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Return Icon.pngReturn
A form of teleporting, available from the Actions & Traits Menu under the 'General' section which allows you to return to your Home Point, or the start of the Duty/Dungeon that you're currently in, once every 15 minutes for zero cost.
Requirements Restrictions

Acquired during Close to Home

  • The Return command, available at any time except while you or a party member is in combat, allows you to return to your "home point," which you can specify by interacting with any Aetheryte and selecting the 'Set Home Point' option.
  • If used while out of combat in a Duty or Dungeon, you will return to the starting point for that location.
  • Does not cost gil.
  • Cannot be used if you or the party are engaged in combat.
  • Has a 5 second cast time.
  • Has a cooldown of 15 minutes between uses.
  • Does not teleport party members.

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