Toponym Count
World 5
Landmass 23
Region 29
Subregion 8
Zone 428
Area 1,400
Landmark 1,751
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While generally areas in-game are simply referred to only as Zones, there are a variety of differing area types in the world of Hydaelyn.

From largest to smallest, we categorize them as follows:

The playable worlds are Hydaelyn and its reflections. At this time, no other worlds are accessible.
This typically refers to Continents, but can also refer to non-continent landmasses such as islands or archipelagos. At this time, on Hydaelyn, "Three Great Continents" have been identified (Aldenard, Ilsabard and Othard), along with the southern continent of Meracydia and at least two notable islands: Vylbrand and Thavnair.
Each landmass is typically made up of a number of regions. Some common, playable, regions are Coerthas, The Black Shroud, La Noscea and Thanalan.
An optional designation, certain well-defined locations (such as city-states), are made up of a number of zones, but is not its own region. Examples include the city-states of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah.
Zones are the areas of the game defined by when one "zones" into or out of an area. Common examples are Southern Thanalan, East Shroud or Coerthas Central Highlands.
Areas are defined sections within a zone. They do not have a map pin, but are typically identified by name on the map. Examples include The Coffer & Coffin, Hustings Strip or Josselin's Spire.
Landmarks are loosely defined small areas or structures within an area. They typically do have a map pin and are often, but not always, identified by name on the map. These can be a building and it's immediate surroundings. Examples include Scorpion Crossing, The Honey Yard or Jadeite Thick.

Political Designations[edit]

Aside from the above geographical designations, there are non-geographical political designations as well - most notably Eorzea and the Garlean Empire.

Main article: Eorzea.

Eorzea, is a political designation representing, at present, the continent of Aldenard and its surrounding islands.

Main article: Garlean Empire.

The Garlean Empire is a realm controlling the continents of Ilsabard and Othard.


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