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Desynthesis Icon.pngDesynthesis
Cast: Recast:
Instant Instant

Break down an item into one or more of its original materials.

Acquired: Disciple of the Hand Icon 1.png Disciple of the Hand (Lv. 30)
Affinity: All Classes

Each Disciple of the Hand class has a maximum desynthesis skill level of 320, with a combined skill level across all classes of 980.

  • If you are at maximum skill level (980 points), you will lose some skill points in one of your other classes when gaining skill points on a non-maxed class. If you are not at maximum skill level, you won't lose any skill points.
Reward from Quests (1)
Quest Level
Gone to Pieces 30

Desynthesis is not an exact science. The items you receive vary depending upon several factors. While it's generally accepted that you'll get (most of) the items required to craft the item in the first place (or base item if it's Aetherial), some items that can't be crafted are obviously the exception to this 'rule'. You may also receive some Demimateria (Battle, Clear, Master, or Fieldcraft) depending upon the stats of the item. The success chance also varies depending upon a hidden 'recipe level'. What we show as being a 50% chance might actually be 60%, or it may be completely off as (for now) we base the success rate off of the ITEM LEVEL, not the earlier mentioned hidden Recipe Level. The formula used for calculating the % chance also appears to change past a certain level, so things are still up in the air.

In short: The information we have listed might not be 100% accurate compared to what's shown in the game. We apologize for not being able to be completely accurate, but that's just how it is.