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Actions are any abilities, attacks, spells, or other functions that can be used by the player. Players can set any action to the action bar as long as they have learned it and meet any associated class requirements. Many actions may be used by different classes than the one that learned them.

Being level synced below the level of an action will cause it to become unusable.

Actions usually have some cost associated with them, be it MP, GP, CP and/or an individual cooldown.

General Actions[edit]

General actions can be used by any class in the game. These actions include things such as Teleport, Return, and Dye.

Battle Actions[edit]

The majority of actions fall under this category: they are set to your action bar slots, and have some effect on you, allies, or enemies that helps you in combat. Using them will cause you to enter Active Mode. These fall into three categories, Weaponskills, Spells, and abilities.

Synthesis Actions[edit]

These grant you special abilities and effects that improve your synthesis capabilities on Disciples of the Hand. Synthesis actions usually cost CP.

Gathering Actions[edit]

These actions are used by Disciples of the Land, and are generally abilities that help you find and obtain resources in the wilderness while others improve or alter your gathering capabilities and results and are set to the same action slots as the synthesis actions described above. Gathering actions usually cost GP or require a gathering chain requirement.


Traits are passive, class-specific abilities, and are gained by achieving certain class levels. They are passive bonuses that generally improve your abilities in combat or elsewhere. Once learned, they remain active while on that class and do not need to be activated.

Free Company Actions[edit]

These actions can be initiated by a leader in a Free Company and while active will passively assist all members of that free company.


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