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Desynthesis Icon.pngDesynthesis

Break down an item into one or more of its original materials.

Acquired: Disciple of the Hand Icon 1.png Disciple of the Hand (Lv. 30)
Affinity: All Classes
Cast: The amount of time it takes from pressing an ability, to when the ability activates.Instant
Recast: The amount of time it takes from using an ability, to being able to use it again.Instant

Each Disciple of the Hand class has a maximum desynthesis skill level of 640, which is leveled individually from the other classes.

Reward from Quests (1)
Quest Level
Gone to Pieces 30

Desynthesis is a skill, gained from completing the level 30 quest Gone to Pieces, which allows you to break down items into the items they are made from. Typically items will break down into crafting materials, demimateria and crystals. Some items may also produce Gil pieces, weapons, armor, housing, or other item types. Desynth can result in both HQ and NQ item types.

Almost all weapons, tools, armor, accessories and housing material and furniture (whether they are crafted, bought, traded or obtained from dungeons), can be desynthesised. All but a few fish are also desynthable. Key or special items of these types cannot be desynthesised, including Relic Weapons or items that can be reduced into aethersand instead. Base level crafting materials cannot be desynthesised. Potions and meals are generally not desynthable, although there are a few exceptions.

Players can access the desynthesis skill via the context menu of an item in the inventory or via the Desynthesis menu. For items which stack in the inventory, the option to desynth all items in the stack is available (since Patch 5.3).

Desynth classes and skill levels

Each desynthable item is aligned with a crafting class and each crafting class has a desynthesis skill level which begins at 1 and can reach a maximum of 640 (as of Patch 6.4). Players may only desynth items if they have unlocked the item's crafting class, though players do not have to be using that class while attempting a desynth. Items that can be desynthed have their optimal desynthesis level and crafting class listed on the item. For crafted items, this desynthesis level is based on the recipe level, whereas for dungeon loot, fish, etc., it is based on item level. (A few exceptions exist, but the item will list the proper desynthesis level.)

When a player desynths an item, if the item's level is higher (or near to) the desynthesis level of the respective class then the skill level of that class will increase. The higher the item level compared to the class skill level, the greater the increase in skill (with the minimum increase being 0.01). Two items can be used to boost this skill level gain: Bacon Broth and Tinker's Calm.

When a player's class skill level is at or above the item's optimal desynthesis level, there is an increased chance that the desynth will produce demimateria and higher value/rarer items.

Challenge Log

A repeatable weekly Challenge Log action for desynth is available, with My Big Break giving the player 2000 gil and experience equivalent to 10% of their current crafting class's level when the player has desynthed five items that week. Note that the experience is applied to the active class, not the item's desynth class. If the fifth desynth is completed when the player is in a non-crafting class, then zero experience is rewarded.

Desynth drops

The items obtained when desynthing an item are fixed for each item, and items may have the potential to drop 1 to 8 different materials. This includes a maximum of 4 potential types of crafting material items, 2 types of demimateria, and 2 types of crystals. In a single desynth attempt, a maximum of 2 crystal types and 1 other type of item may be dropped. The quantity of an item in each drop may range from 1 to 99. The minimum and maximum quantity of each drop are fixed amounts for every item, based on the recipe. The dropped quantity from each desynth attempt varies within that range and is determined by chance from a random number generator.

For desynthable items that can be crafted, it is always possible to produce the crystals and crafting materials needed to make them, in the quantities listed in the recipe. Craftables will always drop at least one of each kind of crystal featured in the recipe. If an item's recipe contains more than 4 crafting materials (e.g. Cobalt-barreled Carbine) then only the first 4 listed crafting materials can be dropped. All (non-fish) desynthables can produce demimateria, which ranges from levels I to III, with cheaper items producing lower levels. Equippable items can produce Battlecraft Demimateria, non-equippable items can produce Fieldcraft Demimateria, and both can produce Clear Demimateria which sells for Gil. Items which feature demimateria in their crafting recipe can also separately drop that kind of demimateria as part of the crafting material drops.

Desynthable items which cannot be crafted, such as dungeon loot, will drop a maximum of 2 types of crafting materials, 2 types of demimateria, and 1 type of crystal. The maximum number of crystals which can be obtained via desynth from each dungeon item is the same across all items in the dungeon, with aetherial equippable items being an exception.

When desynthed, most seafood items typically produce Water Crystals and either Fine Sand or Gil pieces. Rarer types of fish may produce other types of drops, such as catalyts or rare items (e.g. Shark Tuna may produce Summer Sandals).

Some items are only obtainable via desynth. Usually these items (such as Aged Pestle Pieces or Dancing Wing) are linked to quest turn-ins, Relic Weapons or are materials needed for rare craftable items.


The Desynthesis skill can be used by players as a method of saving currency and/or time, by turning unwanted items into materials they need for crafting. It can also be used as part of a gil-making strategy, by desynthing unwanted items and selling the dropped items on the marketboard or to NPC vendors. The latter strategy works best where the value of the desynthed item (on the marketboard or in Grand Company Expert Delivery) is lower than the value of the items that it most commonly drops via desynth.

In certain scenarios, desynthesis can also be used as an inventory management strategy to make room for additional items. This applies when a player holds a group of similar non-stackable items, or where the player holds many kinds of seafood.

Previous versions

The desynthesis skill was introduced in Patch 2.3 and has been subject to several changes since implementation.

In earlier versions of the game, the ability to desynth an item required the player to have a desynth skill level that exceeded the item's level. As of Shadowbringers Patch 5.1, desynthesis no longer fails regardless of your desynthesis level, which also removed the mechanic whereby a player's desynthesis level could go down. Until Patch 5.2, there was a combined maximum limit on desynthesis levels across classes, making it impossible to level desynthesis to maximum for all crafting classes. Prior to these changes, players needed to actively seek to increase and manage their desynthesis skill levels in order to achieve certain results.

The maximum desynthesis skill level typically increases with each patch release that includes new items with higher item levels.