A Bridge Too Full

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 11   A Bridge Too Full
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png2,100 Gil Icon.png188
Informationicon.png Description
Captain Doesrael, stationed at Oschon's Embrace, needs you to track down a guard who has abandoned his duties.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Doesrael: Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Empty Heart (x:23.5, y:28.1)
Type: Sidequest
NPCs Involved: WyrstmagaIrate CoachmanPanicked YellowjacketTroubled Coachman (Roegadyn)Troubled Coachman (Hyur)Irate Coachman (A)Irate Coachman (B)

Doesrael in Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Empty Heart (x:23.5, y:28.1)
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Wyrstmaga in Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Oschon's Embrace (x:23.8, y:29)
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Panicked Yellowjacket in Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Oschon's Embrace (x:22.3, y:29.3)
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Irate Coachman (A) in Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Oschon's Embrace (x:22.3, y:29.3)
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Irate Coachman (B) in Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Oschon's Embrace (x:22.4, y:29.3)
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Troubled Coachman in Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Oschon's Embrace (x:22.2, y:29.4)
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Troubled Coachman in Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Oschon's Embrace (x:22.5, y:29.2)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Doesrael in Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Empty Heart (x:23.5, y:28.1)
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  • With the recent increase in deliveries being sent between the Moraby Drydocks and Limsa Lominsa, passage across Oschon's Embrace has slowed to a crawl. Find Wyrstmaga, the guard whose duty it is to ensure smooth travel across the bridge.
  • Wyrstmaga appears intimidated by the angry shouts of the drivers as they fume at the seemingly interminable delays. Do your best to /soothe the irate coachmen so that the harried guard might return to his post and perform his duties in relative peace.
  • You have managed to soothe the irate coachmen. Report your success to Wyrstmaga and have him return to his post.
  • Wyrstmaga has returned to his post on the bridge. Report your progress to Captain Doesrael at Oschon's Embrace.
  • The conflict preventing passage across Oschon's Embrace has been resolved. But with work on the Victory demanding ever more materials, you can only wonder how Wyrstmaga will cope with the steadily increasing traffic on the bridge.

Edit A Bridge Too Full's Dialogue

Oschon's Embrace

Doesrael: Eh? Ye be wantin' to cross Oschon's Embrace? If ye ain't in a hurry to be some place, I'd rather ye hold off for a bell or two─presently, the bridge is such a right confusion o' wagons an' such, the damn thing's like to collapse.

Doesrael: We expect a bit o' congestion, what with this bein' the only bridge connectin' the roads from the Drydocks to Limsa Lominsa, but today's traffic is somethin' awful.

Doesrael: Speakin' o' which, what in the seven hells does Wyrstmaga think he's playin' at desertin' his post at a time like this? Do me a favor, would ye, lass? Track down that skittish bugger an' tell him to get his arse back to directin' the chaos at the Embrace.

Oschon's Embrace behind the building

Wyrstmaga: Bah, 'twas only a matter o' time before they sent someone after me, I suppose. Aye, I heard ye─the bridge is a bloody mess. Truth be told, I wish the damn thing would collapse and save me the sufferin'.

Wyrstmaga: I can't simply wave me hands an' have everythin' suddenly sort itself out, now can I? An' if I try reasonin' with those demon-spawned coachmen, I'm like to get me head bit off.

Wyrstmaga: Listen, if yer not goin' to let me be, then can ye at least have a word with the more irate wagon drivers? Ye know, soothe their tempers some? That'll be one less headache for me to deal with.

Wyrstmaga: Ye have a word with those irate coachmen an' soothe some tempers, an' I'll soon have the rest of this mess sorted out.

Oschon's Embrace on the bridge

Panicked Yellowjacket: Good sirs and ladies! Calm yourselves! There's no need to─oh gods...

Troubled Coachman (Roegadyn): Blocked again!? They'll have the road backed up all the way to the gates at this rate. I swear by the Navigator, I'll kick those wagons over the sides my damn self if this bridge doesn't open up soon!

Troubled Coachman (Hyur): <groan> This is the third time this week. I must have these fish across and properly stored before they begin to spoil!

Irate Coachman (A): Make way, ye ugly bilge rat! I should've been in Limsa bells ago! Eh!? I'll calm down when fishbacks learn to fly! Now move yer arse!

Irate Coachman (B): You can take your self-important words and take a dive in the harbor! I have shipwrights expecting this cargo, and it'll be a cold day in Thanalan before I back down first!

Irate Coachman (A): Well, if ye put it like that, then maybe I'll hold me tongue for a bit.

Irate Coachman (B): Perhaps you do have a point. I shall endeavor to keep a hold on my temper, if only to see this situation resolved before the moon turns.

Irate Coachman (A): Hmph. Ye could be right, lass. Maybe there is room for both of us to squeeze past if I shift an ilm or two to the left. Probably could've seen that for meself if I hadn't been so busy screamin'. Heh heh.

Irate Coachman (B): I'm sore glad at least one person on this bridge has her head on straight. Perhaps those useless guards should retire and let you assume their post.

Panicked Yellowjacket: Thank you kindly, adventurer! We should be able to get things moving again as soon as─ Hm? Now where did Wyrstmaga disappear to!?

Troubled Coachman (Hyur): <sigh> Now half my Drydocks shipment is spoiled thanks to this cursed bridge and its endless delays. If only I had spent more coin on chilling the fish...

Troubled Coachman (Roegadyn): Well done, mate, well done! Might've been a good show if it'd come to blows, but we all have places to be, now don't we?

Oschon's Embrace behind the building

Wyrstmaga: Well, I'll be damned. Ye actually managed to calm them buggers down!? Yer a miracle worker, an' that's the honest truth.

Wyrstmaga: All I need is for the drivers to heed me directions without all that snappin' an' snarlin', ye see. Well, I'd best be at it afore they lose their tempers again.

Wyrstmaga: Oh, an' I'd appreciate it if ye could let Captain Doesrael know I'm back on the job.

Oschon's Embrace

Doesrael: Wyrstmaga is back at his post, is he? Yer tongue must be made o' silver to have accomplished that feat!

Doesrael: He can't handle the yellin', you see. The gods only know how such a delicate flower survived guard trainin' in the first place.

Doesrael: An' he's never goin' to survive duty at the bridge now that work on the Victory has a flood o' deliveries comin' in an' out every bloody day. Wyrstmaga better harden up, or start lookin' for a quieter line o' work.

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