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The Field Record is a collection of Lore entries about various NPCs relating to The Bozjan Southern Front, where all such entries are found.
Number Name Description
01 Bajsaljen Ulgasch (Field Record) Race: Hrothgar

Age: 54

Birthplace: Bozja

A native of Bozja and leader of his people’s resistance movement, Bajsaljen works to free his conquered nation from the tyranny of the Garlean Empire and reestablish the region as an independent state.

In his youth, Bajsaljen studied the medicinal sciences. His academic achievements saw him conscripted into the imperial army to serve as a medic, a career which in turn earned him the rights of citizenship. Such status allowed him the opportunity to marry and sire a child, but his happiness would be short-lived─while the Hrothgar was called away on campaign to suppress an uprising, his family perished in the now-infamous Bozja incident.

A devastated Bajsaljen later deserted the Empire, fleeing his unit along with several comrades, and it was not long until their underground activities brought them into contact with the Resistance.

During his time in the imperial army, he had not been one to dwell upon the cruelties of life. The events of the disaster, however, left him a changed man─few can match the hatred and bitterness he now feels towards his former masters.

Yet even so, Bajsaljen strives to master his emotions, for history has taught him that anger alone will not suffice to deliver his people the freedom they desire. Instead, he focuses his energies upon the newly reformed Gunnhildr's Blades and their sacred weapons, as he leads the fight to drive the IVth Imperial Legion from his beloved homeland.

02 Marsak Apella (Field Record) Race: Hrothgar

Age: 42

Birthplace: Bozja

Like many others, Marsak was a conscript in the imperial army. His duties often took him far from home, and he was thus spared the fate of his parents and siblings when destruction visited Bozja Citadel. Following the tragedy, he escaped the military to join the Resistance, and now serves as Bajsaljen’s right-hand man.

In addition to attending to the Resistance leader, Marsak is responsible for procuring funds and supplies, as well as the training of recruits. Where the warm-natured Hrothgar truly shines, however, is in his capacity as a liaison with outside allies such as Hien of Doma or the East Aldenard Trading Company, contacts with whom he has built a trustworthy reputation.

This amiability extends even to the citizens of the Empire, amongst whom he was once raised. Marsak, by his own quiet admission, chooses to save his animosity for the imperial state rather than its people. Although some might consider such attitudes too softhearted, it is this gentle manner which sets the otherwise guarded minds of his counterparts at ease.

An avid student of Rostik’s gunbreaker techniques, Marsak is also admired for his martial talents, and has earned his name as a stalwart shield for the Bozjan Resistance.

03 Xeven Svanasch (Field Record) Race: Hrothgar

Age: 47

Birthplace: Bozja (unverified)

Xeven is a member of Gunnhildr's Blades, and assumed to be a native of Bozja...though none claim to know this for certain. Notoriously reticent, the little he has divulged of his past suggests his road led through many lands─Thavnair to the south, Hingashi to the east, even the imperial capital of Garlemald to the north─in his quest to master the arts of the arcane.

His obsession with magery began with a journey to Eorzea. He had traveled with his father to Gridania, desperate to find a cure to the wasting disease which afflicted his mother. Their efforts, however, were to be in vain─the illness took her life even as they sought the means to her salvation. Knowing only that his mother’s ailment began with the Empire’s occupation of Bozja, the young Xeven’s grief soon grew into a wrathful hunger for vengeance against those he held responsible for her passing.

He considered the magecraft he had witnessed in his travels, and swore to take that knowledge back with him to Bozja. He would make his own study of the world’s magicks, and bring those powers to bear against the imperial invaders.

Yet although Xeven succeeded in creating a unique school of spellweaving, he refrained from sharing this expertise with others. He simply could not risk his wisdom─focused as it was on dealing destruction─becoming the catalyst for misery in the hands of an unscrupulous practitioner.

Xeven himself soon became a peerless mage, his presence on the battlefield akin to a vengeful god, inspiring awe and terror in equal measure. He does not fear death. He tempts it─welcomes it, even. Such fatalism stems from a prophecy pronounced upon him by a seer of unknown origin, whom he chanced across in the ruined halls of Dalmasca. Though the words spoken were foreign to his ear, Xeven was nevertheless able to divine their meaning: when the fires of revolution stained the skies of Bozja, his doom would be at hand.

And now that the southern front is consumed by turmoil, he believes it is there that his grave awaits. He will not seek to avoid this fate, but carve a red trail through his foes as a proud blade of Gunnhildr, until such time as his inevitable demise rises up to claim him. He does not fear death.

With every moment that passes, the prophecy edges ever closer to fulfillment.

04 Isolde Covey (Field Record) Race: Hyur

Age: 26

Birthplace: Lea Monde, Dalmasca

Isolde’s parents were respected Bozjans who fled to Dalmasca when war engulfed their homeland, only to look on helplessly as their new haven was forced to join the growing number of imperial provinces. Exhausted by conflict, the Coveys declined the Empire’s offer to return them to Bozja with their fellow refugees, electing instead to settle in Lea Monde. Thus was Isolde born a provincial citizen, and educated in the imperial doctrine. Her heart, however, was ever drawn to the traditional music and dance of her Bozjan heritage─the frenzied tempo of its rhythms; the soaring peaks and plunging valleys of its melodies. Its lyrics told the tale of her people’s lives and bond with nature, stories of love plucked on strings and beat on drums. Atop this was layered the dancers’ song, strident voices blending with the booming steps of their furious measure.

From a young age, Isolde dreamed of becoming such a dancer, and so intense was her passion that others began to see her as the hope for a new generation of performers. To realize this dream, however, she would also need to learn the bow. The weapon doubled as an instrument in Bozjan dance, using one bow to saw on the string of another, or twanging the bowstring to keep time. But custom dictated that the bow be no mere prop. As a mark of respect for their ancestors, who were once nomadic hunters, all dancers were fully trained in its use.

Thus when Isolde joined the Resistance she was already an accomplished archer, her steady hand and keen eye soon earning her a place as one of Gunnhildr’s Blades.

Yet even amongst the ceaseless violence, she harbors an abiding love and respect for what the people of the land once had...and hopes they might one day have again. Isolde yearns for peace to come swiftly, not only for the sake of Bozja, but for the Empire as well.

05 Stanik Alubov (Field Record) Race: Hrothgar

Age: 36

Birthplace: Bozja

Long before he joined the ranks of Gunnhildr’s Blades, Stanik had dreamed of becoming a hero.

Life under imperial rule was, for the great majority of Bozjans, a daily struggle against poverty, and the same held true for Stanik’s parents─a slow day at the little stall they ran meant no food on the table that night. No coin could be spared to send Stanik to school, and that, too, was not uncommon. Stanik himself did what he could to earn money, whether that be minding the neighbors’ children or polishing boots on the street, but no matter how bad things were, he never resorted to thieving. His parents had always taught him that being poor was no excuse for poor morals.

At the age of fifteen, Stanik presented himself at the imperial army’s conscription office for evaluation, and was accepted as a soldier. He did this not because he sought a soldier’s glory, but rather to ease the burden on his parents by giving them one less mouth to feed.

Of his meager wages, he sent home what he could. Though it be but a pittance, it sometimes helped Stanik feel like the hero he yearned to become. The letters he received in return were his sole source of comfort, evidence as they were that his parents yet survived.

Stanik was stationed at a distant post when reports of the “incident” flooded in. A message arrived from his parents five days later, and he felt a rush of relief...until he saw the numbers neatly printed in the corner. It was dated one day before Bozja Citadel all but ceased to exist...

06 Blaz Azetina (Field Record) Race: Hrothgar

Age: 25

Birthplace: Doma

Blaz is a samurai, and direct descendant of the founders of the Verdant Path, an illustrious martial school famous for teaching everything from unarmed combat to swordplay to spear techniques.

The school had a history of forbidding its disciples from engaging in uprisings, adhering to the philosophy that martial perfection was to serve the enlightenment of the soul─not sharpen tools for base conflict. When insurrection broke out in Bozja, however, there were students whose hatred for the Empire overwhelmed their stoic sense of obedience. Those who joined the fight were expelled, and so did the Verdant Path avoid confrontation with the Empire’s forces.

Despite being the youngest child of the school’s founding family, Blaz’s father also chose to rebel against his teachings and lend his blade to the Bozjan cause. In the end, however, the uprising was crushed. Blaz’s father took shelter in Doma, where he was to eventually wed, and, as time passed, be blessed with a son.

Blaz, following in his sire’s martial footsteps, entered a prestigious samurai school, and mastered the katana at a young age. Some years later, when Hien returned from exile to lead his nation in revolution, the eager Hrothgar seized the opportunity to repay his family’s debt to Doma. Once Doma’s liberation was secured, Blaz made ready to strike out on his own. But after hearing rumors of the Eastern alliance and the new uprising in Bozja, he knew his road must lead to his father’s homeland.

The Verdant Path was experiencing upheaval of its own at this time, with the newly appointed schoolmaster championing the cause of rebuilding the Bozja of old. Blaz was welcomed with open arms, and even offered a position to teach the arts of the samurai. He declined the honor. Though his father had since passed on, Blaz was determined to carry on his legacy. He would join the Resistance and the ranks of Gunnhildr’s Blades, swearing an oath to see the nation of Bozja reborn.

07 Velibor Azetina (Field Record) Race: Hrothgar

Age: 24

Birthplace: Zetina's Grace, Bozja

Velibor is a knight, and second cousin to Blaz. And, like Blaz, he is a direct descendant of the founders of the Verdant Path, an illustrious martial school famous for teaching everything from unarmed combat to swordplay to spear techniques.

This prestigious institution has existed for over two hundred years, and its adherents rose up in strength to defend the city-state of Bozja against the Garlean Empire’s incursion. As the invasion rolled on, however, Basch van Gabranth, then legatus of IVth Legion, grew reluctant at the slaughter of so much promising martial talent. He promised the Verdant Path amnesty and protection, if it would but swear fealty to the Empire. The schoolmaster accepted, and by surrendering himself to the invaders’ justice were his disciples spared further bloodshed.

It was Velibor’s grandmother who inherited the schoolmaster’s mantle, and she upheld Gabranth’s pact with unflinching rigidity─tempers would flare and groups would form to rebel against the occupying forces, but any student she caught joining these uprisings was immediately expelled. Thus did the Verdant Path endure. It was on her deathbed, however, that she muttered these words to her successor, Velibor’s father: “I have honored our promise to Gabranth, as my husband wished. His sacrifice was an act of love, to ensure that we survived. But you, my son, are not beholden to this oath. A new age is upon us...”

Blaz arrived to find the Verdant Path now aligned with his own purpose, and Velibor discovered in his second cousin a kindred spirit. He remembers their first meeting, and the sense that a missing part of his soul had returned. Indeed, Velibor felt his distant relative more a brother in truth. Within a short while, they were engaged in friendly rivalry, their mutual encouragement leading to the invention of new martial techniques.

Even as their companionship blossomed, the school took steps to formalize its allegiance to the Bozjan Resistance, and Velibor, along with some few dear comrades, was invited to join the vaunted Gunnhildr’s Blades. This day, as on every other, is his greatsword poised to fall upon the oppressors of his people.

08 Aggie Glover (Field Record) Race: Hyur

Age: 17

Birthplace: Martrvje, Bozja

An ancient and diverse settlement home to some two hundred thousand inhabitants, the Bozjan harbor city of Martrvje draws in laborers from malms around with the promise of plentiful employment. Yet despite its prosperity, this haven also shelters its fair share of vagrants and orphans. Whether it be through war, illness, or imprisonment at the hands of authorities, many are the children who lose their parents to unfortunate circumstance and end up huddled beneath the streets in sewers and drainage tunnels. Aggie had been one such child.

She never knew her parents, nor the name she was given at birth. “Aggie” was what the imperial clerks chose to call her on that brutal winter’s day when they first found the five-year-old shivering outside, alone and half-frozen.

She claims to have little memory of the time before she was rescued, aside from the taste of zefir─a sweet marshmallow confectionery which remains her favorite food. She has no recollection of where or with whom she lived. Back then, she seemed unable or unwilling to even speak.

The clerks took the silent Aggie to be raised at the illustrious Verdant Path, a school of martial learning. And her transformation was nothing short of miraculous─the dead-eyed, listless child that was taken in from the cold came to life in the company of her classmates. She showed an incredible aptitude for reading and writing, devouring every scrap of wisdom her instructors set before her. Before long, she had blossomed into a young girl full of smiles and affection, her cheerful mood never failing to brighten a room.

Blaz and Velibor were the two with whom Aggie felt the most connected. Determined not to be outdone by their martial prowess, she devoted herself to the study of fist-fighting, and through a combination of hard work and natural talent, rose to the rank of master by her sixteenth nameday.

When her battle brothers left to join the Resistance, she would not be left behind. And there in the muddy camps, amongst soldiers prone to fits of despair or fury, Aggie was once again a welcome ray of sunshine. She became their living banner, a rallying presence on the field. They cheered when she was selected for Gunnhildr’s Blades, Blaz and Velibor loudest of all, but she suspected Bajsaljen had based his decision more on politics than merit. Still, she saw no point in provoking argument. Aggie would continue as she always had, fighting the good fight and lifting the morale of her comrades.

09 Llofii pyr Potitus (Field Record) Race: Miqo'te

Age: 19

Birthplace: Valnain, Dalmasca

A former member of the IVth Imperial Legion's mage detachment, Llofii is guilty of one of the gravest crimes an imperial soldier can commit: desertion during combat. This she did in order to free a monoceros, a creature of great worth to her unit, at the cost of all that she had achieved in the legion, and on pain of death. Such a brazen act may seem irrational to her comrades, but to the young Miqo'te, it was perhaps the most rational decision of her life.

Owing to the inability of native Garleans to wield magic, the Empire seldom incorporates the use of spellcraft in their military, but when they do, as is the case with the IVth, they take a meticulously scientific approach. Employing various creatures from wild animals to voidsent as test subjects, imperial mages study the magical arts of faraway lands and adapt them for use by people who possess limited affinity with magic. As a talented summoner, Llofii was charged with this task.

With her abundant reservoir of aether and precise touch in spellcasting, Llofii was far ahead of her class at the military academy. Upon graduation, she enlisted in the IVth Imperial Legion, where she completed a grueling initiation to earn a place in the mage detachment led by Sadr rem Albeleo. Yet though initially filled with pride, she would come to be racked by disillusionment in Bozja, where she was confronted with the cruel treatment that was forced upon test subjects.

One subject placed in Llofii's care was a monoceros, a rare and majestic beast with the power to vanquish undead beings. Despite her railing conscience, she bit her lips and dutifully conducted experiment after experiment upon the wretched creature, but her blood froze in her veins when she received the parchment bearing her next instructions and read the word: “Vivisection.” It was then that she came to a gut-wrenching realization: the spells she helps to create are born of suffering. Burning with guilt and regret, the Miqo'te made her choice: she would set the monoceros─and herself─free.

10 Hernais pyr Longus (Field Record) Race: Hyur

Age: 24

Birthplace: Mons Falconis, Landis

When Hernais first enlisted in the legions, he shared the midland marshals’ unfavorable impression of Lyon rem Helsos. The Beast King’s tactics were unconventional and unpredictable, subject to sudden changes as he surveyed the shifting tides of battle─certainly no such rough-and-tumble strategy was taught at any officer academy. The man himself was uncouth in word and appearance, and apparently preferred the company of creature to man. They dismissed him as they would any borderland barbarian.

Hernais’s opinion was flipped on its head, however, when he witnessed Lyon’s handling of the insurrection in Dalmasca four years ago. While it was true the Beast King spoke brusquely, he knew each of his subordinates by name, and was well versed in their strengths and weaknesses. When battle was joined, he did not lead from the rear─indeed, he was often the first to leap into the fray. “Only the weak perish” was his constant refrain, and the young officer saw the truth of his words as the inept and the cowardly fell in droves before the strong.

Lyon’s strategy sent his pets to the front lines to die in place of soldiers, and, while initially bemused, Hernais came to understand the man’s fondness for the beasts. He doted upon them like children that might not wake to see the morrow, cherishing every moment they stalked the boundary ‘twixt life and death. Needing no more convincing of Lyon’s savage greatness, Hernais requested placement with the War Beasts that he might serve as his new mentor’s herald.

The following is an excerpt from Curious, the Mons Falconis town gazette.

Reporter: Your comrades in the IVth Legion have dubbed you the “Tenacious” and compare you to some well-trained cur. Do you take umbrage at being so described?

Hernais: I care not. They are simply envious.

Reporter: And what makes you think that?

Hernais: Most of these fools can scarce hide their ambition. They smile and scrape and follow orders, while inside they chafe at the indignity.

Reporter: A soldier must do as a superior commands, but is not a brief flicker of defiance only natural...?

Hernais: Not for me. Not anymore. With the whole of my heart, with the entirety of my soul, do I walk the trail of the Beast King. Let them mock my name! I accept it as a badge of honor, and may none question my loyalty!


Reporter: ...So spake pyr Longus. Have you any comments for your subordinate, sir?

Lyon: To be honest, I’d completely forgotten the boy until you shared that story just now. Ah, yes, he’s an eager little bastard─like a terrier! All fury and gnashing teeth! Pity that type doesn’t last long amongst the big dogs.

Reporter: you for your time.

11 Dabog aan Inivisch (Field Record) Race: Hrothgar

Age: 34 (estimate)

Birthplace: Bozja

A hypertuned soldier of the IVth Imperial Legion's magitek unit, Dabog pilots two of the latest warmachina to be conceived by the Empire: the scorpion-type Vigilia and the flying armor Gabriel.

In recent years, many of the Empire's weapons have been sent to Valnain, where they undergo enhancement under the supervision of Senior Engineer Sicinius mal Vellutus. Two notable fruits of this project are Vigilia and Gabriel, which are designed to be controlled both physically and mentally for superior responsiveness and maneuverability. Piloting these units, however, demands a heightened state of mental sensitivity verging on telepathy, and only those soldiers who have been augmented with magitek can achieve the requisite synchronization between man and machine.

While theoretically sound and showing promise in the laboratory, this new interface technology remains in its infancy, and being all too familiar with the fickleness of the flesh, Sicinius resolved to test it fully in Bozja in preparation for the outbreak of conflict in Dalmasca. For this he required a test subject, and the person chosen was Dabog─a cruel twist given that the Hrothgar was not a soldier of the IVth but of the enemy, the Bozjan Resistance.

The death of his parents and siblings in the Bozja incident prompted Dabog to join the Resistance, and for more than a decade he fought tirelessly against his hated Empire. Even when he was taken prisoner two years ago, he never stopped fighting, and ever sought a way to flee his captors. But on one such attempt, he plummeted from the castrum wall, the long fall shattering his spine. The chirurgeon's diagnosis was grim: he would not live out the week.

In the IVth Imperial Legion, testing is only permitted upon living men when their safety is absolutely assured, and be it friend or foe, all individuals are to be treated with compassion. Thus has the legatus himself decreed. Perverting his commander's noble intent for his own ends, Sicinius reasoned that he was saving a man's life, and proceeded with his testing in secret.

So it was that Dabog was reborn a hypertuned soldier and returned to the battlefield at the helm of fearsome new warmachina. And owing to a further act of so-called compassion on Sicinius's part, he is spared the pain of having to kill his former comrades─for he no longer remembers them.

12 Dyunbu pyr Potitus (Field Record) Race: Miqo'te

Age: 24

Birthplace: Revenia, Dalmasca

A member of the IVth Imperial Legion's mage detachment, Dyunbu employs her puissant healing magicks to bolster her comrades in battle.

In the wake of Emperor Varis's assassination, the various wings of the Garlean military had braced themselves for another bloody war of succession, but few could have anticipated the unprecedented collapse of the chain of command in the motherland. Yet where others saw chaos, Dyunbu, a stout believer in Noah van Gabranth's ideals, espied an opportunity to realize her commander's goal of establishing an independent new nation.

The Empire's seemingly inevitable disintegration had cast a pall of uncertainty over the fate of countless soldiers, and none felt greater apprehension than those who hailed from the provinces. To such weary souls separated from hearth and home, Dyunbu extolled the virtues of the cause, encouraging them to cast aside past allegiances and join her in the promised land, while making clear her vehement disapproval of those who would align themselves with the Resistance. Such unbridled zeal places her amongst van Gabranth's most loyal, and one cannot help but wonder whence arose her convictions. To find the answer, one must glimpse into her past and see the path she walked which led to her adopting the surname Potitus, common among Miqo'te with imperial citizenship.

Orphaned at a tender age, Dyunbu grew up on the streets of Revenia. Though citizenship was not an unusual aspiration for those of her lot, she knew none who wanted it as badly as she did. Believing education to be the key to raising herself up, she took to stealing into the local school and learning as a student in all but name. Her efforts would not be in vain, for when she was eventually placed into imperial care, her impressive ability with letters came to the attention of officials, who sent her to be formally educated at the army reserve academy.

It was there that she first encountered van Gabranth's ideology, and it resonated with her to the very core. In the years that followed, she would enlist in the IVth and become the legatus's staunchest adherent, fighting every battle and weaving every spell in the name of her dreamed-of utopia.

13 Clarricie quo Priscus (Field Record) Race: Elezen

Age: 33

Notorious among both friend and foe for her ostentatious presence on the battlefield, the true nature of this centurion of the IVth Imperial Legion's contingent of beasts remains shrouded in mystery.

Two facts are certain: Clarricie joined the ranks of the IVth Imperial Legion some ten years ago, and is one of the few beastmasters recognized for her talents by the “Beast King” Lyon rem Helsos. Beyond this, countless stories are told. Some call her a witch, saying they have observed her speaking to her pets in unholy, bestial tongues the likes of which have never been uttered by mortal mouths─indeed, that the monstrosities in her charge obey her every command because she herself is one of them. Others claim this is but a lie spread by those looking to smear her name, and that Clarricie is rather a saint, a figure of surpassing compassion and charity who tends to her wounded pets and comrades with self-sacrificing love and devotion, fighting to protect them as if she were the warrior goddess Gradia herself.

Perhaps both tales are true, and whether Clarricie appears as a witch or a saint depends only on the eye of the beholder. What cannot be denied are the nigh-countless triumphs she has claimed in war, and the profound fear she strikes into the heart of any foe unfortunate enough to meet her dangerously alluring gaze on the battlefield.

Little is known about her origins, save that she was born as one of the Eschva, a nomadic people that wandered across borders in the olden days. When the Empire came, they refused to settle, leading Legatus Gabranth to propose a compromise: they could maintain their itinerant lifestyle on the condition that they volunteered a dictated number of their strongest men to serve in the imperial army for a fixed period of time. The Eschva accepted these terms, and Clarricie's newlywed husband was one of those chosen to serve. A formidable beastmaster in his own right, he was recruited into Lyon's contingent, but tragically and suddenly lost his life on his very first mission─just months after he and Clarricie swore their vows. Feeling a strong sense of responsibility and pity for the poor girl, Lyon personally paid her a visit in Gabranth's stead, apologizing for causing her beloved's death under his watch. Lamenting the thought of any other Eschva women being widowed as she had been, she entreated Lyon to accept her into his ranks in her husband's place, a petition which the Beast King was all too happy to accept. Since that day, Clarricie wears the masks of both a witch and a saint, fighting for her husband's honor and memory, and to achieve an era of peace for her people that her beloved will never see...

14 Sartauvoir quo Soranus (Field Record) Race: Elezen

Age: 61

Birthplace: Mannatheihwo, Landis

An influential centurion of the IVth Imperial Legion, Sartauvoir quo Soranus does not originally hail from the Empire. After the successful invasion of Bozja, the IVth was ordered by Emperor Solus to proceed to their next target, the Kingdom of Dalmasca. Legatus Basch van Gabranth secretly feared Dalmasca's war mages and─seeking to fight fire with fire, as it were─hatched a plan to form his own contingent of powerful sorcerers. To accomplish this, he set his eyes on the subjugated former Republic of Landis─in particular, Mannatheihwo, the only city in the republic to boast its own company of mage-knights. Though it was common practice for the Garleans to disband the knight companies of the nations it conquered and absorb them into the imperial army, their hatred of all things magical compelled them to quash the mage-knights of Mannatheihwo entirely. Fearing for their lives, these sorcerers had fled their homes and scattered across once-proud Landis. Knowing this, Legatus Gabranth set out in search of them.

One such mage was Sartauvoir, who had taken up residence in a small farming hamlet a stone's throw from the city where he concealed his identity, posing as a local tutor and academic. Discovered and approached by the IVth, the proud mage initially rebuffed their advances, but began to take an interest in their offer upon hearing of Legatus Gabranth's vision, similar and yet fundamentally different from that of the Empire he so despised. Realizing what Sartauvoir could offer them, the IVth─patiently, yet persistently─reached out to him on multiple occasions, trusting the mage would have a change of heart. One day, Sartauvoir was greeted at his place of learning by a soldier unfamiliar to him. Though the soldier stood alone, was advanced in years, and carried not even a dagger in his hand, Sartauvoir knew in an instant that even his most potent incantations would be no match for this man. So it was that he exchanged words face-to-face for the first time with Basch van Gabranth, and so it was that the mage─struck to his very core by the legatus's words─did swear to him his undying loyalty.

In the nigh thirty years since, Sartauvoir has served the IVth well and true. Though he has honed his already-potent skills to greater heights of power under the tutelage of Sadr rem Albeleo, his pride as a mage-knight of Mannatheihwo still burns within him as fierce as the blazing infernos he wreaks upon his foes. And yet he wields his magicks not in the name of wanton destruction, but rather in the hope of realizing the long-held dream of Noah van Gabranth─the same dream once held by his father...

15 Sicinius mal Vellutus (Field Record) Race: Garlean

Age: 42

Birthplace: Garlemald, Garlean Empire

Senior Engineer of the IVth Imperial Legion's magitek detachment, Sicinius honed his skills as a researcher at the Resonatorium in the service of Lord Aulus mal Asina. When the facility was decommissioned after the fall of Ala Mhigo and the findings of its team transmitted to Garlemald, the accomplished Sicinius received orders to return to the imperial capital. He rebuffed his superiors' advances, however, and instead requested a transfer to the IVth Legion, which he knew to be in pursuit─and if the rumors were true, already in possession─of lost reliquaries and forbidden knowledge of ancient Allag. The IVth, for their part, having heard whispers of Sicinius's consummate aptitude as a magitek engineer, had extended an invitation for him to join their ranks, making the two a natural fit. Upon joining the legion, his talents were quickly recognized by Legatus Gabranth and his second-in-command and leader of the archaeological expedition, Menenius rem Lanatus. Profoundly moved by Gabranth's vision for a new nation, Sicinius swore an oath of loyalty, and was thus rewarded with his current position of senior engineer.

In recent days, he continues his research with yet greater zeal, in hopes of restoring ancient warmachina and other technology recovered from the Ridorana Lighthouse, which stands in the Valnard Sea in the southern reaches of Dalmasca. Sicinius began his experimentation with the so-called laborer-class models, and it is believed the project has progressed to a point where he is looking to deploy these new machines on the field of battle. Indeed, it is said that he has volunteered to depart for the front lines of the war against the Bozjan Resistance, hoping to collect data on the potency of his latest toys firsthand─a trait doubtless inherited from his esteemed former master...

16 Sadr rem Albeleo (Field Record) Race: Elezen

Age: 37

Birthplace: Ul'dah

Pilus prior of the IVth Imperial Legion, Sadr rem Albeleo serves under Menenius sas Lanatus in the legion's Bozjan subjugation forces. A mage of surpassing skill, he particularly favors the lost and forbidden arts of ages past, incantations which he is known to practice on his prisoners of war─often with the expected grisly and gruesome results. The utter lack of care he displays for any mortal life has earned him the fear of friend and foe alike.

Once a member in good standing of the Ul'dah Thaumaturges' Guild, he was swiftly expelled by Mumuepo when the guildmaster observed the young mage's penchant for acts of unspeakable cruelty. Chased from the sultanate by an angry mob, Albeleo took to wandering the realm in search of yet more powerful magicks of destruction and summoning. Upon arriving in the province of Dalmasca, he fell in naturally with the IVth Legion and their assemblage of soldiers of various talents, and soon after was entrusted by Legatus Gabranth with command of a regiment of mages. In the fifteen years since, he has trained many in the arcane arts, and with only the most talented able to survive his harsh methods, he succeeded in creating a unit whose name would be spoken of in fear across Eorzea.

Feeling naturally drawn to Menenius and his archaeological expedition, Albeleo was quick to volunteer for the effort against the Bozjan Resistance, and so it was that he came to this land with a shard of auracite recovered from ancient Ivalice...

17 Lyon rem Helsos (Field Record) Race: Hyur

Age: 68

Birthplace: Arnsbeirgs, Landis

Pilus prior of the IVth Imperial Legion, known also by the epithet “the Beast King.”

A mainstay of the IVth, the indomitable Lyon has faithfully served two generations of Gabranth legatuses─first the father, Basch, with whom he shares a homeland, and now the son, Noah. Having known the latter as an infant, he forgoes protocol and refers to his commander as his “dear boy” as he always has.

Since the beginning of his military career, he has exhibited tremendous talent for warcraft, swiftly rising through the ranks to become a centurion and distinguishing himself during the invasion of Bozja well before his twentieth nameday. Now a grizzled soldier of eight and sixty, it would seem that Lyon's best days are far behind him, but his vaunted skill at arms betray no signs of decline; on the contrary, his wealth of combat experience makes him all the more fearsome as he charges into battle at the head of his beast contingent in clashes against the Bozjan Resistance.

Yet as often as he has proven his worth to the IVth, Lyon also has a notorious reputation for being unpredictable. A warrior through and through, he relishes battle for its own sake, and is known to seek out worthy foes against whom to test his mettle, mission be damned. Not even strategies of his own conception are exempt from his impulses, and his comrades are no longer surprised when they discover that he has abruptly sallied forth on his own.

His conduct has garnered him the ire of his superior, Tribunus Menenius sas Lanatus, but not even demotion seems to faze the old Hyur. Having no patience for Menenius's love of machination and maneuvering, Lyon is often heard to say: “A warrior lets his weapon do the talking.”

18 Menenius sas Lanatus (Field Record) Race: Elezen

Age: 45

Birthplace: Garlemald, Garlean Empire

Tribunus of the IVth Imperial Legion, Menenius serves as the Garleans' chief intelligence officer, recruiting and dispatching spies, gathering information, and providing counsel to Legatus Gabranth in all matters of war. Furthermore, he commands the archaeological mission to the southern provinces of Dalmasca and Bozja, seeking to gain technological knowledge and arcane reliquaries from Allag and Ivalice of power surpassing anything born of present-day knowledge.

Recently dispatched to Castrum Lacus Litore after this key strategic point was the target of a massive strike by the Bozjan Resistance, Menenius oversees three armies: to wit, the beast army led by Lyon rem Helsos, Albeleo and his contingent of mages, and the tribunus's own pride and joy─a fearsome detachment of magitek warmachina.

In the days of the republic, the Lanatus family boasted a long and august lineage, until Menenius's grandfather Thyrus opposed and incurred the ire of then-Dictator Solus zos Galvus. Banished, Thyrus died famished and in ignominy, but nevertheless his son Lucius was taken in by the IVth Legion, which had been dispatched to the fringes at the time. Possessed of a sharp mind and innate aptitude for military strategy, Lucius earned the favor of Basch van Gabranth, who named the young man his second-in-command. Determined to restore his family's good name, Lucius, at his legatus's behest, married an Elezen noblewoman of diminished circumstances, adopting her son as his own─this was Menenius.

A close friend and confidant of Noah van Gabranth since their early years, his loyalty to the Gabranths─both father and son─is absolute. Perhaps for this reason, he is willing─even eager─to accept the most unsavory jobs, making him uniquely suited to his current role. His methods are known to be cruel and inhumane, earning him a reputation as one who will justify any means to accomplish his ends. In truth, however, even his worst atrocities are motivated by a burning, yet forever-unseen passion to serve the Gabranths to the best of his abilities.

When the Garlean war of succession broke out, Legatus Gabranth chose the path of independence, realizing his long-held dream. As a result, however, the IVth Legion ceased to receive provisions or reinforcements from the Empire, rendering their position increasingly precarious as their battle with the Resistance dragged on. It was this grave situation that inspired Menenius, devoted as ever to serving the Gabranths, to propose his most ingenious operation yet, one that might breathe new life to their ragged ranks, throw the Resistance into chaos, and one day lead to the formation of a proud new nation. And so the legend of Save the Queen was born...

19 Misija Votyasch (Field Record) Race: Roegadyn

Age: 29

Birthplace: Bozja

A covert operative of the IVth Imperial Legion charged with infiltrating the Bozjan Resistance.

Like so many others, Misija grew up in one of Bozja's sprawling slums. Owing to an imperial initiative, she was afforded the chance to receive an education, and through hard work won a scholarship to attend the imperial capital's most prestigious institution. There, she studied in fields such as folklore and archaeology, and attained conversance in Bozjan history and culture─knowledge which serves her well in her mission for the IVth.

It was none other than Misija who proposed to the Resistance the idea to reforge the blades of Gunnhildr as a means to resurrect the primal Save the Queen─all in the interests of her legion, whose ends she serves absolutely. Her loyalty can be attributed to two factors, the first being rooted in the deep-seated inequality that pervades Bozjan society.

Since the days of old, the ruling nobles and merchant families of Bozja have held the lion's share of the nation's wealth, a Garlean census conducted following annexation revealing that seven out of ten earned less than half the average income while one in three lived in squalor. The situation improved somewhat when Bozja became an imperial province, but homeless children remained a common sight in the major cities, and Misija's was but one of many begrimed faces among them.

As a young girl, she survived by selling what scraps she could salvage from waste heaps, but many were the days when no food passed her lips, and hunger was her constant companion. It seemed as though this harsh life must continue forever when salvation came in the form of an imperial initiative. A welfare body was established to rescue homeless children, and it proceeded to take them off the streets and place them into institutional care. Yet resources were stretched thin, and more often than not those in need were left to fend for themselves due to naught save the whim of the gods.

Misija was one of the lucky ones, and she did not waste the opportunity given to her. Yet despite her many remarkable achievements, she faced discrimination from the Bozjan upper class, who continued to regard the poor as little more than vermin. Nigh daily, she was subjected to injustice and indignities, each occasion further stoking the fire of hatred she harbored for her betters.

Her grievance towards her homeland did not end there. Though few are privy to this fact, Misija is descended from the last Queen Gunnhildr, and the knowledge that her noble ancestor was betrayed by her own protectors is a source of great bitterness for her.

All of this served to deprive her of any sense of allegiance for Bozja, and she would instead pledge herself to the IVth. Since the time of the previous legatus, it has been the legion's creed to welcome all regardless of such things as race, faith, gender, and birth. What counted is one's ability and loyalty, both of which Misija possesses in abundance. Given her troubled past, it is of little wonder that she would find a home in the IVth, and there is no telling how far she will go to achieve her goals.

20 Gunnhildr (Field Record) In days of yore, civil war raged on amongst the races of Bozja. This bloody, protracted struggle was at long last brought to an end when the land was united under the rule of a single queen. “Gunnhildr” was the name and title given to this first monarch, and one all those who followed her would inherit.

The queens of Bozja were not chosen from families of illustrious lineage, but rather from among the shamans who communed with the ancient gods. Only those deemed most favored by the gods─as manifested in their ability to read the stars─were chosen for the role, regardless of race or heritage. Though the vast majority of the Bozjan queens were Hrothgar, this was merely a matter of mathematics, as Hrothgar boasted the largest population of the land's many races.

When ancient Allag's hubris brought the Fourth Umbral Calamity upon the land, the nobles and oracles who made up Gunnhildr's Blades─the de facto ruling party of Bozja─sought to unleash the power of the legendary Save the Queen, that their nation might be spared from catastrophe. Yet Gunnhildr herself, wounded in battle against the Allagans and deathly fearful of forever losing her humanity, resisted. Sensing opportunity, the Blades contrived a plan to protect their position by instilling a minor shrinemaiden of the Votyasch tribe as queen, in hopes that the power of the blade would claim her own life. And yet this queen deemed disposable turned out to be anything but, wielding the blade to deliver salvation to her homeland and thence being transformed into a veritable god of war. Possessed of immeasurable power and a heart both pure and free, she struck profound fear into the hearts of those who had sought to manipulate her, and for this, she was assassinated by the very Blades who had orchestrated her ascendancy in the first place.

And yet, though her tragic life was brought to a premature end, her soul would live on in the form of the aether that inhabits the blade, a secret which the charlatans who betrayed her would realize all too late...