Your Gil's No Good Here

Sidequest2 Icon.png Lv. 16   Your Gil's No Good Here
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil Relations
Expicon.png14,000-57,820 Gil Icon.png829 Ixali Relations Icon.png 50
Guaranteed Rewards Optional Rewards
Venture Icon.png Ixali Oaknot Icon.png x2  Gatherer's Grasp Materia IV Icon.png Gatherer's Guile Materia IV Icon.png Craftsman's Command Materia IV Icon.png 
Informationicon.png Description
Jezul Ahuatan the Second knows that where the monetary system holds no sway, barter must come into greater play. ※The crafting portion of this quest is recommended for Disciples of the Hand level 16 and above.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • As a botanist, harvest ruby spruce branches near Camp Dragonhead. 0/15
  • As a botanist, harvest ruby spruce logs near Camp Dragonhead. 0/5
  • Deliver the ruby spruce wood to the sullen sutler at Camp Dragonhead.
  • Present the spare tank component materials to Norbettaux at Camp Dragonhead.
  • Synthesize spare tank components HQ Icon2.png.
  • Deliver the spare tank components HQ Icon2.png to Jezul Ahuatan the Second.
Issuing NPC: Jezul Ahuatan the Second
North Shroud -Peacegarden -Ehcatl (24-23)
Type: Ixal Quest
Repeatable: Daily
Class: Disciple of the Hand Lvl.16
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngNever Be Royal
Reputation: Honored
Required Items
Ruby Spruce Branch Icon.png Ruby Spruce Log Icon.png Spare Tank Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Spare Tank Component Materials Icon.png
Spare Tank Component
NPCs Involved: Sullen SutlerNorbettaux
Items Involved: Ruby Spruce BranchRuby Spruce LogSpare Tank Component Materials (Key Item)Spare Tank Component MaterialsSpare Tank Component
NPC Locations
Jezul Ahuatan the Second in North Shroud at (24.8-23.8)
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Sullen Sutler in Coerthas Central Highlands at (26.4-16.4)
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Norbettaux in Coerthas Central Highlands at (25.5-16.4)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png Jezul Ahuatan the Second in North Shroud at (24.8-23.8)
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  • Jezul Ahuatan has bamboozled you into crafting spare tank components. But first, you must reap what you have─or rather, some other botanist has─sown, The forests around Camp Dragonhead are rich in quality timber; harvest fifteen ruby spruce branches and fire ruby spruce logs.
  • Your arms are sticky with sap, and sawdust powders your hair. Ah, to be a lumberjack and work all day! The smell of fresh-cut spruce will surely life the spirit of even the one they call the sullen sutler.
  • You have acquired a set of spare tank component materials. Present them to Norbettaux at Camp Dragonhead in order to gain access to the crafting facility under his care.
  • Norbettaux has prepared the crafting facility for your use. With the materials you have obtained, synthesize two high-quality components for a spare ceruleum tank, and deliver them to Jezul Ahuatan at Ehcatl.
Depending on which sidequests you accepted, there are up to 3 Facility Access (de)buffs and each will stack, making it rather challenging if not impossible to complete a recipe. Only accept one buff at a time and remove the old one when you talk to Norbettaux to prepare the next quest synthesis.
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