &000000000000006400000064 Gyorin Sidequest
Kurobana vs. the Rice Sacks &000000000000006400000064 Fukudo Sidequest
Kurobana vs. the Arrowheads &000000000000006400000064 Fukudo Sidequest
Kurobana vs. Gyorin &000000000000006400000064 Kurobana Sidequest
Hungry Hog &000000000000006400000064 Shinden Sidequest
Criminal Phrenology &000000000000006400000064 Gyoei Sidequest
Beyond the Powers of Stone &000000000000006400000064 Hojo Sidequest
Gone Fishing &000000000000006400000064 Sentei Sidequest
Fresh Flesh &000000000000006400000064 Gyorin Sidequest
Fly, My Pretties &000000000000006400000064 Honami Sidequest
Drink Responsibly &000000000000006400000064 Gyoku Sidequest
Dearest Keiko &000000000000006400000064 Mauled Man Sidequest
Gyorin the Namazu &000000000000006400000064 Gyorin Sidequest
Courage the Cowardly Lupin &000000000000006400000064 Fukudo Sidequest
By Our Powers Combined &000000000000006400000064 Old Namazu Master Sidequest
Wine for the Road &000000000000006700000067 Stalwart Soldier Sidequest
An Eye for an Emblem &000000000000006700000067 Slight Soldier Sidequest
Assistants Anonymous &000000000000006700000067 Auri Samurai Sidequest
Heart of Iron &000000000000006700000067 Motojiro Sidequest
The Rainbow Collection &000000000000006700000067 Yagoro Sidequest
Forgotten Resolve &000000000000006700000067 Spineless Soldier Sidequest
From the Bottom of My Gut &000000000000006700000067 Haname Sidequest
A View to a Spill &000000000000006700000067 Sharp-eyed Samurai Sidequest

There are 3 Stormblood Main Scenario Quest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
A Glimpse of Madness &000000000000006400000064 Liberation Front Guard Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
All the Little Angels &000000000000006400000064 Isse Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
Broken Steel, Broken Men &000000000000006700000067 Tsuranuki Stormblood Main Scenario Quest