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The daily Mini Cactpot and weekly Jumbo Cactpot are two popular games of chance in the Gold Saucer that are both simple and potentially lucrative. To participate, players must complete Hitting the Cactpot (Jumbo) or Scratch it Rich (Mini).

Jumbo Cactpot[edit]

The Jumbo Cactpot is a lottery limited to three ticket purchases per week. The first ticket requires 100 MGP, the second ticket requires 150 MGP, and the third requires 200 MGP. The possible rewards for subsequent tickets will not change.

  • When purchasing a Jumbo Cactpot ticket, simply pick any four digits, each between one and nine, to be used for that week's lottery.
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  • Once purchased, Jumbo Cactpot ticket numbers can be confirmed via the Gold Saucer interface under Character in the main menu, or by speaking to the Jumbo Cactpot broker NPC at the Gold Saucer (X:8.5 Y:5.9).
  • When the winning number is drawn, in order from the last digit to the first, the more matching numbers you have for each ticket, the greater the prize you'll receive.
  • After the drawing, you will have one week (Earth time) to claim prizes for any winning tickets you possess. For each ticket presented to the cashier within one hour of the drawing, players will receive the Early Bird Bonus.

Mini Cactpot[edit]

The Mini Cactpot is a lottery limited to three ticket purchases per day. Each ticket requires 10 MGP.

  • Every ticket has nine spaces, each numbered randomly from one to nine. At the start, however, eight of these nine spaces will be hidden.
  • To begin, select three numbers from the eight hidden on your ticket, then select one of eight lines─vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. When selecting a line, the sum of the three numbers in that line will determine the amount of MGP you receive.
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  • After you have selected a line, all the numbers are uncovered and you will receive MGP based on the sum of the line you chose.