Aulus mal Asina

NPC Icon.pngAulus mal Asina
  Garlean / Male

Affiliation: Garlemald

"it was with magitek that we grew strong - that our nation become an empire. Yet ultimately, this was an extrinsic solution to an intrinsic problem."

Aulus was once but one of many faceless researchers at the Magitek Academy. Yet even as the Garlean scientist was officially designing heavy artillery, he was secretly conducting unapproved research with misappropriated funds. In this private project, he sought to imbue pure-blooded Garleans with the ability to manipulate aether, and it was by sheer coincidence that Zenos took him under his wing and raised him to the rank of "mal," a chief magitek technician. With a vast pool of funds and test subjects at his disposal, Aslus established the Resonatorium and freely indulged his appetite for experiments. At length he succeeded in creating the Resonant, but his experimenting days would come to an end when he recklessly took to battle during the siege of Ala Mhigo and was slain, aged thirty-six.

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