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Fashion Accessories are cosmetic/glamour accessories. Unlike gear, Fashion Accessories are not equipped via the equipment menu, but are rather additional items accessed via the dedicated Fashion Accessory menu. Only one can be used at one time.

Name Description
Parasol Icon.png Parasol Map20 Icon.png Open a parasol
Sky Blue Parasol Icon.png Sky Blue Parasol Gold chest icon.pngMap20 Icon.png Open a sky blue parasol
Vermilion Paper Parasol Icon.png Vermilion Paper Parasol Gil Icon.png Open a vermilion paper parasol
Plum Paper Parasol Icon.png Plum Paper Parasol Airship XP Icon.png Open a plum paper parasol
Gold Paper Parasol Icon.png Gold Paper Parasol Map20 Icon.png Open a gold paper parasol
Calming Checkered Parasol Icon.png Calming Checkered Parasol Gold chest icon.png Open a calming checkered parasol
Cheerful Checkered Parasol Icon.png Cheerful Checkered Parasol Map20 Icon.png Open a cheerful checkered parasol
Classy Checkered Parasol Icon.png Classy Checkered Parasol Gold chest icon.png Open a classy checkered parasol

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