Category:Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories are cosmetic/glamour accessories. Unlike gear, Fashion Accessories are not equipped via the equipment menu, but are rather additional items accessed via the dedicated Fashion Accessory menu. Only one can be used at one time.

Fashion Accessories

Name Description Patch
 Angel Wings Icon.png  
Angel Wings
Map75 Icon.png
Perhaps a little too realistic. Perhaps it would be wise to look out for a newly wingless angel seeking revenge. Use to acquire a pair of angel wings. 5.4

 Calming Checkered Parasol Icon.png  
Calming Checkered Parasol
Map17 Icon.pngMap75 Icon.png
Creates not only a small, portable circle of shade, but exudes a calming influence. Somehow. Use to acquire a calming checkered parasol. 5.31

 Cheerful Checkered Parasol Icon.png  
Cheerful Checkered Parasol
Map17 Icon.pngMap75 Icon.png
There is something about a white background covered in many, many straight red lines that creates a cheerful atmosphere, though scholars have yet to determine exactly why. Use to acquire a cheerful checkered parasol. 5.31

 Classy Checkered Parasol Icon.png  
Classy Checkered Parasol
Gold chest icon.png
Were one to describe this parasol's pattern as “black and white check” then perhaps it might conjure images of chessboards and the like. Even so, it could be argued that this design is far classier. Use to acquire a classy checkered parasol. 5.35

 Gold Paper Parasol Icon.png  
Gold Paper Parasol
Map75 Icon.png
Unfortunately not covered in gold leaf, but fool's gold leaf, which is considerably cheaper on account of its rather silly name. Use to acquire a gold paper parasol. 5.3

 Gold Parasaucer Icon.png  
Gold Parasaucer
Nothing exudes an air of both wealth and whimsy as perfectly as a parasol decorated with stars and sabotenders, or so its creators convinced themselves when conjuring up this madcap design. Use to acquire a gold parasaucer. 5.4

 Parasol Icon.png  
Map17 Icon.pngMap75 Icon.png
The perfect accessory to protect you from the summer sun, spring showers, and birds seeking to relieve themselves. Use to acquire a parasol. 5.21

 Pastoral Dot Parasol Icon.png  
Pastoral Dot Parasol
Map17 Icon.pngMap75 Icon.png
It could be argued that any parasol could be made to appear pastoral if set against a suitably bucolic background. Use to acquire a pastoral dot parasol. 5.41

 Plum Paper Parasol Icon.png  
Plum Paper Parasol
Airship XP Icon.png
Named for its color, not because the paper is made from the wood of a plum tree. Use to acquire a plum paper parasol. 5.3

 Prim Dot Parasol Icon.png  
Prim Dot Parasol
Map75 Icon.png
Whether or not this parasol could be considered prim rather depends on the person holding it at the time. Use to acquire a prim dot parasol. 5.4

 Sky Blue Parasol Icon.png  
Sky Blue Parasol
Gold chest icon.pngMap17 Icon.pngMap75 Icon.png
The perfect accessory to protect you from the summer sun, spring showers, and birds seeking to relieve themselves. Use to acquire a sky blue parasol. 5.21

 Vermilion Paper Parasol Icon.png  
Vermilion Paper Parasol
Map75 Icon.png
Though one might assume that paper is less than ideal for protecting oneself from the rain, this parasol has been treated with waterproof oil. The makers cannot, however, be held responsible for any puddles stepped in. Use to acquire a vermilion paper parasol. 5.3

Name Description
Parasol Icon.png Parasol Open a parasol
Sky Blue Parasol Icon.png Sky Blue Parasol Open a sky blue parasol
Vermilion Paper Parasol Icon.png Vermilion Paper Parasol Open a vermilion paper parasol
Plum Paper Parasol Icon.png Plum Paper Parasol Open a plum paper parasol
Gold Paper Parasol Icon.png Gold Paper Parasol Open a gold paper parasol
Calming Checkered Parasol Icon.png Calming Checkered Parasol Open a calming checkered parasol
Cheerful Checkered Parasol Icon.png Cheerful Checkered Parasol Open a cheerful checkered parasol
Classy Checkered Parasol Icon.png Classy Checkered Parasol Open a classy checkered parasol
Prim Dot Parasol Icon.png Prim Dot Parasol
Gold Parasaucer Icon.png Gold Parasaucer
Angel Wings Icon.png Angel Wings
Pastoral Dot Parasol Icon.png Pastoral Dot Parasol