Icon.pngAmikiri  BossIcon.pngZoneicon.png
Level Range 63-63
Zone Level Drops Notes
The Ruby Sea - Shisui of the Violet Tides - Sogyoku Piscary - Harutsuge Gate  63 Aggressive.png
Amikiri uses the following moves and mechanics:

Sharpstrike: Deals moderate undodgeable tank damage.

Mucal Glob: A random player will be targeted with prey, then shortly afterwards they and anyone standing next to them will be bound. Immediately followed by Suck

Shuck: Amikiri will rear on its hind legs and prepare Shuck, which will likely kill the players trapped by Mucal Glob, but destroying its leg beforehand will interrupt it, remove the bind, and even inflict Vulnerability Up on the boss.

Kamikiri: An add will occasionally appear that will mark all three non-tank players. After a short while it will use...

Digestive Fluid: Hits each marked player with a moderately sized circular AoE that leaves a puddle that inflicts Dropsy. Focusing the Kamikiri can kill it before it gets a chance to use this. Of note, the actual damage is dealt by Amikiri using the move Digest, this merely marks it.

Basically just make sure to make Amikiri's leg your top priority, closely followed by the Kamikiri, and you should avoid the majority of the mechanics.

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