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There is 1 Heavensward Main Scenario Quests quest that starts in this location.

Name Rewards Patch
&000000000000005000000050&000000000000001700000017&00000000000000030000003.0&000000000006713200000067,132A Reward Long in ComingMainquest1 Icon.pngA Reward Long in ComingSpacer2.png (Level &000000000000005000000050)

Emmanellain - The Sea of Clouds - Last Step (x:8.6, y:31.3)

Expicon.png46,800Gil Icon.png461
Savage Might Materia IV
Battledance Materia IV
Quickarm Materia IV
&00000000000000030000003.0&000000000006713200000067,132&000000000000005000000050A Reward Long in Coming