Blood Drain

Blood Drain Icon.pngBlood Drain

Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 50.

Additional Effect:
Restores MP
Acquired: Blue Mage Icon 1.png Blue Mage (Lv. 1)
Affinity: Blue Mage Icon 1.png BLU
Mob Notes: Through the draining of blood, this spell saps a foe's aether, a portion of which is then absorbed by the caster. In nature, such habits first appeared in creatures such as bats and chigoes, who naturalists theorize developed the ability to absorb nutrients via blood over the course of centuries.
Potency: The mathematical base strength of an ability.50
Cast: The amount of time it takes from pressing an ability, to when the ability activates.2s
Recast: The amount of time it takes from using an ability, to being able to use it again.2.5s
Cost: The cost associated with the use of the ability.100 MP
Range: The range of an ability, measured between player and target, in yalms.25y
Radius: Single Target: Ability which targets a single target.0y
Damage Type: Magic (None)
Spell No.: #17

Acquired from Duty (2)
Duty Level
Cutter's Cry 38
Sastasha 15
Acquired from Mob (4)
Name Levels Location
Black Bat 15 Zoneicon.png Sastasha
Black Bat 20-24 Zoneicon.png The Bramble Patch
Cave Bat 7 Zoneicon.png Blind Iron Mines
Chigoe 5-7 Zoneicon.png Greentear
Chigoe 5-9 Zoneicon.png Jadeite Thick
Sand Bat 38 Zoneicon.png The Dry Sands