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A Future in Blue

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   A Future in Blue

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Martyn: Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x:12.5, y:13)

Map33 Icon.png

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png70Master of MimicryFeaturequest1 Icon.png Master of Mimicry (Level 70)

Blue Mage Icon 3.png Blue Mage (Level 70)

Completion of Anything Gogo's.

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase PredatriceGogo, Master of Mimicry CardGogo's Theme Orchestrion Roll
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Martyn has the look of a man bursting with pride and eager to bestow praise.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png70And the Crowd Goes MildFeaturequest1 Icon.png And the Crowd Goes Mild (Level 70)

  • Martyn has the look of a man bursting with pride and eager to bestow praise.
  • Martyn congratulates you on your victory over the Master of Mimicry, and his praise is soon echoed by P'yandih and Royse. Gogo himself arrives and bows to your skill, but Nutiba is concerned at how Kageyama will react. As if on cue, the Kugane merchant appears on the scene in a state of denial, refusing to accept the reality of the defeat. Royse, unconcerned by this development, then springs her trap, which sees Kageyama apprehended by the Brass Blades on charges of smuggling.
His fiancée freed from the threat of violence, a relieved Nutiba at last feels safe enough to close down the Fukumen Fighting Festival. Gogo, however, suddenly begs Royse to reconsider, and allow their arena to continue as a joint venture under her management. Royse agrees to the request, and thus the Far Eastern chapters of the Masked Carnivale and the Blue Mages' Guild are made official. With matters brought to a satisfactory conclusion, your friends and former foes go their separate ways, leaving you behind with a whimsical-minded guildmaster.
  • Martyn reflects on the travails of this most recent adventure, realizing that there are yet many untapped wonders awaiting you in this world. New costumes, new magic, new horizons─who knows where you might go from here...

We saw it all, Forename! You showed him, then he showed you, and then you showed him right back again! Hah! In the end, Gogo was no match for your mastery of blue magic.
It was simply amazing! I can see I have some work to do if Azuro the Fourth is to follow in your footsteps.
Ah, here's Royse. Come to heap praise on you as well, no doubt.
There you are, darling! Twice savior of the Masked Carnivale and hero of the hour!
Thanks to you, we now have proof that my enterprise precedes─and exceeds─the sham that is the Fukumen Fighting Festival.
You are the first opponent to ever outwit my mimicry. I bow to your skill.
My whole life has been devoted to the art of imitation, and so I must grasp this opportunity to emulate such perfection. What is it you'll be doing now?
What will you say?
Saving the world. Adventuring. ......
Then I, too, shall do the what I would like to say, but my defeat at your hands tells me that I am not yet up to the task.
Then I, too, shall do the what I would like to say, but my defeat at your hands tells me that I am not yet up to the task.
Again, you humble me. Inaction is the bane of mimicry, and you did perfectly nothing, perfectly.
It is time I sought out a higher peak of expertise. And when I attain that lofty ground, I hope that you will consent to battle me once more.
I suppose I'll have to put an end to the festival. It's only fair, but I fear Kageyama won't see it that way...and he still has my fiancée.
You... You tricked me! Even if I accept this as a loss, we still stand even at one victory each! You have no grounds to claim superiority or precedence!
Shall we take this one step further then? I'd be happy to let a court of law decide.
Your foreign laws don't apply to me! And should you pursue this in Kugane, you'll discover that this merchant prince is untouchable!
Oh, I'm well aware of how many officials you have in your pocket back home, Kageyama. Which is why I lured you here to Ul'dah.
We've compiled enough evidence to prove you guilty of smuggling soy into the city. And for that particular crime against our “foreign laws,” you're facing a lengthy sentence indeed. Enjoy your time in the dungeons!
Thank you, Royse─now I need not fear Kageyama or his reprisals. But what is to become of me? Though not entirely by choice, I was, after all, his partner in crime...
Don't you worry your head about that, darling. It was your testimony which exposed his smuggling in the first place! Once I'd added in the tale of your extenuating circumstances, I was able to wrangle a deal with the authorities to let you walk free.
And just in case that worm wriggled away somehow, I took the liberty of liberatin' your lady love from Kageyama's associates.
My beloved!
Nutiba's Fiancée
My deepest thanks─to all of you. You have indeed set us free.
You know what must be done, dearest one.
You have treated me far more generously than I deserve! On my oath, I shall return to Kugane, close down the festival, and never again stray from the honest path.
Before this goes any further, pray hear my request. Our arena was an imitation of your Masked Carnivale, that much is now obvious...but that in itself was never the issue.
The problem lay in imitation without permission. If you would but give us your blessing, I would like to continue our performances in some form of joint venture. As an artist, it pains me to deprive our audiences of the venue in which they knew such enjoyment.
Hm, that's not a terrible proposal. Even for a “second-rate” copy, your arena was bringing in a tidy profit...
Consider your request granted! From this moment forth, I officially recognize the Fukumen Fighting Festival as the Far Eastern incarnation of the Masked Carnivale! We can discuss percentages later.
In that case, I had best quietly retire my business in blue wizardry, and establish a proper Kugane chapter of the Blue Mages' Guild instead!
I applaud your initiative. Don't forget to put my name on the door though, eh!
Uh, no disrespect intended, Guildmaster, but after your last outing in Kugane, the locals might be more inclined to join if Nutiba is seen to be in charge...
Wh-What's that s'posed to mean!?
Well, I think it is time we took our leave. Thank you all again─for everything.
And that's my cue to hand things back to the guildmaster. If I'm to perform properly as the fantastic Azuro the Fourth, I have some serious training to catch up on!
P'yandih has the right of it, darlings. We have legitimate competition now in the Far East, and we cannot let the Masked Carnivale be overshadowed. The show must go on!
Gogo's art might well be inimitable, but you, my friend, are bloody unbeatable. And what's more, your victory is further proof that blue magic is the solution to any complication.

I tell you what, though, this little adventure has opened my eyes to a whole new world of untapped wonders. If we mean to keep learnin' from every opportunity in the realm, I think we'll be needin' thicker spellbooks...

New costumes, new magic, new horizons─just imagine where we can go from here!
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