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The Portable Archive is a collection of Lore entries on various locations around The First, specifically The Copied Factory to begin. The Portable Archive is unlocked upon completion of the On the Threshold sidequest.
Name Category Description
Machine Research Report 1 The Copied Factory The machines' primary objective seems to be nothing more than “kill enemy.” What's troubling, though, is that their auto-evolution systems have begun to build a private network.
Machine Research Report 2 The Copied Factory The machines' network has evolved to the point where paradoxes no longer present an obstacle, allowing for diversity among individuals. They may continue to incorporate whatever data is within reach─someday, the world in its entirety.
Memory of a Damaged Machine The Copied Factory Oh brother, where art thou? It's dark. I'm alone. All alone and lonely. I want friends. Don't stop me. I'll kill you. I need friends...
Tattered Flyer The Copied Factory Thanks for [...] by! [...]'s is a thriving chain of [... ...]cluding swords that match the regional features and squads of [...]
Unidentified Expedition Log 1 The Copied Factory Survey of local terrain continues. Ecosystem in this area appears to have adapted to extended drought─dry climate conditions must have been present for some time. Investigation of a murky spring did reveal aquatic life, though of an unusual sort.
Unidentified Expedition Log 2 The Copied Factory Survey of local terrain continues. Current location is particularly verdant, likely owing to the plethora of freshwater springs. Peculiar that two so markedly distinct biomes should exist in such proximity.
Unidentified Expedition Log 3 The Copied Factory Survey of local terrain still continues, though with no discoveries of particular note. Or perhaps I've grown tired of searching. Still, it's better to be stuck in the middle of nowhere than on the front lines.
Weapon Fragment Data 1 The Copied Factory The blade is in motion, once-gleaming white drenched red. A blow to halt the twin gears life and death, its impetus long forgotten.
Weapon Fragment Data 2 The Copied Factory Our world never doubted. Only closed its eyes, the better to turn unburdened.
Weapon Fragment Data 3 The Copied Factory In that world we once knew, sharp and shattered, a single spark of memory grows to a flame. It shines upon the lost, and at last we understand.
Weapon Fragment Data 4 The Copied Factory Rue not what has come to be, nor lay down your arms while life still rises amidst ruin. The blade demands this vow, this virtue.