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Node Item Time
Harvesting: Alder Springs Midland Cabbage Seeds
Harvesting: Alder Springs Wizard Eggplant Seeds
Harvesting: Avalonia Fallen Timeworn Wyvernskin Map
Harvesting: Avalonia Fallen Timeworn Dragonskin Map
Harvesting: Bentbranch Lavender Seeds
Harvesting: Bloodshore Mandrake Seeds
Harvesting: Bloodshore Midland Basil Seeds
Harvesting: Bloodshore Honey Lemon Seeds 5 AM
Harvesting: Bronze Lake Rolanberry Seeds
Harvesting: Bronze Lake Timeworn Goatskin Map
Harvesting: Cedarwood Mazlaya Greens 6 AM
Harvesting: Chocobo Forest Timeworn Archaeoskin Map
Harvesting: Drybone Ala Mhigan Mustard Seeds
Harvesting: Drybone Millioncorn Seeds
Harvesting: Drybone Pearl Ginger Root
Harvesting: Drybone Mazlaya Greens 1 PM
Harvesting: Four Arms Timeworn Wyvernskin Map
Harvesting: Four Arms Timeworn Dragonskin Map
Harvesting: Horizon's Edge Coerthan Carrot Seeds
Harvesting: Landlord Colony Timeworn Archaeoskin Map
Harvesting: Little Solace Mazlaya Greens 1 AM
Harvesting: Lower Paths Linseed
Harvesting: Lower Paths Blood Currant Seeds
Harvesting: Lower Paths Timeworn Leather Map
Harvesting: Moraby Bay Lowland Grape Seeds
Harvesting: Moraby Bay Olive Seeds
Harvesting: Nine Ivies Mazlaya Greens 5 PM
Harvesting: Nophica's Wells Garlic Cloves
Harvesting: Nophica's Wells Wild Onion Set
Harvesting: Oakwood Pixie Plum Seeds
Harvesting: Oakwood Chamomile Seeds
Harvesting: Quarterstone Paprika Seeds
Harvesting: Quarterstone Mazlaya Greens 8 AM
Harvesting: Raincatcher Gully Timeworn Leather Map
Harvesting: Raincatcher Gully Dzemael Tomato Seeds 1 PM
Harvesting: Sagolii Desert Timeworn Toadskin Map
Harvesting: Sagolii Desert Timeworn Boarskin Map
Harvesting: Sagolii Desert Timeworn Peisteskin Map
Harvesting: Sandgate Popoto Set
Harvesting: Sorrel Haven Mazlaya Greens 2 AM
Harvesting: Summerford La Noscean Lettuce Seeds
Harvesting: The Answering Quarter Timeworn Wyvernskin Map
Harvesting: The Answering Quarter Timeworn Dragonskin Map
Harvesting: The Blue Window Timeworn Wyvernskin Map
Harvesting: The Blue Window Timeworn Dragonskin Map
Harvesting: The Bramble Patch Mazlaya Greens 5 AM
Harvesting: The Clutch Black Pepper Seeds
Harvesting: The Honey Yard Mazlaya Greens 9 PM
Harvesting: Twinpools Timeworn Archaeoskin Map
Harvesting: Twinpools Timeworn Wyvernskin Map
Harvesting: Twinpools Timeworn Dragonskin Map

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