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Main Command 3 Icon.pngMagic Points  (MP)
A numeric representation of a character's magical energy.

See Category:Restores MP Consumable

MP is used for casting most types of magic. Each spell requires a certain amount of MP to be used in order to cast it. The player will be unable to use the spell if current MP is insufficient. Some other effects, such as perpetuation of Bard songs and certain Pugilist/Monk abilities also consume MP. MP gradually regenerates over time.

As of Patch 5.0, maximum MP is fixed at 10,000 MP. All Disciplines possess MP, even if they do not natively have Actions which use MP.

The light purple MP Bar, shown in the bottom center of the HUD to the right of the HP Bar, tracks the current status of your MP, shown as a percentage on the bar with your exact current MP shown immediately below the bar.